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  1. Wow. Something like this easily puts nVidia in the backseat for years at time... if not out of the game completely. Ion 2 has also proven to be a bit of a failure from recent benching(extremely minimal performance gain from the Ion, if any at all). I don't mean to be so hard on them... but what are they doing right?
  2. I believe this as all of the memory I have bookmarked has literally asked for 30 more on the pricetag, as well as Newegg now including shipping on all of them. It's awful.
  3. ^Actually correct as I'm remixing the theme song from The Bourne Identity on guitar
  4. Then don't get that chipset. Look at the newest version of mine, it has USB3.0 and SATA 3. It's DEFINITELY something I would get if I had the cash. But if you're not going to use Crossfire/SLI, don't buy a mobo with two slots. Check this out: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813128419
  5. God, that's so cute. I just wanna print it and magnetize it to my fridge. Nah, you made MS Paint look good just then, no worries. No, but seriously. Don't screw with nature. Just let it do it's thing. If we happen to die in the mix? Meh. Luckily, we know less about prevention and more about HIDING!!!! Which is what they're doing over there
  6. I'm not ignorant. But you did a good job at making yourself look it. I didn't say they didn't. But the fact is that the way things are done in Hawaii, a lot less gets done in a lot more amount of time. There's even statistics. You guys have the best detection? That's FANTASTIC. When I lived in Kihei, I heard alarms every week in summer. No one did anything. Seeing as I'm taking something from experience and applying it to a similar situation, I'm anything but ignorant So screw off, good sir.
  7. I used to live there so I have some friends that are on Maui. My buddy Cody just got at me on Facebook and I told him to call me, he said all cell towers are down. He has wifi at his house but that in 5 hours, he has to be evacuated by law. No joke :S This isn't one of those lame warnings, this is like huge. Hawaii is slow and ignorant. They don't do anything about anything. So when they're evacuating cities, you know .'s about to go down.
  8. That annoyed me at first, too. Then I just started cracking up. Oh, and when people are like, 'OMG MY OEM CPU HAS NO FAN?!?!'
  9. Will do! Also, when running Memtest, do you have to do each stick separately? Since apparently it's not compatible with x64? :S
  10. Thought of that. Maybe I'm in denial <_< I'm working at it. It's now at 2.0v. Haha.
  11. ...this isn't any more spam than taking 4chan meme's like, 'You laugh, you lose' and posting them on here. And don't be such a hypocrite. Spamming that I spam? Go into the YLYL thread and tell them that they're spamming. Ask them if they love it, too. Also, this is one from the AS5 page:
  12. I found it mad funny, though. There's also the ones of people with thermal paste who keep tasting it. Someone even said it's really good on cereal.
  13. Yeah, it's the CAS 7x3-24. It didn't run fine at 1.9v for very long. It's 1333Mhz stock like I mentioned before, but I REALLY wanna get it to 1600mhz. There's no reason I shouldn't be able to, right?
  14. I figured this was kind of a good idea. I constantly read Newegg reviews that make me crack up because of the ignorance alone. I just can't help it. Some of it is just hilarious. So I thought here could be where you can post quotes or screenshots of the poor people who just... don't know. Or hell, maybe it's just hilarious I'll start?
  15. Don't worry about that. Just warranty it. It shouldn't get that hot in any case at all. All cases are built to support minimum airflow. I'd contact AMD about it and tell them it's going 3 degrees celcius above the max temp rating and return it/get it replaced. They'll likely send you one that stays cooler. Although, if you got one with C3 stepping like you should have... it's hard to believe it would hit that high unless you overclocked it.
  16. I love this man. I am not afraid to say it. I will shout it on the rooftops, I love this man.
  17. Neither was 'bashing' nVidia. One was about something that MAY have been true. An article I found fascinating. This one was just a JOKE. My god. If fanboys were never around, you wouldn't invent the word now just to describe me. The only reason you've done so now is because there are so many of them and you immediately assumed I was. Like I said. I love nVidia, I love ATI. I want them both to succeed. I'm the same way about everything. PS3 and Xbox. Mac vs. PC. But when I make a joke about them, I expect people to take it as a joke and not a 'bash' because that's all it is. A joke. Just... a joke. Grow the hell up, man. it's not about fanboy-ism or proving anything to anyone. It's about a good laugh. So with that and the Batman thing in mind... Why so serious? ^^^^ also a joke. In case people couldn't tell. For future reference, this is also a joke. And this is what some jokes may look like when presented. It's a play on words. Just like the joke in my OP. Now if you laughed at this joke or at least understood it, you should keep in mind that it is, in fact, a joke. Like the one I posted in the OP. Congrats. Now stop calling everybody a fanboy based on a... *gasp* WHOLE 2 FORUM THREADS?!?!
  18. Yup. I really really hope that article is SO very wrong. I hope they blow ATi out of the water. It would be great for the people shelling out.
  19. Dude, quote me where I said they suck. When did I ever say that they sucked? Ever? On a different note: Why the hell do people do this? I post about a joke on either company and then people start putting words in my mouth and views in my head? Get over it. I like both companies. ATI has the upper-hand right now. Hopefully that will change. And then change back. And then change again. See where I'm going? I'm not an ATI or a nVidia fanboy. I'm a competition fanboy. Oh wait? Isn't that called a CONSUMER?!? ...yeah. Grow up. Both companies suck balls, ok? They also both kick butt.
  20. Woah, excuse me? Take a look at my signature. I love this card. I like nVidia. But facts are facts. nVidia IS late with the technology. All I've done is post links to articles, though. This is a post from another forum I go on regarding Crysis and my card: "My 8800GT 256MB is using a visual patch to optimize it. Which is how I get such high FPS. It basically rearranges the way textures load to make it look and play how it should have at launch. Look up Crysis CCC." And even in that ONE other thread you used as proof that I'm a fanboy of any kind... I mentioned nVidia is pathetic if it's TRUE. I didn't say that I hate nVidia. As a matter of fact, the more competition, the better. I hope they kick ATI's butt this running and keep the prices similar. Stop judging people as fanboys based on absolutely no proof. You're being judgmental, ignorant and overall?.. You're making yourself look stupid. EDIT: I hope you're having a bad day or something, man. You really came off as a douchebag.
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