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  1. Thanks, man! My RealID is [email protected] I'd prefer that when people are adding me
  2. Mods please delete this post.
  3. Same. Add me at hosnappp.hosnappp I'm a decent player, I'll win with anyone who adds me, promise. greengiant and I just played a quick one. This game is truly a feat. It's the best game I think I have ever played. He's a good player too.
  4. It's looking as if someone stole a card from XFX's facility. The unreleased 5970. I just got this maybe a minute before posting this. The thing is, if they're anything like me... "Stolen" = Misplaced by me
  5. Thank you, guys! Installed it and when I purchase my 500GB, I'll be doing this! Helpful as usual <3
  6. Is this possible? It would be hard to believe it isn't. I'm talking about switching from a 250GB to a 500GB without losing a single thing and just basically CopyPasting everything from my old one, onto my new one and then booting from it. Any programs or utilities that can do this?
  7. I'm a lady and I'd love to help you. But seriously... try the 212 Hyper Plus by Cooler Master or the CNPS 9900 by Zalman. Pretty sure someone is selling one of those in the Marketplace section of the forums Good luck!
  8. Cooler Master 212 Hyper Plus Hands down, it's remarkable for how cheap it is. Less than 30 bucks on Amazon and beats the Arctic Cooler 7 Pro. Not to mention it's really small.
  9. "And a single 4870 is faster than a single 5830" That was his claim that I'm confused about.
  10. How do you figure that a 4870 is faster? Every benchmark shows an obvious victory for the 5830. http://www.techspot.com/review/249-ati-rad...5830/page5.html
  11. As it appears, some driver files overlapped. I think. I hope. Idk. We'll see! Hopefully this thread dies after this post and I never need to reboot it.
  12. Take everything Legit says as what it implies. Legit, bro. It's legit.
  13. FireFox 3.6.2 And this only happens when the video is fullscreen, unfortunately. So checking clocks isn't possible. I go to YouTube and click FullScreen and anywhere from 1-5minutes in... crash to BSoD. The weird thing is that this really only happens with full screen flash videos. Not flash intro's to sites or anything that I've seen. And no, games play better, if anything. I was playing Aliens vs. Predator and it crashes sometimes, but that's the game. There's tons of people complaining about that. I really don't think it's relevant.
  14. So basically, my computer crashes after playing a Flash video fullscreen. Give me the BSoD with error SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. Started happening when I installed my 5830 and it's drivers. But I'm not even using the Flash 10.1 with GPU acceleration. I thought that was the problem so I went back to the normal flash. No avail. Help?
  15. Gah, just spent money on a 5830. I got it for only 150 but still... a little soon, ATI. Almost too soon to be hopeful they're worth it. Can they really invent something significant enough to release in less than a year after their 5xxx series?
  16. Admittedly, it has fantastic DX11 Scalability. But that coupled with Far Cry 2 (Awful benchmark, imo. It's coded to work better with nVidia cards. I feel the same way with Hawx. Just take those two out of the general testing.) makes this kind of a letdown, imo. It does make me disappointed in ATI, however. Maybe they'll release drivers that suit DX11 games better. But it looks like they might be behind for some time again(ATI). On the bright side, ATI definitely has to lower their prices to stay relevant.
  17. Not very impressive considering it took half a year longer.
  18. When I go on the site to download drivers, the dedicated 5830 Drivers are separated from the rest of 5xxx drivers. Anyone know why?
  19. You know you have been playing too much when... while driving through traffic, you constantly plan how to cause the most havoc with a single RPG. Also, when you pretend you have lasers in the front of your car to kill slow drivers. Don't pretend you don't...
  20. 5770. And sure, the Fermi's are launching tomorrow but the prices make them irrelevant in this scenario. 5770. It overclocks like a beast when you raise the voltage a little and it has DX11. Both are great cards, but the 5770 is just better value until Nvidia brings modern competition in that price range.
  21. Pandora is subjective. But the rest are all things you'll likely end up DLing later anyways.
  22. Hey. My ex recently broke into all of my stuff. I've had to change it all. From my Gmail to my Facebook and even things like PayPal. Just so I don't get confused and I can maintain consistency, would it be alright if I had this name changed to: hosnappp ? Thanks!
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