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  1. As I already posted, I have a system that I recently put together. THIS: Fractal arc midi case FX-4170 CPU @ 4.2 Enermax ETS T40-VD ASRock 990FX Extreme4 16GB Mushkin Redline 2133MHz. XFX R7770 X2 in Crossfire 120GB Kingston SSD 750GB Seagate HDD 24XPlextor DVD Burner Rosewill Hive 750 PSU But I just bought an FX-8350 and an Asetek 570LX cooler for it. I should have both by the end of the week. I have four 120mm Cougar Vortex fans for the CPU cooler sitting here. Good luck to all of you, and thanks for the chance to win some epic gear!
  2. I like the quality of it. You can see it in the pics.
  3. Phanteks is making a good name for themselves with every new release they have. This is a nice little cooler.
  4. Latest build/upgrades Fractal arc midi case FX-4170 CPU @ 4.2 Enermax ETS T40-VD ASRock 990FX Extreme4 16GB Mushkin Redline 2133MHz. XFX R7770 X2 in Crossfire 120GB Kingston SSD 750GB Seagate HDD 24XPlextor DVD Burner Rosewill Hive 750 PSU
  5. ~~This~~ I guess there is not much room to play with perfomance on this platform, so feature set has to carry the day. This board certainly has the features on it,.............
  6. I have one of these boards and never could get it to OC very well. (though it was perfect at stock speeds) I pulled it and bought an ASRock 990FX Extreme4 instead. I have a Phenom-II 980 and a FX-4170. Same result with both CPU's.
  7. I liked the review, and enjoyed the read. Guess I'm gonna have to get this game now.
  8. I really like the cooler with the two Cougar fans on it. I have not been able to get the full potential from it yet, due to the OC limitations of the Sapphire Pure Black 990FX motherboard. But I have an FX-4170 on the shelf, and an ASRock 990FX extreme4 motherboard due to arrive today. The ASRock 990FX Extreme4 seems to OC well per the reviews I have seen. So I hope to achieve a better overclock with this combination and use the cooler to it's full potential. I also have an NZXT Havik-140 to try on it.
  9. I'm wondering how this went for you. I have a FX-4170 in the box and an ASRock 990FX Extreme4 on the way. (I'll get it on Tuesday) I have 16GB of Mushkin Redline 2133MHz RAM to go into it. Your results might help me out if you can share them. Thanks,.........
  10. Good review here. I like the performance and the price. This card's release may drive some price adjustments on the AMD side of the house. This is good. Running two of these GTX-660s in SLI would probably make for a great gaming experience, and they are within what I can afford over a short time.
  11. I have a Sapphire Pure Black 990FX board and it has no support for SLI either. IDK if it's true, but someone told me that Sapphire doesn't want to pay the licensing for SLI capabilities,....so they don't. I agree with the reviewer about the Sapphire mainboard not being worth the premium price. Their Video cards are another matter. I like most of their ideas and I buy the Sapphire brand when I can. Other companies like ASUS and ASRock include ~features~ that make their products worth the asking price.
  12. LOL! (imagining the at home fireworks)
  13. Hello, AMD FX-4170 CPU With NZXT Havik 140 CPU Cooler Sapphire Pure Black 990FX Mainboard (not very good for OC) XFX Radeon R7770 1GB Video card (decent budget performance) Four 4GB GSKill RipJaws DDR3-2133 RAM 120GB Kingston HyperX SATA-III SSD and Seagate 1.5TB HDD Plextor DVD Burner and LG Blue Ray Reader/DVD Burner Combo AZZA Fusion 4000 case with Seasonic S1211 620W 80+Bronze PSU Corsair Vengance K90 Mechanical Keyboard and MS-Mouse JBL Creature-II 2.1 speakers 27" ASUS" Flat Screen I'm in the USA
  14. I wonder if the coating that they spray it with makes it a little better than the Noctua coolers? The 140mm PH-TC14CS with red colored fans is on sale for $73.00 with free shipping at Newegg. Since it will be in a case with no real window, I may get it and compare it to my NZXT Havik 140.
  15. Right now it's at 4000MHz and it's stable. If I run it higher I get memory errors. I have a Sapphire Pure Black 990FX motherboard and it's not so good for OC purposes. It happens with three brands of memory too. The latest BIOS made no difference either. it will do for now.
  16. I won this cooler in a contest late last year. It sat on the shelf for 6 months before I needed a cooler and remembered that I had it to try. It's installed on a Phenom-II X4-980 CPU in an AZZA Fusion 4000 case. The fan is very bright and way too flashy for my tastes. I removed it and installed a pair of Cougar Vortex PWM fans on the cooler. I like that Enermax included the wire clips to add the second fan in the box. It does cool better with two fans on it as expected. This cooler does a good job of cooling my rig with a slight OC on it.
  17. I just bought as ASRock Z68 Extreme 7 Gen3 board. I have a 2600K for it. I bought it second hand from a guy who absolutely has to have the newest stuff. $100.00 was the price and it works good. Z68 is fine with me.
  18. My suggestion is to pick it apart and report on it to us. Instead of just touting the increased bandwidth, please show us real world results. Z77 boards will run a Sandy Bridge CPU such as the 2600K, but PCI-E 3.0 functionality is disabled when you do. Why not set a PC up with everything you need for 3.0 functionality and change the CPU out to enable and disable 3.0? Run Benches and show the results. If you guys would do this, I would appreciate it. I've not seen it done anywhere else yet. I would do it myself, but a medically retired Vet's income never goes up while inflation never stops. End result is that I make less every month and just cannot afford to do it myself.
  19. I'd like to see the total story on PCI-E 3.0 explained. We know that just buying a PCI-E 3.0 enabled video card is not the only thing you need to make it work. You need the right motherboard, and then having the wrong (Sandy Bridge) CPU in it, keeps it from working at all. What are the ~real~ benefits to this new and better way for our systems to chew pixels? Is there a ~real world~ tangible improvement? Is existing Game and Multimedia software going to take advantage of the wider bandwidth? Do benchmark results exist that show us whether or not this is something worth pursuing? my 2cents,......
  20. Thanks for writing this. As I continually preach, the PSU is probably the most important choice one makes when building a PC. No matter the brands of the other components, they all need quality, reliable power supplied to them to function properly. Make the wrong choice and it can have catastrophic consequences. While getting a very good one will probably cost you a little more, that extra bit spent now will pay off in reliability and stability over the long run.
  21. I just got another mailing from you guys and was pleased to see that you took my suggestion to heart. Thanks for listening to us. RealNeil
  22. There was a good piece in the newsletter about the quality of the PSU that you buy when building a PC. (IMO,...the most important decision to make) I read it and liked it and have my own opinion on the subject, but there was no link to reply to it in the newsletter. So I replied to what was said here in this thread. I wasn't complaining. I just would like to se a link there to reply directly to. I realize that there were links in the body of the message concerning other items that were included. Just not one for the PSU write-up.
  23. The Havic fans have good specs,...but there are others that are a little better and quieter too. I have an AMD FX Closed Loop Water Cooler that I bought online from someone. He kept the FX8150 and I got the cooler. It works well, but when setting the control software to the extreme setting for maximum cooling, it sounded like a P51 Airplane was taking off inside my CM Storm Sniper case. I replaced the two AMD branded fans with a pair of 120mm Cougar Vortex PWM fans. Got them here,..... The difference is night and day. They turn at 1500rpm max, but move 70.5cfm of air. Noise is limited to 17.9dB. They have rubber pads built into all four corners on both sides of the fan to dampen vibration/sound. The end result is that I can run the coolers new fans at maximum without hearing them, and they work as well, or better than the fans that they replaced. I just ordered two more of these Cougar fans to replace the fans on my H60 cooler. I recommend these fans, and I suggest they be reviewed if you can get samples..
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