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    NZXT Havik 120 Review

    The Havic fans have good specs,...but there are others that are a little better and quieter too. I have an AMD FX Closed Loop Water Cooler that I bought online from someone. He kept the FX8150 and I got the cooler. It works well, but when setting the control software to the extreme setting for maximum cooling, it sounded like a P51 Airplane was taking off inside my CM Storm Sniper case. I replaced the two AMD branded fans with a pair of 120mm Cougar Vortex PWM fans. Got them here,..... The difference is night and day. They turn at 1500rpm max, but move 70.5cfm of air. Noise is limited to 17.9dB. They have rubber pads built into all four corners on both sides of the fan to dampen vibration/sound. The end result is that I can run the coolers new fans at maximum without hearing them, and they work as well, or better than the fans that they replaced. I just ordered two more of these Cougar fans to replace the fans on my H60 cooler. I recommend these fans, and I suggest they be reviewed if you can get samples..
  2. RealNeil

    How Often Do You Upgrade?

    If I come into some cash and don't need it elsewhere,.......I upgrade. There is always something that needs to be tweaked or replaced on one of the PC's. It really IS an addiction. But it keeps me off of the streets,.....
  3. RealNeil

    2012: Post your ride!

    Being stuck in a wheelchair makes little cars a bad idea for me. My truck will haul me and four others, and all of our stuff wherever we need to be. (within reason) With XM Sat Radio and Kenwood Stereo my music is covered. The only mods are to the Intake, Exhaust, and Differentials. (true 4X4 now) it's a pleasure to drive.
  4. RealNeil

    OCC News Letter

    I got the newsletter again. It's been a regular event in my mailbox. Expanding it is a good idea. Also, a chance to reply to some of what's included in it would be good. I read the short piece on the importance of buying a quality PSU for your system. This is sage advice indeed. I'll reply to it here. A lousy PSU can not only under-power your system, but if it fails, it can result in a catastrophe that can destroy the PC components that you thoughtfully selected when you built it. I don't usually run dual Video cards because of finances, so I do not need a very high powered PSU for my systems. Mine are 650's and a 750w and are all 80+ Bronze certified. I rely on SeaSonic brand PSU's for the quality that I know I'll get when I spend just a little more money on them. That little extra money spent can buy a lot of peace of mind. They are the brand that I trust.
  5. RealNeil

    2011 OCC Christmas Contest

    Congrats Manduh! Those are excellent fans, and the thermal paste is top notch too.
  6. RealNeil

    2011 OCC Christmas Contest

    Congradulations to all of you lucky winners. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year too. Thanks for a very cool contest too.
  7. RealNeil

    ASRock A55 Pro3 Review

    Looks like a much better board than mine is.
  8. Good read. This looks like a good, low cost solution for my A6 APU system. The stock cooler isn't quite enough for it when you turn it up a little, but it's a low power CPU/APU so it shouldn't need something expensive.
  9. RealNeil

    Xigmatek Elysium Case Review

    This review was a good read, but the case doesn't seem to measure up, even though it's huge. So, good review, but not such a good case.
  10. RealNeil

    2011 OCC Christmas Contest

    OK,...entered. Thanks for having the contest. It's a whole lot of extra nice bling.
  11. RealNeil

    XFX Contest

    It would go into my 2600K system so I can power up for some crossfire goodness.
  12. RealNeil

    AMD FX Breaks World Record

    Congrats to the AMD team for this record. Can't wait to give one of the new FX CPU's a try here at home.
  13. RealNeil

    Corsair Giveaway

    I have an H50 and two H60 coolers. They're quiet, and they get the job done with minimal fuss installing them. I've been looking at their speakers for a few weeks now,......they look to be top notch.
  14. RealNeil

    NZXT Havik 140 Review

    Good review, I like it because it's simple and works well for less money. (the magic combination) Their cases look to be nicely built too.
  15. I can't, it's in a ASRock socket F1 board with no second PCI-E slot. But I can just imagine that. One by itself goes good, two would be pissed off.
  16. Hard to imagine being 'Stuck' with a 6950. Right now, one of the cards that I'm 'stuck' with is a 6870 and it's alright.
  17. CON: "Would Not Flash to 6970" How many cards on the market still do the flash to 6970 with any regularity? I had heard that steps would be taken to prevent it from being successful.
  18. I have the early version of the XFX HD6870 Black edition card with just one fan. I'm using it in a little ASRock N68-S UCC board with a dual core Calisto CPU at 3.0GHz. The system has 4GB of DDR2-800 RAM in it and a 750GB platter drive. It works well enough without any OC, but now I guess I'll have to bump it up a bit and try it that way. Thanks for the review.
  19. RealNeil

    Suggestions On Fan Replacment

    I Used Enermax Magma UC-MA12 fans for my i7-870 rig's water radiator. one pushes and the other pulls air through. They move 69.15 CFM of air and generate only 18dBA of noise.
  20. RealNeil

    Noctua NH-C14 Review

    I like the design, and it stays cool enough under load to consider for my next build. The fact that it's also quiet is a huge plus.
  21. The BIOS is the last place I would want people to be playing games in. The potential for grief is enormous if they start to 'click and explore'. Good review,.... I guess the UEFI bios is something worth having,....and these P67 boards look good to me.
  22. RealNeil

    XFX Contest

    I would continue to use the XFX Radeon 6870 Black that I have now with my i5-750 mounted within a ASRock P55-Pro Mainboard. I have 4GB of GSKill RipJaws DDR3-1600 RAM. My case is a CoolerMaster 430 Elite Black with 6 ENERMAX MAGMA UC-MA12 120mm Case Fans in it. (they move 69.15 CFM of air each and with only 18 dBA of Noise Level too!) I have a ASUS DVD Burner and a WD 1TB black HDD in there for storage. I would have to put my SeaSonic PSU on the shelf, but I'm interested in seeing for myself the reliability and stability of the XFX PSU's. Good luck to all of the rest of you guys on being chosen to receive one of these prizes.
  23. The flow of air to the hard drives is the only real drawback here. I like the looks of it, and if needed, one could add some higher output fans to the case too.
  24. I have this, but have yet to OC it. This card is sweet,....now I need one for the other i7 box.
  25. RealNeil

    Need advice on ram upgrade

    I have the 1600 GSkill RAM,.....8GB (4X2GB) of it in each box and it's good RAM. I use the XMP profile to set it too.