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  1. No. I was able to change mine through wireless with the Zyxel modem/router that was provided to me by Qwest.
  2. I think I'm just going to go to a cabled connection. I held off going wireless for many many years simply because of this possible issue. I was just watching this video on how easy it is to hack a wifi connection with a program called cowpatty. It's just not worth the risk.
  3. Hey all, I was wondering what are the signs that someone is trying to hack your wifi router? Recently I started having connection issues to my modem/router. The connection would just drop and my router would be inaccessible for sometimes hours and it didn't matter if I had a hard wire to it or was using the wifi. I just couldn't connect. But when I called Qwest they could connect to the modem and it looked fine from their end. I had the modem/router replaced and the replacement started doing the same thing. So I went into the settings and realized I had the firewall disabled and I had not setup an admin password. I don't think I did this with the other modem either. I immediately remedied the situation with a firmware update and then setup all the passwords and haven't had a problem since. Could these be signs that someone was jacking around with my router?
  4. Well that makes a little more sense then. I really wish it wouldn't do that but it seems to have caused no harm. I'll try the command prompt disable and see if that works. Thanks for the replies though.
  5. Whenever I do a fresh install of any version of Windows, the first thing I do is disable the automatic defragger. I find that all my systems run like crap if I let windows defrag too soon after its initial installation. I will wait a minimum of 3-5 months before I will do its first defrag and only then if it's running sluggish. So I installed this version about six months ago to my main rig and I have never run a defrag on it and I have ensured that the auto defragger is off but when I checked the other day it says that windows ran a defrag on my C drive a month ago. Is this normal for windows to run a defrag whether you want it to or not?
  6. Just built my system in December 09. Was a Christmas present to myself.
  7. Awesome, thank you for the explanations. Nobody else has been able to explain it so well.
  8. What I mean is, does faster ram just mean that it can pull data from the hdd faster or can it actually make your applications run faster once everything is loaded to the memory?
  9. I actually have this exact same combo and even have the unlocked L3 cache. I would highly recommend doing the bios update as it resolves hang on boot issues with certain types of ram. Just use the ASUS BIOS updater, it can even be done in windows. And yes, even with the latest version I am still able to unlock the L3 cache.
  10. Right on, that does help. I'll check out Prey I think and maybe Crysis then.
  11. I'm in the mood to get a new game and I want it to by like Halo or the Unreal single player games. Does anyone have any suggestions? Preferably something on Steam too.
  12. I was messing around in my bios today and turned on ACC just for the hell of it and when I rebooted it now shows in CPU-Z that I have 6MB of L3 cache, it even says it in my bios where it used to say N/A for L3 cache. I thought the Propus core weren't even manufactured with an L3 cache. I would be stoked if this were in fact the case but I wonder if it's some sort of glitch or something.
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