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  1. This is cool. A little positive PR goes a long way. Thanks Biostar!
  2. RealNeil

    NVIDIA Plans CES Press Conference for January 4

    I like these announcements. Seeing what's coming in the near future is always good.
  3. I have a 6300 on the shelf, but I'm not sure if it's worth it to change it for this.
  4. RealNeil

    BIOS Update Enables Intel Skylake Overclocking

    I'd like to see some reviews with this new BIOS feature.
  5. RealNeil

    New Camera Design Removes the Lens

    Pretty cool!
  6. Looks good. I'd like to see a few reviews on it.
  7. RealNeil

    What's your PC plans for 2015?

    I won some stuff during the holidays, so I'm gonna be building a system and upgrading the other two. My i7-2600K will finally be retired.
  8. RealNeil

    Official OCC 2014 Christmas Contest

    Congrats to all of the winners. Been a little under the weather lately, so I missed out on the whole contest this year. Reading up a little, it was epic.
  9. RealNeil

    ECS Deluxe Z97-PK Reviewed

    Seems like a good little board. I bought the Pentium 20-Year chip in a combo deal, just when it came out. It came with an MSI Z97-U3 Plus motherboard. (both for $99.00 shipped) I ended up selling the Pentium to my neighbor and the board is on the shelf.
  10. RealNeil

    MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G Reviewed

    Damn nice card, and a good review too. I'm sure that SLI drivers will mature and be good to go. (at least by the time that I can afford a pair of them)
  11. RealNeil

    Scythe Mugen Max Reviewed

    "the offset of the fin stack" This is the one thing that I liked the most about this cooler. Yeah, the performance was good, but the offset makes it stand out for some memory considerations.
  12. RealNeil

    Reeven Steropes RC-1206 Reviewed

    So it may not be good for high power CPUs, but I have an i5 system that it would be fine to use on. I like the low profile and the fan is a great color. Thank for the review.
  13. Nice performance, price, and it's not loud. What's not to like? Good review red454.
  14. RealNeil

    What is your next upgrade?

    Indeed he is,.......
  15. RealNeil

    What is your next upgrade?

    Got two R9-280X OC cards from a friend. One is ASUS and the other is HIS. Good price for both. Just got a Tundra TD02 CPU Cooler and told a friend about it. He had one himself and didn't want it anymore, so he's sending it to me. So I'll be busy in the next few days.
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    Random Pics
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    My 06 Tacoma

    From the album: Pics

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    ASUS 280X

    From the album: Pics

  19. RealNeil

    HIS 280X

    From the album: Pics

  20. RealNeil

    How fast is your Internet?

    Mine is a little slower than usual, but not by much.
  21. Haven't actually built this yet, but I have most of the parts and this will be my main rig soon. CPU: Intel i5-4670K Motherboard: MSI Z87 G45 Gaming RAM: 16GB (2-8GB) Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP Low Profile DDR3-1600 GPU: 2X Gigabyte R9-270X 2GB OC Windforce or 2X EVGA GTX-680-2GB (not decided on what to use yet) Primary Drive: 2X 120GB Kingston V300 SSD Now in RAID Storage 1: 2TB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM Storage 2: Kingston HyperX 480GB SSD Chassis: Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra Cooling: Silverstone Tundra TD02 for the CPU Cooling: XSPC Raystorm 360 Kit for my GPUs PSU: Azza 1000W Display: ASUS 27" Audio: on board Keyboard: Corsair Vengance K90 Mouse: CM Storm Havoc Country: United States
  22. RealNeil

    XFX Type 01 Bravo Reviewed

    Every time I look at this case, I want to push the front and the back of it back together. It looks like it's been pulled open. Not sure about the price either. It's a bit much. I'm guessing XFX will take care of people with issues, but then again with the crap service I've gotten so far with the video card RMA I'm working on with them maybe I shouldn't be so confident. I had issues with an XFX Radeon 6870 Black GPU RMA too. The tech support guy I was dealing with had me jumping through hoops, running test after test, after test on it. The card was artifacting and wouldn't stop. Finally, I told them to forget the RMA, I was tired of dealing with them. A lifetime warranty is only good if it's ~not~ like giving birth just to use it. The card is on my shelf now, collecting dust. To be fair, I have three other XFX cards that have never given me any problems, and I like their new designs.
  23. Very nice card with decent cooling. As usual, I like Sapphire's Dual BIOS capabilities. Their cards seem to hold up for a long time, and tech support is good. They also have some nice freebies for their customers on their website at times.