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  1. An SSD will make a huge difference in system performance. (120GB or larger) Even the slow ones are a lot faster than a HDD drive is. So you can load the OS and a few of your most used programs on it, and everything else on an HDD storage drive. The Radeon R9-270X should be good too.
  2. I don't see them here in Virginia, so I would keep one of them if I saw it. I could care less what it's worth.
  3. I agree with leaving the RAM alone and spending that money towards the new GPU. It should work out fine with a good GPU in it, but I would stop there and save up for a newer platform before spending more money on this one.
  4. Wow! Thanks for the Kingston 64GB USB 3.0 stick Bosco! Thanks to overclockers club and to Kingston (and all of the sponsors) for their generosity! Congrats to all the other winners too! This made my day!
  5. I got the game late last night. Thanks again for the post.
  6. Been trying for hours to get this but it keeps timing out on me. Their servers must be swamped,......... Thanks for the link, I hope I can get it before the deal runs out.
  7. This is (really) the ARC Midi case interior with one of the HDD bays removed. The offset Fan placement at the top of this case allowed me to run four Cougar Vortex PWM fans in a push/pull configuration without hitting the motherboard's heatsinks. Temps on the FX-8350 are nice and cool. The case's airflow is excellent. I have since moved these two HD-7870s to the i7-2600 box.
  8. This is the ARC Midi interior. I feel so stupid. This is not the ARC Midi case, its a Rosewill Blackhawk. I removed all of the fans and put matching 140mm & 120mm Enermax TB Silence fans inside of it. Lots of room inside and removable HDD Cage makes more room for GPUs too.
  9. I have the Fractal Design ARC Midi case here and the quality is certainly there. This one looks like it would be just right for the build I'm planning for my wife. Thanks for the great review Isaiah.
  10. I just bought a cheap ECS board for an AMD Tri-Core CPU that I had on the shelf. (it was $26.00 delivered) I havn't installed it yet, but I don't anticipate any problems.
  11. Board looks good, too bad it had problems with the BIOS. I wonder if ECS will address this?
  12. Some cases have side mounted fans that blow outside air towards the GPUs. If you have that, make sure that the fan is blowing a lot of air, or add a high performanc fan. This helps to control temps.
  13. Sapphire also includes that Dual BIOS switch on a lot of their cards. You can choose from a stock BIOS in on position and a factory OC'd BIOS in the other. This is a definite plus as I see it.
  14. I like to look at the way the cards are cooled. One with a better cooler is usually quieter too. This is worth a little extra money to me.
  15. I just put together a system yesterday using parts from an existing PC, and some new. Still have to install Win-7 64bit on it. CPU: i7-2600K CPU Cooler: H80 Corsair with two Enermax TB Silence PWM fans MOBO: Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3 RAM: 16GB DDR3-2133 GSKill RipJaws-X (four 4GB) GPU: Diamond H7870 GHz Edition (times two) in crossfire SSD: Kingston 120GB SSD Now 300 DVD Burner: Plextor PX-L890SA HDD: WD 1TB 7200RPM 64MB Cache (times two) in RAID-0 PSU: Rosewill Hive 750W Semi-Modular 80+ Bronze Case: Rosewill Blackhawk With all fans replaced with Enermax (120mm & 140mm) TB Silence w/no LEDs
  16. I like how this cooler handles clearance issues.
  17. This looks good, but I have a ceiling fan right above my head. So I don't need it.
  18. Good review. I spent a lot of hours emeshed in this game back in the day. I enjoyed it too. I like the idea that people are tuning up older games to run on today's hardware. I would love to see this happen with the three versions of Descent. (my favorite for a long time) I know that it's already playable these days, but lacks a lot of finess so far.
  19. I know that the screen size isn't what matters. It's just not a dual or a triple screen setup. (it's resolution is 1920x1080) As for heat, it doesn't matter with the air flow I have in my case. I'll accept the extra power usage if I buy them. They will not be OC'd (not much anyways)
  20. I'll be using a 27" ASUS screen with them, so it should work well.
  21. I've got a motherboard with two X16 speed PCI-E slots on it. Why not use them? Your point is valid, but I want to use SLI in this case. My main rig has an EVGA GTX-680 in it and it's pretty cool.
  22. I'm thinking that a pair of these will be great on my FX-8350 system. I'll wait for a while to see what non-reference cards add to the performance. Good review by the way. Thanks
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