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  1. I don't trust anything nVidia does. Probably shouldn't trust ATI, either. I just have not, myself, seen reason not to. nVidia keeps pulling these low-class word manipulations. They'll do things like this: nVidia Rep: 'We have a card coming out this spring.' *Spring comes* nVidia Rep: 'Well... define Spring?' There's been more and more of that cheap kind of trickery. And it's a sign of a desperate company. They're still afloat and they will be for a long time. But only because I don't think their mistakes will get much worse than 'Fermi'. They'll pick up their BS soon enough and become the 8800GT creators we all love
  2. Yeah. Well. At risk of getting called an ATI fanboy as usual... I do think nVidia is in a lot of trouble in the Desktop GPU department. And I think that, fanboy or not, that's almost unanimous at this point.
  3. No, but the location might have been it. You guys think I should leave the shipping undetermined and when someone gives me their ZIP, tell them how much shipping will be? Would you guys mind if that's how I did it? I kind of don't have a choice, I'm really sorry. I was only shipping from Maryland to Arizona. Which is a far distance, sure. But I'm in Maryland. There ARE no rural areas here, lol. Also, USPS is literally like a dollar to a penny's difference in rates. I'm so confused, since when did this happen? I guess I have to do things differently.
  4. http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/06/nvidia-...ti-hd-5870-per/ While it didn't kick as much butt as we'd all hoped, at least it works and it's just as impressive as the 5870
  5. it looks like I'll be selling Windows 7 to the OP, but if anyone wants WinXPProx64, lemme know.
  6. I plan on putting some AS5 and giving it to someone on these forums, yes.
  7. Actually, I was just being nice. I don't have money for an alternate. Go spend your time on something useful. Since I'm such a lost cause, eh? I also apologized to them. Those of you who mentioned I was coming off as a brat are absolutely right. No matter how much of you guys were total d&$#s about it. People have said worse and more insulting things to me but have been nicer about it. So long as you're judging me, there's some perspective for you Ignore it, but then you're just as ignorant as I was. Good day.
  8. I'll definitely check that out, thank you. I didn't know those were in circulation... anywhere.
  9. I looked up the closest location. It's more likely I'll be waiting 2 weeks. Because I like for my computer to work consistently, I must NEVER get outside? That's some awful logic, good sir. Just because we have hobbies having to do with computers does not mean we don't get out There's a discovery. Not much of one, actually. You should know that. And apply it to further judgment as you see fit. No. To do coursework. It crashes in the middle of random stuff. and then I have to redo it. Like a 15-page essay on the characteristics of Shakespearian tragedy. That's the worst one. But they happen frequently.
  10. Yup. Right below the 5870 and about a million times more energy usage and heat.
  11. Is it possible they could send a replacement? Has there been any stories of that being the case?
  12. So here's my convo with an XFX support rep over the course of a few months. Tell me what you think? [ 10/25/2009 3:42:30 PM] My graphics card is running EXTREMELY hot. We`re talking like, 60 degrees on idle. And it`s causing the computer to crash when running Crysis. I`ve cleaned the fan and everything. I would like to return it for a 9800GT or something. Or even another 8800GT but this is kind of ridiculous. I wanna play my games, man. [WILLIAM_W 10/27/2009 12:24:54 AM] Hello Seth, thank you for the message. 60C when idle is hot to the touch yes but its really not too bad for a video card. Anything over 90C during load would be a consideration for an overheating problem. What types of error messages do you receive when you crash? Do you get a similar crash in other video games? Make sure that you have a clean install of drivers. We highly recommend Driver Sweeper from http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=1655. Download it and install the cleaner. Do not run it yet. Uninstall the current video drivers through the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs utility in the control panel. Go to www.nvidia.com/drivers and download the latest Nvidia display drivers and save them to the desktop. Reboot into safe mode by pressing F8 repeatedly after the POST screen but before windows loads. Use the driver cleaner to clean only the Nvidia display drivers and ATI ( if present ). In Vista you will have to right click the shortcut and select Run as Administrator. Install the latest drivers from the desktop and reboot into windows normally. Keep us posted. Thanks, William. [ 10/27/2009 3:10:23 AM] The blue screen of death shows something with a Nvidia .dll in the crash report. And no, never in any other games. But it shouldn`t make a difference. Crysis is an extremely GPU-intensive game, yeah. But that`s no excuse for it crashing a perfectly capable card in a good environment. I have good ventilation, good maintenance and so this shouldn`t be happening. I did precisely what you said, still no avail. I get the blue screen after a few minutes of playing after using Driver Sweeper and installing the drivers in Safe Mode. This all points to the card instead of the driver, though. [MARK_C 10/28/2009 9:04:18 PM] Hello Seth, We are sorry to hear that this has happened. Please double check that your serial number is registered correctly and verify that your Account Information has your current contact phone number and mailing address that someone will be able to sign for a package (no PO boxes allowed for FedEx shipments) when a product is returned to you, FedEx requires these things when shipping anything in case they have to contact you about delivery, and we can escalate this for RMA evaluation. Thank you. Mark [ 1/4/2010 7:59:14 AM] So I have to send in the one I have now to get it fixed/replaced? Because I still need to be able to use my computer but my motherboard doesn`t have onboard video. [ERIK_A 1/4/2010 6:07:45 PM] Hi Seth, Our RMA process does require you to send us the unit for diagnostics before we can do any repairs or replacements. - Erik [ 1/15/2010 5:06:08 PM] Ok, that`s fine, I guess. I keep getting Blue Screens with error code 0x0000001E which is either motherboard, RAM or video card. Since I`ve properly configured my RAM and my Motherboard, as well as replaced them... the problem persists and it must be the graphics card. How long does the process take? I need my computer ASAP. [RYAN 1/15/2010 6:46:07 PM] The process generally takes 2-3 days in house pus the time for shipping. [ 1/18/2010 5:35:36 PM] So around a week and a half for the whole thing to go through? [RYAN 1/18/2010 10:19:52 PM] Depends on the transit time; where are you located? [ 3/5/2010 7:12:37 PM] Ok, here`s my problem. I`m a college student with absolutely no money. I have no onboard graphics and this graphics card is defective. I did a basic stability test with Futuremark and MSi Kombuster and they both crash barely 1 minute into the tests, respectively. I cannot afford to send my card to you guys. I have tried everything. From removing my overclocks, to underclocking everything, to manually setting the fan on the card to 100% non-stop to opening up the case and blowing on it. But it`s gotten so bad now that it won`t even blue screen me. It just shows a black screen and my monitor turns off. My RAM is still blinking. My CPU fan is still running. Hell, everything is still working. Except my VGA. All I`m asking is for a new card so I can continue my course work and do a little gaming here and there. Because one of these days, this computer will not turn on and that will kind of suck. You guys have the serial number, you have my address and if you need them? I will send you photos of the card with a matching Serial number on the PCi-E band. But I need a computer and I cannot afford to be without a computer for up to 2 weeks. Please consider this as I am quite desperate. Lifetime warranties are why people choose you guys over BFG and Sapphire. Please don`t tell me that in order to fix the faulty card I bought from you, I have to brick my computer for half a month?
  13. No... But since I've looked him up due to context, I can see it a little.
  14. I have both Windows XP x64 and Windows 7 x32&x64 But I modded the Windows XP disc so that it comes with Firefox and whatnot preinstalled in the package. The Windows 7 hasn't been touched, though. PM me.
  15. GTX 285M LOLOLOLOLOLOLWUT. No, but seriously. The guy may work for Google, but he just made a really stupid statement. I had to share this. It was just too shocking.
  16. http://gizmodo.com/5485552/desktops-dead-baby-desktops-dead Does anyone else think this guy is full of s&%#? Not even from a business standpoint does that make sense. Corporations need big computers. Not to mention us gamers/modders/OC'ers. I mean, he's a big part of Google but... seriously? This is poorly thought-out, imo.
  17. I'm almost positive I can find the bay. PM me. EDIT: Found it! Yeah, works and everything. Let me know.
  18. Nah, I'm a total metalhead. But that's not really a defense to the metaphor considering I also had my jaws wired shut. Hmm. I guess I'm a literal kinda guy.
  19. Just a city boy. BORN AND RAISED IN SOUTH DETROIT. Also, ATV accident when I totally died. You know you want some of this.
  20. Hey, just cleaning out a couple of things I don't need. Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Rev.1 (LGA 775) - $20 AMD Phenom II X4 Stock HS/F - $10 Cooler Master Cavalier Case w/ 550w PS - $30 (also like to note that the case is silver, not black like the photo and there are a few drive bay covers missing, which isn't much of a problem if you plan on putting something in them, as well as the case itself having a door.) Zalman CNPS9500A CPU Cooler - $30 I might add more if I find more stuff I need to get rid of. Thanks for looking!
  21. Lol, no worries. I wasn't tearing your balls off. Just letting you know
  22. That's not Fermi. it's the new notebook/OEM desktop graphics. It's completely irrelevant. Most of which is relabeled GT21's. And they're considered low-end. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-ge...0-oem,9727.html
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