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  1. RealNeil

    Chrome Begins Plan to Phase Out Flash

    Good Riddance.
  2. Good review. I like the performance per cost of this card. I would probably hold out for the 8GB version, though.
  3. RealNeil

    AMD Athlon X4 845 CPU Reviewed

    Agreed, good review
  4. It's Steam for me too. I love how it just works for me. You spend your time gaming, just like you intended.
  5. RealNeil

    Annual OCC Contest Thread

    Hello all,.....just thought that I would post about my Seagate 4TB HDD. It is perfect in my i7-4790K system. Speed is quite acceptable and there's still tons of room on it. Thanks again to OCC and Seagate for prizes that we can really use. I appreciate it.
  6. Good review,........ It's expensive enough to make things shrivel up a bit! But it's a lofty CPU, and well worth it for those that have the cash for it.
  7. RealNeil

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Could Have 6GB of RAM

    6GB is a good idea. At this point, I wouldn't even consider a brand new GPU with less than 6GB of RAM for gaming.
  8. It seems like they're always working to improve their cooling solutions at XFX. Sapphire is the same.
  9. RealNeil

    What Are Your "HONEST" Opinions On Windows 10?

    I tried out Win-10 on multiple PCs here. I really didn't like it at all. I ended up keeping it on a Dell Laptop (i7 CPU, 8GB RAM, 480GB SSD) and went back to Win-7 with everything else. All was good for a month and a half and then the Dell crashed. It crashed hard, and it was lost. There was no bringing the OS back, even calling Microsoft didn't help. Then, I tried a reinstall of Win-10 and it wouldn't work. Installing Win-7 wouldn't happen either. Linux?...no. Nothing could detect the drive anymore. (insert lots of time here researching and trying out solutions that didn't work) I finally used Acronis True Image to clone another blank drive to it and that reset it. I installed Win-7 onto it and I haven't looked back.
  10. RealNeil

    R.I.P Prince

    https://vimeo.com/channels/809389/106041900 The Ride.
  11. RealNeil

    What Are Your "HONEST" Opinions On Windows 10?

    I mean what if my wife opens my google photos! lol!
  12. RealNeil

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    That's some good Shiit! So that's a silencer on that rifle? Is it an Air Rifle? Yeah, it's a break barrel spring powered air rifle. I also replaced the crappy 4x scope with a nicer UTG 3-9. It's wicked looking. And it's quiet too? I have a German made air rifle, (1.77 Caliber) but it doesn't look anywhere near as good as this does. It ~is~ powerful and accurate, but not quiet at all. BTW: That Jeep is Bad-Ass looking too!
  13. I have one of those ASRock boards on the shelf. I still need a CPU for it.
  14. RealNeil

    Annual OCC Contest Thread

    I just received my 4TB Seagate HDD!
  15. RealNeil

    Far Cry Primal Reviewed

    Good review. I just found a deal on this and bought it. I haven't installed it yet.
  16. RealNeil

    Annual OCC Contest Thread

    I'm still waiting, and still excited that I won.
  17. This is pretty cool of them to do.
  18. That case mod is a trip.
  19. RealNeil

    Annual OCC Contest Thread

    There are a lot of premium prizes being posted! I'm excited waiting for my Seagate HDD to get here! I have a place for it right away. Thanks again, I'm humbled that I was chosen to win.
  20. RealNeil

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    That's some good Shiit! So that's a silencer on that rifle? Is it an Air Rifle?
  21. RealNeil

    Annual OCC Contest Thread

    Thanks for the update Bosco. All of these prizes are well worth waiting for.
  22. RealNeil

    Annual OCC Contest Thread

    Oh Happy Day! I got a Seagate 4TB HDD, and I have just the place to use it too! (Skylake i5-6600K build) Thanks to OCC for thinking of us and our needs. This is a great place to spend time on the web! Thanks to Seagate and all of our sponsors for your support. RealNeil
  23. I guess that when the OS is free, ~you~ are the product.
  24. RealNeil

    Case Fans on TOP pull air in?

    This has always worked best for me and it's how I set fans up in every build. Heat naturally rises, (convection) so it should go out the top of your case.