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  1. AMD is announcing brand new 7nm CPUs and GPUs at CES in January?  I'm waiting for those.

    They will be a lot better, at good prices. They'll probably hit the market fairly soon after CES happens.


    Also, the current batch of Ryzen CPUs will go down in price afterward.  



    Look Here for the scoop.


    If it has to be an Intel CPU setup, I really like my last generation I7-8700K systems. DDR4 RAM is standard in all new gaming rigs, and the GTX-1070 is a good card. (assuming your don't wait for CES news to pop.

  2. I don't pay any attention to release dates. I never buy any game when it's new, and I don't get them until they've been reviewed three ways to Sunday.

    If there are any issues, I just don't buy them.


    Most of my PCs are on the higher-end, (all are running Crossfire or SLI) so I usually ignore performance issues that apply to lower-spec PCs.

    When I do buy a game, I play the crap out of it for a while, then I return to my favorite old standards that don't really need much horsepower anyways.

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