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  1. I think game makers like consoles better because the games are harder to pirate on them. I like PCs more because the consoles are run in a style similar to fascism. I don't think anyone technically owns their Wiis, 360s, or PS3s, because your not allowed to do much more than play games on the consoles. And if inbuilt software detects a change they will shut your box down. So I think it's more like renting a console then buying one. Also they are flimsy, my PS2&PS1, Genesis, NES, and Sega CD all still work. Most of what I see with the new consoles is they have a lifetime of about 4 years, from what I've seen of 360 it eats up it's own powersupply fairly quickly and I am not entirely sure why, maybe cheap PSU or in attempt to go for the bare minimum the PSUs are just slightly underpowered for the hardware. I've heard people say the lasers fail a lot, and I know you only have about 4-8 years with a hard drive. Which would be fine because normally they are user serviceable parts except for the user agreement which forbids opening the console, let alone servicing any parts and if you do they will shut down your console permanently. So I don't think any of you guys really own your Wiis, PS3s, or 360s.
  2. Yeah unions aren't much better then communism, I can understand if people are being sent into unsafe work conditions and if they don't go the company takes their house or something but I don't think there are any evil Pennsylvania coal mining companies like that anymore, and whenever their in the news all they seem to be demanding is more money and doing less work it has nothing to do with unsafe working conditions or abusive employers. Another irritating fact about unions is they collect dues when it's the workers who do all the work or take the penalties of striking, and that money goes to a guy or group of people who might not even work for the company except that the company has to negotiate with them. So basically that workforce has to piggyback a person on their paychecks so they can live a upper middle class or even high class life style, and all they do is take complaints until they figure out a scheme to get more money, then they shake their stick at the company. They will fight tooth and nail to get paid too, like OwinC who was saying he made a small mistake and 2 bosses and the union rep were up there and all over him, that's because the Union rep knew right away if you got away with doing that job without being union and paying dues eventually it would catch on and he would be out of a cushy job- he correctly identified and dealt with you as a threat to his lazy life style.
  3. I think between Unions and Taxes it's become almost impossible to be a competitive manufacturer in the US except for some states like Texas where it's a right to work state and employee difficulties are handled by a work force commission, usually when you institutionalize things the government is renowned for making it even more inefficient which is probably happening, but it's more efficient then a union ironically.
  4. I have an Eve account, it's ok I agree a lot with Greengiant about being able to leave the pod but some stations might be really crowded like in Jeta or Amarr, Eve is pretty stagnant too, I think because of the market they are really paranoid about adding new "tiers" of items. And the missions get repetitive. Also does anyone remember the Early wing commander games' briefings? it was a decent BMP of the mission room and a crowd of pilots gathered around the flight boss getting final preflight instructions, it was simple but as a story telling tool it also worked well, occasionally other pilots would pop and say things about the mission themselves. Kind of like Star Wars a New Hope when the X Wing pilots are all gathered and talking about blowing up the death star. More fighter and space fighter games need to do that.
  5. Maybe your sound card is over amped for the sound output your hooking it up too, go into windows sound properties and turn master volume down too half or more. Then turn your amp up. Use an alternate wire if possible before proceeding to check that it's not some combination of your computer a strange wire and your amp. Check equipment around your tower try and keep the area of the wire going from the PC to your amp away from any electrical device. Power strips, Adapters for cell phones or other electrical devices, routers, any game consoles or media devices, any electrical source what so ever. Another thought is that you have a short in or near your case, a common short can be caused by miss wired powersupplys, failing hardware- check especially hard drives, Rom drives, and fans if you have an old fan that has traction in it's ball bearings it can cause power surging. Your power supply could be making an incomplete connection to the case causing in proper grounding. ;;CAUTION!! you will release a fine grit of metal into your case I strongly recommend removing everything completely before proceeding Try removing the screws, sand the screws, the screw holes and the case where the screws come into contact with it with a fine grit sand paper, make sure your case's paint isn't in contact with the screw area or else sand it off, vacuum and then wash with a clean towel dampened enough so that it will not leave water behind and scrub it down, you must get all the tiny metal grit out.
  6. Does anyone bench mark amounts of fans? I don't think you need much more than one or two, maybe a dedicated fan for your hard drives if your using multiple raid configured drives. I think Verran's awesome guide about piping is more important, if your piping intake from CPU and GPU, also maybe your ram chips if they are fanned then you only really need one or two case fans, maybe another for multiple raid drives. And that is about the best cooling option you can do without additional more expensive systems. So incorporating like 4 case fans into a box someone may try to market to me or a do-it-yourselfer would be unappealing. And people who like to buy prebuilts really don't care that much about case fans they would rather the money go else where more likely.
  7. If you figure out where you need to put the circle and mark it with a protractor you can fit a pencil style solder iron into the protractor and burn a very neat hole into the plastic fairly quickly too the protractor will heat up too so be careful handling it. Use a cheap solder iron or a throw away model the plastic can gunk them up sometimes you can change the bit on them too though so if you have an old bit covered in solder or something it will work. The iron has a heat aura it puts out so you can't put it on or outside the circle, it has to be inside and you have to move it at a constant speed, if the plastic causes too much resistance while your giving it a light push the iron is too cold, if you can find some e plastic to practice on before starting on the case that is best. After a while cutting plastic with an iron is a lot easier then a dremel saw bit.
  8. Haha of coarse it's not about building a smart case or cooling system, it's like if I had the extra parts and time to muck around with it or some one did it would be amusing. And it could be done better but I do like that guy's handiwork. I also love his drawback notes: Maybe future designs could incorporate a hover skirt? In addition to being an all fan PC it could also be a personal hover craft! For mobile computing of coarse.
  9. I have had problems with sound blaster and especially the Audigy 2 line in past years, one major problem was that the subwoofer output is really weak, I went around the forums to figure out if it was a problem with my system and a lot of people had the same subwoofer problem. I use an onboard AC97 chip in my gigabyte motherboard that does surround sound without any problems now, the motherboard is a K8NNXP, It's really artifact free too, I don't hear any interference from adjacent hardware that would cause hums, buzzes, or clicks no matter what I am doing. So I am not sure that the argument about needing a separate or even external card is even valid anymore. So maybe if your lucky enough to have an AC97 on your mobo but scoffed at it, it's worth a try.
  10. I figure I owe you guys for leading you astray on that last scientific lecture, I recently found evidence that discredits the authors of that show. Here is another educational show James Burke's connections Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Everyone I've ever talked to about the show has had nothing but good memories from watching it, on top of that I think it's massively informative to see how everything is connected together through history, location, and sociology. I think if there is a top ten list of things that you can watch to make you more brilliant I would list this show.
  11. LOL! cool! And for a supercomputer it's cheap. This thing has loads of commercial apps when they work out all the bugs, I can't imagine a decent weather agency without this to produce their own custom imagery of storms and stuff.
  12. After overheating a few times your GPU could be damaged too.
  13. I remeber playing nintendo on a 13" TV and getting over the air broadcast TV with lots of interference, not saying I'd like to go back, it's just amazeing how far we have come.
  14. I'm not talking like bolted to any kind of sheet metal, I am saying one fan bolted to another, bolted to another connected by a wire to bend in and form a corner and be yet another fan, the whole mother board secured to fans, with racks made of fans to set hard drives and ROM drives into, and maybe one frame of sheet metal to fit PCI cards to. I've never seen that done if anyone ever wants to make a unique case.
  15. Damn, I just thought there was some super generic untouched unpainted metal cases out there, maybe in bulk but not for consumers. Which sucks, it seems like everything is going the other way, like everyone is trying to make their case look like something off the bridge of the Enterprise.
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