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  1. Cons: * Inconsistent scores * Slower writes than compared drives I think that having to wait for a firmware update to realize the full potential of the drive is a deal breaker. One would think that the manufacturer has tested this drive extensively before releasing it for sale. Why didn't they catch these characteristics? Do you test in a different manner? Thanks for a good review,...I'd rather read about it here than experience it firsthand, myself.
  2. I use 8GB of this RAM in 2GB sticks in two computers. It works well and the XMP profile is apparent on both Mainboards. So as a set it and forget it solution, you can't go wrong. I'm building a i7-875K system in mid December and I may use this 8GB kit instead of two 4GB kits for it.
  3. I think that it's a fantastic looking case, most of the Corsair cases are though. I prefer CoolerMaster cases because I get most of the same features and can get them for less money. I have two Centurion RC690's and a Storm Sniper here at home. While the 690's don't have 200mm fans, you can install up to six 120mm fans into them. They work well for me. I noticed that the Storm Sniper did a fair job in your tests too. Lastly, I enjoyed the detail and comprehensiveness of your review.
  4. "The X58 chipset has more PCI-E lanes" It has multiple full speed X16 PCI-E lanes to work with. The P55 Chipset runs just one X16 speed lane and divides it up into two X8 speed lanes with dual cards installed. It's quite effective with just one fast video card installed, but not so good with more.
  5. If you plan to run more than one graphics card, stay away from the socket 1156 Core i7's. They have the PCI-E controller built into the CPU and it's crippled if you run more than one Video card. Your X16 speed PCI-E bus is chopped to X8 speeds with two cards in the mix. Of course, a dual GPU-one slot card runs at full X16 speed on an 1156 platform. The AMD's PCI-E bus can run more than one video card at X16 speeds and not throttle them back to X8 speed. Crossfire and SLI really shine here, as they do with the Intel X58 chip-set based systems. The X58 boards have triple channel memory capabilities too. I'm saving up for the Hex-Core AMD Black CPU.
  6. There's been plenty of times that I wish I had left things alone on a system. Getting back to where I started can be a giant PITA.
  7. 10.6 works well for me with Win-7 64 bit and a XFX 5850 Black Edition. I'm only slightly overclocked.
  8. This is sound advice. I've done this before and fixed a problem with a funky fitting card. Just re-tighten it all before turning the system back on.
  9. Worked until retirement building and retrofitting the Space Shuttle Orbiters. Served in the US Army before that.

  10. I didn't read the entire thread as I am time limited today, so if this has already been said here, I apologise for the repeat post. I believe that while the Intel P55 Chip-set i5-750 CPU delivers incredible performance on the 1156 platform, the on-CPU PCI-e controller is limited if you ever want to run dual video cards. (good for games) Your X16 speed PCI-E bus is chopped to X8 speeds with two cards in the mix. Of course, a dual GPU-one slot card runs at full speed on an 1156 platform. The AMD's PCI-E bus can run more than one video card at X16 speeds and not throttle them back to X8 speed. Crossfire and SLI really shine here. The Intel X58 chip-set based systems do the same thing and have triple channel memory capabilities too. All three platforms work extremely well, but know the limitations before you buy. Also, the more you spend on your Video card, the better. Scrimp elsewhere, spend here. I have two Intel 1156 based systems and an AMD 790 here and all of them are pretty cool without any problems to speak of.
  11. You don't supply enough information to go on. All anyone can do is take a stab at what they think you may want. Do you already have any existing equipment? If so, what exactly do you have? What budget are you working with? This is important because there is allot more than just a 'CPU' required to get good overclocking done. You have to consider a CPU cooling solution that is better than stock, What Mainboard to get is another. (they're all different with Good and not so good features and your board choice will effect all of the other things you need. Video Cards make a huge difference to your gaming performance and your choices are almost endless depending on your wallet's capabilities. The case that you put it all into is important too. So, provide more information and you'll get a lot more recommendations that are usable for you.
  12. The Video card/ NIC combination wouldn't normally be something that I would want. But for those with the Intel Socket 1156 systems it may be a kick butt idea. The tendency for the 1156 based systems to slice the X16 Speed PCI-E bandwidth in half to X8 when you add in a second PCI-E device to the motherboard makes this card a good idea. You still get X16 Video speeds, but get the 'Killer NIC' edge too.
  13. Congrats, this is one killer system and will serve you for a long time. Thanks to OCC, & Cyberpower for the great contest/opportunity.
  14. Wasn't trying to make you feel bad. I don't post often because I'm not as knowledgeable as most when it comes to new tech, but thought that posting in all caps was bad, not larger text. Now I know. I still think that that case is friggin' awesome.
  15. I wasn't trying to "Shout",... I'm slowly going blind and like to make the text larger so I can see it.
  16. "Corsair's Graphite Series 600T" That's a sweet looking case. I wonder what the damage will be. It may be the one to have, though I've always preferred CoolerMaster for the features they offer for a reasonable price.
  17. This card would be a good solution for those with a LGA 1156 based computer. They have single PCI-E bandwidth handled within the CPU's at X16 speed, but add a second card into another PCI-E slot and they default to X8 speed each. Having the extra 240 GPU on the same card would keep the System's PCI-E bus running at full X16 speed. I wonder if you'd have to run the computer inside an icebox to keep it cool.
  18. I thought that EVGA cards are lifetime guaranteed? Send them an e-mail to see if they'll cover it/fix it. Is it possible to get an aftermarket Cooler for the card you have to replace the bad fan?
  19. Good review. I am thinking of getting one of these things and I'll give this one a try.
  20. This software, while showing slight speed improvements in some areas doesn't seem to me to be worth what they ask for it.
  21. Good review, as prices come down they get closer to where I can afford one of them. Price has been my limiting factor because I'm on a retirement income. I'm sure that OS load times are stellar considering the read times posted in the review.
  22. The GTX285 is a good card and yes it's usually expensive. Mine has 2GB of RAM on it and works way better that the Radeon 4870 it replaced. I won it outright, so cost was not a factor this time. Ladybird cards are mostly an unknown entity here in America so far.
  23. I'm not eligible for this but that's OK, it's good to see you honor your friend in such a way. One could only hope to be remembered so fondly by so many people when they leave the earth. He must have been one hell of a guy. RIP Verran!
  24. I just got two of these and they have a beautiful picture. TV Tuners built in also. Price is affordable.
  25. I'm wondering if you ever got the answer to this question? I'd like to enable it in Win 7 too. When I tried, I couldn't find a way to turn it on.
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