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  1. I plan to continue with my XM service. It's already in place and the music is great.
  2. I bought two 32GB kits (HyperX) for my X99 system. But I'm not sure how it will ~really~ make a difference in my performance. This is a good review, and this RAM looks awesome to me. It's too bad that I can't afford it.
  3. Good review. I like the performance per cost of this card. I would probably hold out for the 8GB version, though.
  4. It's Steam for me too. I love how it just works for me. You spend your time gaming, just like you intended.
  5. Hello all,.....just thought that I would post about my Seagate 4TB HDD. It is perfect in my i7-4790K system. Speed is quite acceptable and there's still tons of room on it. Thanks again to OCC and Seagate for prizes that we can really use. I appreciate it.
  6. Good review,........ It's expensive enough to make things shrivel up a bit! But it's a lofty CPU, and well worth it for those that have the cash for it.
  7. 6GB is a good idea. At this point, I wouldn't even consider a brand new GPU with less than 6GB of RAM for gaming.
  8. It seems like they're always working to improve their cooling solutions at XFX. Sapphire is the same.
  9. I tried out Win-10 on multiple PCs here. I really didn't like it at all. I ended up keeping it on a Dell Laptop (i7 CPU, 8GB RAM, 480GB SSD) and went back to Win-7 with everything else. All was good for a month and a half and then the Dell crashed. It crashed hard, and it was lost. There was no bringing the OS back, even calling Microsoft didn't help. Then, I tried a reinstall of Win-10 and it wouldn't work. Installing Win-7 wouldn't happen either. Linux?...no. Nothing could detect the drive anymore. (insert lots of time here researching and trying out solutions that didn't work) I finally used Acronis True Image to clone another blank drive to it and that reset it. I installed Win-7 onto it and I haven't looked back.
  10. https://vimeo.com/channels/809389/106041900 The Ride.
  11. I mean what if my wife opens my google photos! lol!
  12. That's some good Shiit! So that's a silencer on that rifle? Is it an Air Rifle? Yeah, it's a break barrel spring powered air rifle. I also replaced the crappy 4x scope with a nicer UTG 3-9. It's wicked looking. And it's quiet too? I have a German made air rifle, (1.77 Caliber) but it doesn't look anywhere near as good as this does. It ~is~ powerful and accurate, but not quiet at all. BTW: That Jeep is Bad-Ass looking too!
  13. I have one of those ASRock boards on the shelf. I still need a CPU for it.
  14. Good review. I just found a deal on this and bought it. I haven't installed it yet.
  15. I'm still waiting, and still excited that I won.
  16. There are a lot of premium prizes being posted! I'm excited waiting for my Seagate HDD to get here! I have a place for it right away. Thanks again, I'm humbled that I was chosen to win.
  17. That's some good Shiit! So that's a silencer on that rifle? Is it an Air Rifle?
  18. Thanks for the update Bosco. All of these prizes are well worth waiting for.
  19. Oh Happy Day! I got a Seagate 4TB HDD, and I have just the place to use it too! (Skylake i5-6600K build) Thanks to OCC for thinking of us and our needs. This is a great place to spend time on the web! Thanks to Seagate and all of our sponsors for your support. RealNeil
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