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  1. Isn't the problem here obvious? It's too much awesome in one graphics card so Windows automatically rounds it to the number most associated with the depths of Hell. ...duh.
  2. Thank you I'm going with the Sapphire 5770 from Newegg for 154.99 + Free Shipping. Hopefully I can hit 1Ghz Core.
  3. Then I have made my decision Any particular models any of you can recommend? I have an 8800GT by XFX but the fan is rather loud. I don't know if I want to buy from them again
  4. Atheism isn't a religion. But this is not the place.
  5. Thank you I guess I'll be doing a clean install. I don't want random bits of Intel data files floating around :\
  6. So I made an awesome build. I'm very comfortable with it. But it's not perfect. Not at all. My Windows 7 installation on my 250GB harddrive isn't booting. I boot, get that 'Start Windows Normally' or *secondary option here* screen. The secondary option is 'Run System Diagnostic' or something. Basically, it's a hell of a lot of new hardware in the machine including a switch from Intel to AMD and DDR2 to DDR3. Is my computer just confused? When I try to run the diagnostic or w.e it says it can't fix it. Does this mean I should just reinstall Windows like you're supposed to with new builds and give up on the 'hopefully booting off my harddrive with all my data but old hardware configurations'? ...is there anything I can do to give Windows a little push? I really don't want to lose everything.
  7. Wow. you're kind of a condescending aren't you? 1. I can't afford a car. So I have no idea what you're babbling about when you compare me to a ricer. 2. I understand the clock speed isn't the only factor. But you just made up your own example to nitpick at an irrelevant fallacy. We weren't talking about a 3300 vs a 4890. We were talking about a 5770 vs a 4890. In which case I think it's perfectly reasonable to assume that if you overclock the core speed, you can get similar, if not identical performance to a 4890 at stock speed. 3. Of course I know what I'm talking about to the point of DX architecture. I program in C++ and did a pretty good job at messing with Dynamic Link Libraries. I've also been building and reforming and renovation computers for 5 years. Which is more than long enough to have a 'simple' grasp on things. Next time, don't assume and how about you're not such a condescending guy to the next person who asks for help on two similarly priced cards? Or anyone for that matter! I may be a new member but I'm pretty sure that like in most forums, your attitude is not appreciated. Happy Holidays.
  8. Ok, we all know what's up. It's a fairly popular question. The stock faster 4890, but uses more power, no DX11 and probably slightly worse driver support in the future. Or the 5770. Which you can overclock to around the same lines as a 4890, WITH DX11 and better driver support + less power consumption. I found each of them within 5 dollars of each other. So that's not so much of a factor. But I honestly can't decide at all.
  9. Thanks! I also just got 50 bucks in the mail which is literally 45 cents less than what I need for another 2GB stick! Now I just need a relative willing to let me use their card for another order
  10. But those are really high latencies. They'd perform worse than DDR2 1066, which is what I just sold. I can always buy another 2GB of RAM when I absolutely need it and it's relatively cheap (50). Also, the reviews on those sticks are awful.
  11. I would LOVE to go G.Skill but Newegg doesn't have any good RAM by G.Skill in the 1333 Mhz DDR3 range And if it is, it would be something like 75 bucks for 2GB of it. This crucial stuff is at 7 timings for 50 bucks. Which is still a LITTLE expensive since 6 gbs is becoming the standard lately... but anyways. I purchased all of it about an hour ago! So I'll definitely take photos of the adventure in putting it together for you guys. Thank you loads for your help! I plan on visiting often for future computer needs
  12. Lol, you didn't offend me. But I bet the guys at XFX would be PISSED THE . OFF if they knew you were talkin' dat trash (although I've wondered that, myself.) At the time it was good. it plays Crysis on high with minimal, if any, lag. So it's not mandatory. I'm selling Windows 7 discs to get the money for a graphics card They're like gold at Christmas season, to be honest. Anyways. I'm running on an uncustomizable Dell because my old Core 2 Duo config fried. I literally have no choice but to upgrade. And I want DDR3 and AMD as I don't have a ton of money and AMD is good about sticking with platforms. and DDR3 just made it a whole lot easier to find good mobo's. the better motherboards always are DDR3 with AMD. It's just fact if you're buying a new system at this time. Besides, I'm also selling some DDR2 2x2GB sticks at 1066Mhz. I've had a couple replies so I'll be able to get that extra two gigs.
  13. COMPUTER BUILD _____________________________ AMAZON|Case - $53.99 AMAZON|Fan Controller - $27.99 NEWEGG|Motherboard - $79.99 - $10.00 Rebate = $69.99 + $7.56 Shipping = $77.55 NEWEGG|Memory - $50.99 NEWEGG|140mm Case Fans (2) - $18.98 + $1.81 Shipping = $20.79 EBAY|Processor - $155.00 EBAY|Thermal Paste - $6.99 EBAY|Processor Fan/Heatsink - $26.99 EBAY|120mm Case Fan (1) - $3.43 TOTAL: $423.72/$425.00 Here are the detailed stats: NZXT M59 Case. NZXT Sentry 2 fan controller. GIGABYTE GA-MA770T-UD3P Mobo. Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2GB x 1 Memory, 1333Mhz, 7-7-7-24 Blue LED Case Fans. (Top of the case.) Phenom II x4 955 BE AS5 Thermal (What else, my friends... what else?) Zalman CNPS9500A w/ Blue LED Blue LED Case Fan (Front of the case for intake.) I already have a 550watt powersupply with an 8-pin so I'm good to go with that Phenom. Have myself a harddrive, already. 250GB, 16MB, 7200 -- blah, blah. 19" Dell (Ugh...) Standard Aspect Monitor. Logitech Wireless Desktop. Logitech X-230 speakers. Audigy Soundblaster 2 ZS. XFX 8800GT 256MB 'Alpha Dog'. I know my current card sucks. But as you can see on the build list... I just BARELY keep under my budget. So I'll upgrade my card with some craigslisting of my old case and whatnot. Speaking of cases... here's a review of the M59 (One I will be getting) so you can see where I'll be putting the fans. It's fairly detailed. But yeah! For the price, I think it's damn good. I'd like a little bit better of a graphics card and extra 2GB of RAM but it'll be easily upgraded down the road. So tell me if there's anything I can improve on! Thanks
  14. Hey, I understand this is likely a pretty common question: 'My system specs are *this* and *this*. Help me overclock?' And I know it's exactly what I'm doing so I'm sorry if that's frowned upon. But I've been saving up for a couple months, as the economy is terrible... I am just now getting the money needed to order the parts I want. And I really don't want to break any of it. So based on the system specs in my signature, how much can I overclock my Q9550 and with what FSB, V.Core? Help me out?
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