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  1. I'll find out whats going on, u should have got your TT Cooler already I swear they said it was sent. I will email GX Gaming right now. Sorry for the delay. You're staying on top of things in a good way. I posted (post #51) about not getting my prize yet on the 5th, and got the Kingston drive just two days later. Thanks for your time and efforts Bosco.
  2. My newest source is this: http://www.filepuma.com/ Some of their stuff has add-on programs that you have to watch out for during installation, but I have not had anything install itself ~without~ my knowledge yet. Just trying it out to see how it does. ______________________________ That said,......the absolute best place for getting programs is still www.ninite.com. You go to their page and select from a large list of available programs of various types, and then download a file from them. It will install all of your selected programs auto-magically, one by one. (saying ~no~ to any add-on software/toolbars while it does the install) It installs the latest versions of said programs too. If you run the installer at a later date, it will install any newer versions of your selected software that have been released since your first install. I've been using Ninite.com for years without any problems.
  3. Great looking system. The HyperX 240GB SSD sitting in front is awesome, but that PSU is something to see. Plenty of power for those GPUs. (the GPUs being pretty damn cool too) Yeah,.....great looking system you have.
  4. Nice bling! Congrats! I also go a package today and it was from Kingston. Inside I found my Kingston HyperX 64GB DataTraveler USB 3.0 flash drive. This this is super fast and holds a lot of data. Thanks for this drive Bosco, OCC, and Kingston! It is much appreciated, and will be used all of the time.
  5. Waco is right,.....get the Corsair Speakers and try them out with the mainboard's digital sound. It will be quite nice.
  6. Go to: http://www.opendns.com/opendns-ip-addresses/ and use their info to change your DNS server to theirs. You'll be changing the router's settings. This may speed things up a lot. It did for me.
  7. Way back it was Commander Keen. Then It was Descent One and Two. Unreal Tournament-III still draws me back for some relaxation,...............
  8. Lots of great prizes here,....congrats to all. Still waiting on my 64GB Kingston HyperX USB-3.0 drive to get here. I'm sure it will be perfect too!
  9. I just bought two Kill-Coils for mine. When they get here, I'll build it.
  10. Happy belated birthday Bosco. Hope it was a good one for you.
  11. I bought that same kit to go with a new 4670K and MSI Z87 G45 Gaming, Then I got sick in December and it's all been sitting on the shelf since then. I'm considering putting it together soon,........and I think it will be great compared to my Air Coolers and my AIOs too. I'm also thinking of getting that new water cooled VisionTek CryoVenom R9 290 since it's going to be sold for $550.00 on their site. Such a good price for it compared to others.
  12. Clickfree Transformer Uses an iPod as a drive. Load files to and from iPod at will. iPod still works the same. I like it because I don't have to install iTunes onto my PC.
  13. Agreed. My AMD systems do well in day to day use. My Intel rigs are quicker, but not by much given equal GPUs and SSDs.
  14. I have an FX-8350, a FX-4170, and a Phenom-II 980 Black. All of them work fine, but I have only the FX-8350 running at the present time. An Asetek 570-LX with four high performance fans in Push/Pull cools the 8350 without any issues. With a good video card, the AMD systems game well. Win-Win situation as I see it.
  15. I got a pair of EVGA GTX-680s from a freind this year. (very good price on them) They look good and perform exellent too.
  16. They have a history of 'not playing nice'. But NTFS is the default file system for Win-7 and not supporting it is weird at best.
  17. What is the capability of your Mainboard's PCI-E slots? X16 by X16 by X16? X8 by X8 by X4? Depending on your total PCI-E bandwidth and how it's laid out in the PCI-E slots, One X-16 card may out-do three less powerful cards. If the slots are optimal, I would guess that the three R9-270's would prevail. EDIT: just looked at your system specs and your board does X16 by X16 by X8. I would get the three R9-270's.
  18. Thanks for the post, I'll post Pics once I get my package. Thanks again for the contest and my win. I appreciate it.
  19. Good read Chris,....this looks like a decent AIO to me. I like the 140mm fans idea too. Would probably get one of them if I hadn't just bought two SilverStone Tundra TD02 coolers last month.
  20. 50 rounds would be fun if it was an automatic,...................
  21. I use new coffee filters and thermal paste remover. Your dried out Lysol wipe may leave chemical residue on the CPU, don't use that. Arctic Silver is good, I have a few tubes of that. Been using it for years. I have also just started using GELID GC Extreme and it's premium stuff,....much better IMHO.
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