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  1. Ok, ok. They always sucked. jk. But seriously. it's his opinion. Don't be so arrogant. He's allowed to think they suck.
  2. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=gimped ..Ohhh, man.
  3. I have a mid tower and a budget. So that's not even an option. I'm trying to raise money in time for 5830 as long as it's less than 11 inches. 10.5" is my max. If this doesn't pan out, I'll be forced to either spend more on a 5850(10" or so) or a 5770.
  4. People can take jabs as much as they want. But this guy is posting these things on a credible website as fact. He may have a serious problem with nVidia as it would seem, but it's not to call him a liar. He's posted nothing but the truth in his other articles.
  5. nVidia has been a bag of cheap tricks lately. Their super secret announcement the other day was something they'd already told everyone months ago. They're just getting worse and worse.
  6. http://www.semiaccurate.com/2010/02/20/sem...-gtx480-scores/ This is really a shame. nVidia is pathetic if this is true.
  7. Nah, I kept pushing the voltage up by .2 until I was able to cold boot to the OS and function. Only until I started using the Starcraft 2 Beta has my system been crashing. And that's because no other games I use heavily rely on all 4 cores. SC2 does. And ok, will do. EDIT: Ok, so when I push the voltage to 1.9v, it works perfectly. No errors, nothing. So my RAM was definitely the issue. So now I'm running it at 1600mhz(raised from 1333) and at 1.9v(raised from 1.65) Just by looking at it, how do those numbers sound? That shouldn't be bad for my RAM, right? I'm hoping not and I can just leave it there. I'll try to see if it's stable at anything lower later on. I just don't even wanna operate it if 1.9 is too high. They're Ballistix Tracers, btw. So they do have heatsinks.
  8. 1.8v is my OVERCLOCK. The recommended is 1.65v. I need memtest, I guess. To check if it's getting the juice it needs.
  9. Ok, so it's not the RAM... Defective CPU? Should I use the warranty at this point?
  10. I don't have a disc to burn it on. Although I do have a thumb drive somewhere over the rainbow, I'll have to grab that. Then I'll give it a go. It would be a pain to have to drop my memory back to the stock 1333, though. The other thing is that it's at 1.8v right now. Is that a lot for RAM/my overclock? At stock, the RAM speeds are 1333 @ 7-7-7-24 & 1.65v
  11. title says it all. 3.2Ghz. Lasts about 5 minutes before reporting a core error. What do?
  12. This made me lol. And no, I won't be recording music and if I do I'll get some Firewire or USB dealio. I mostly just listen to music and expect all of the sounds from my video games to sound TOGETHER in 5.1. When some truly awe-inspiring technology comes out that I need to have to appreciate a game, then I'll invest in another sound card. Until then... my onboard could probably do me justice. I'm lucky I have the Audigy for separate processing. It probably gives me an extra .225 frames, haha. Really doesn't make a huge difference with my quad core. But idk what else to use the PCI slot I have left over for. might as well.
  13. Thank you, I think sound cards are a bit of a scam. Is it just me?
  14. I have an Audigy Soundblaster 2 ZS as you can see in the signature. And I was just wondering... what with the high prices of 'modern' soundcards and all of the re-labling going on with the chips on Creative's part... should I even bother? I have 5.1 speakers and my current card seems to be doing fine. Would I notice a jump in quality if I bought a new one?
  15. Get a Phenom II X4. There's really no debate for gaming quality. You have a clear-paved upgrade path from AMD for a long time as they're very good about supporting their sockets for a while and the performance is outstanding. Don't bother with Intel right now if it's just a gaming computer. If you're doing complex and ridiculous math calculations and/or constant high-definition video rendering and encoding, go for an i7. But honestly? It's extremely unneeded and you won't notice a difference between the two. But your wallet will if you go AMD. And it will thank you. Take it from someone who owned an i7... and sold it.
  16. I know that if you're going for a quad that isn't something from the i series, get AMD. Anything else would be insipid.
  17. Bitrate is bitrate, as in the rate of bits. Beats per minute is also exactly as is implied by the term. I'm having trouble seeing how those two were confused. One of them is music theory, the other is computer lingo. Very different, guys. He wants all of his music to look the same in iTunes so that when he's mucking through them, he can be proud of how even it all looks. Which is a waste of your time. Just use whatever bitrate it comes in, converting all of them so your iTunes looks pretty is silly. Normal bitrates are 128-192kbps. Highest for an mp3 is 320, but is completely unneeded. I'd stick to 160 per song. If it's lower than 128, find another download link to something higher quality.
  18. http://www.engadget.com/2010/02/09/amd-fus...with-llano-apu/ Intel has already announced their entire CPU/APU line for 2010 and 2011 and none of them have DX11 acceleration built-in. What will this mean?
  19. This is because of it failing to post when you resume. It'll happen if you restart the computer cold, as well (Complete shut down). It's a Gigabyte thing. Mine did it. It turned out to be because of my NorthBridge frequency.
  20. 2+2=6! WHY?! For the hell of it! Nah,jk. But yeah. We don't really know what we're talking about until that comes about. I really hope it is successful at a similar price to ATI. Competition is GREAT for the consumer And I'm running low on cash. So the more desperate these companies get, the better!
  21. There's definitely spikes going on with new releases. I have just heard from reviewers and professionals all around that Nvidia is in trouble, and there's conflicting data, but no one can argue that they're a little behind, to say the least.
  22. Look at this link: http://www.google.com/finance?client=ob&q=NASDAQ:NVDA go to a 6 month zoom. And take a look at October 2009. The only reason they steadied is because of Christmas. It'll fall right back down again There's your proof. And sure, it's possible that for whatever reason they could hop back up. Maybe with the new release. But it'll keep happening so long as ATI stays this way. Unless they pull out something INCREDIBLE this year, it won't be good for them. Helen Keller could tell they're in trouble in the desktop graphics market.
  23. You didn't listen. They're doing VERY well in the mobile GPU market. Just not desktop graphics, they've fallen behind terribly. But they're the leader in the mobile market. Before you call it sheer speculation, try reading what the person said a little more carefully.
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