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  1. no idea... in fact for 2 pass was like 1 and 30 min.... don't know why.... I stopped at 3. now, I will run the other tests
  2. running mem test.. is going to take a while just for one pass took like 35 min.
  3. after running some tests, because something is failing with my hardware.... I will try all that thanks guys. oh and I was thinking on getting a open box from new egg, but alot people said is noth worth it because 80 % the things come DOA. what do you guys think?
  4. just finished getting eveything in the case again, I will run test's tomorrow, is late now and tomorrow school is waiting as usual ... in the mean time, my acer extensa would be my partner
  5. no what I tried to say was that I took the memory off and the put it back again. sorry, english is not my first language I just been speaking it and writing it for 3 years now.
  6. noI would run those test's now. and my mobo does not have on board video nor I have another set of memory, nor another board, but I am going to upgrade memory and mobo for chrismas... in the mean time, I will be running th tests and I will post the results.
  7. so here, this last weekend I bought a cooler master v8, everything awesome, the install was a pain in the butt, but anyways I was exited, my sys build was looking better than everm I was ready to turn it on and boom.... trouble, all the leds turned on, but I was not getting image on the screen, and then all the suden the video card, a ati 4870 turned up 3 lights from left right the pattern was : on - off - on - on, they blinked... and then all my 230 mm fans stoped... it was like the system wasn't getting enough energy or something, I took the time, umpluged everything, then pluged everything back on, nothing, then I took off ram, and boom the system turned on, but it gave me the blue screen telling me that I had hardware trouble, I restarted and eveything worked out, ran some test's, and eveything was stable and working fine. now, today, same happened... system turns on, video card led's blinked on the same pattern, the 230 mm fans stoped working, the 120 and 140mm still working. all of the 4 leds of my mobo are on, they don't blink or anything, same as the day I installed the v8, I'm afraid I have damaged something, video, or mobo or something, I hope not, any ideas what would be? my sys is: phenom II 955 4 gigs ram corsair tx770w msi 770 c45 ati 4870
  8. thanks for the answers, well see, I'm taking a look at the guide and we'll see.
  9. hi!, I'm new here, my name is juan, I'm 18 years old, I live in Galveston Tx, and I love oC anyways first of all, here's my budget gaming rig. amd phenom II x4 955 4 gb ram ddr3 1333 [ and I think here's my problem ] xfx hd 4870 1 gb. msi 770-c45 [ here could be another thing that is pushing me back ] corsair tx750w cooler master V8 cooler master haf full case. so here's the deal. I was on a budget and I have to confess, I went cheap on some parts, like the ram... I bought the cheapest I could find, and same with MOBO... anyways, here's my problem. I know phenoms are good overclockers CPU's but mine is not getting more than 3.6 stable... I can get up to 3.9 [ heres the proof: http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=805815 ] but they are not stable... and if I try to run any type of stress test, I ended up with a blue screen... I already tried put more voltage, and nothing, also the temps are good, now at 3.5 is running at 29C. so you guys think it could be the cheap rams? the MOBO? as soon as I sell my ipod touch I would get BETTER ram, and I also would try get a better mobo, and maybe run a cross fire, just if I can sell some stuff I don't need. anyways, opinions are more than welcome here's a pic of the insides of my machine:
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