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  1. Hey there.

    I'm selling an EVGA 600W Bronze Power Supply that I used for about one month before upgrading because of a graphics card issue, prompting me to buy a more expensive card with different requirements from my power supply.


    It's 60, new. I'm selling it for 50, shipped. I'll have it in the post in one day with a tracking number. I would go lower but since I barely used it and it's going to be heavy shipping, it's 10 bucks off!

    Thanks a lot for looking. Here is the power supply on Newegg: 


  2. Hey there, everyone. It's been a SUPER long time since I've been on here. I'm glad to be back and I'm selling some stuff. I'll be hanging out too. Life's been good. I hope everyone has been alright and I'm interested in seeing how many names I recognize but anyways:

    The GTX 960 (Gigabye G1 Gaming edition, the one with 3 fans) is great. I recommend it and the only reason I'm selling it is because I have two and there is no reason to SLI these, imo. It's 210 on Amazon, I'm selling it for 185 + The Witcher code that's coming with it. It usually takes 7 days after you buy it but I'll send it to your email right after money goes through, so I guess that's cool. 

    The monitor is lovely but I got matching 22" ones so it was like the ugly duckling. If I can get rid of this for like 70 bucks, that'd be greeeeat. 24" LCD, Viewsonic. It's great and the angles are wicked good but it's bigger than the other two I have because it doesn't match and I can't do that. :P


    The wallmount is with the monitor for someone but if you want it on its own, it's 15. It's for anything up to 24". So yeah, if you happen to need that, maybe think about buying it!

    Thanks a lot for taking a look and feel free to ask for details or clarification on anything. I use Google Wallet because it's super fast and all you need is a card linked to a bank account. I don't mess with PayPal because once they held my money for no reason (I have a conspiracy it's for interest). I'll also upload pictures but please be sure you're buying if you see what you want because it's a lot of work due to needing to grab a full DSLR since my phone sucks a little too much for product shots! I gotta plug it in and download a 5.4 meg photo and yadda-yadda. 


  3. For 200 bucks plus shipping.


    Haven't even used it. Still under warranty and it's just sitting here, cables and all.

    I don't have a desktop any longer, just a laptop with a broken screen so I'm selling this to buy a new one and replace it, myself.


    PayPal, plz.



    (They only have a refurbished one on Newegg)

  4. a 9800 wouldn't even bottleneck a 8x pcie slot.


    pcie 2.0 was just another way for the video card manufactures to increase their prices without really giving you anything in return.


    To be fair, workstation graphics cards make plenty use of the enormous bandwidth use. And gaming graphics cards had no reason to stick to PCIe x16 when everything could just step up to 2.0.


    If that makes any sense.

  5. So...ever since I've owned a computer, I've never had a decent desk. By decent, I mean more than an 18" by 36" desk that I got for $15 at a yard sale, or a 20" by 40" "desk" that was built into the wall at my parents' house. Now that summertime is here, and I don't have summer classes (first time in three years), I have time to build me a desk worth having. I have a contact that has a CNC wood router, which will allow me to set a 4'x8' piece of nice wood (like 3/4" birch, or something that will look good and have a good finish) on a table, and have it cut out everything for me in one pass. Sand down the edges, and done.


    I will be building the frame of out 1.25" steel square tubing. I may have the wood router countersink some bolt holes to attach the wood to the frame. In fact, thinking of that now, I will definitely be doing that.


    The four 1.5" holes are now 1" holes (in the corners) for my surround setup. Another thing I've never been able to do: fit more than 3 speakers on a desk (fronts and center). The offset one in the middle is obviously for everything else (monitor signal and power, keyboard, mouse, whatever else). I offset is so that I could scoot the monitor all the way back. I would have the holes closer to the edge, but I wanted to leave 1.75" around the entire thing so that the frame won't be in the way of the cable holes (1.25" tubing leaves 0.25" from the edge, and 0.25" from the cable holes). I may go dual monitor with this setup (my 24" and a 19" Samsung)


    I've designed this to fit in the corner of my room. I am limited on the right side by a window in that wall, and the door comes in on the left side, so I didn't want to make it stick out too far on either side. I'll definitely be posting a worklog on this, so I'll be keeping this updated once I can get the ball rolling by getting some steel and time to get the wood cut out.




    I think it looks nice, man. But rounded desks can be kind of annoying. No place to put your shoulders. Unless you have a seat to cover that for ya.

  6. Yeah I guess you are right. I was impressed by it though ... you must have some mutant 5830 then :/


    it might have been my overclock. All I know is that guy's computer was just barely handling that well. Constant framrate drops. Can't be due to FRAPs alone, either. Mine just doesn't do that when it's recording :P But I'll check your other link. Thank you for the help, man :)

  7. 5850 and i know i am being redundant since everyone said this before but with 1 x 5850 you have head room for an upgrade in the future. Also if you overclock it (5850 does great with OC) you will not experience any problems with any games at full details ('sep maybe with Metro 2033 which is ridiculously unoptimized).


    Here you go: Crysis



    Keep in mind it is recorded with FRAPS. Just add 10-15 fps and there you go ... instant 5850 bliss :)


    My 5830 does better than that at 1050p with motionblur ON and with FRAPs recording :P


    I know what you're saying but that video was a horrid example.

  8. Don't forget that the same series cards can be Crossfired, not just the same exact card. So, he could connect the 5830 and the 5850, and get slightly better performance than two 5830's. Of course, a 5830 will be cheaper, but this is another option available to you. If the first two digits match, they can crossfire.


    To be clear, I'm not working on a computer with a 5830.


    This is a brand-new setup.

  9. From a purely economically view point, as I only own one 5770 (and am very pleased with it), if the choice is a 5850 or two 5770's I'd recommend the 5850. The 5770's may perform better, but unless you need that much performance now, you could add a second 5850 later. Since the price of two 5770's seems about the same as a single 5850, getting the 5850 opens up an upgrade path the 5770's would already be utilizing (crossfire).

    Again, this is just based on the fact that two 5770's appear to be the same price as one 5850, and not personal experience with a crossfire setup or the performance of a 5850.


    Mkay! Thank you :)

  10. I'm getting a CrossfireX capable board. The new 890x by Gigabyte, actually...


    and I'm torn between getting a 5850 or 2 5770's. I know the 5770's have better performance when put together but is it worth it to have both slots covered? I'm so well-balanced on the fence that a good point one way or another will tip me. I'm seriously just about to buy one or the other.


    Thanks, guys :)

  11. 5 hours... :blink: ..huh

    no bro i asked last nite, but that's beside the point...

    i honestly didn't know there are such strong feelings about 3d but now i will look at it from a different perspective...

    but that's why i asked...

    thanx for the respnse...




    Oh you're right, I read the timestamps wrong, pardon me :)


    And yeah. idk. I'm speaking for a lot of people and I may be wrong... but I haven't really heard anyone say "I'm so excited about playing CoD in 3D."


    Ya know? Just... idk. Seems like they're pushing it too soon. Honestly, they need to work on the HD standard being 1600p before they try to push 3D viewing on us. Us computer gamers have been playing games in HD for years and years before HD TV came out. Most of us thought it was a gimmick back then, too. It still kind of is. But 3D will never catch on, that's just my thinking on the matter. No one wants to play games with glasses on. It's just ridiculous. Not to mention the 100 dollar pricetag for looking that cool. +300 more dollars for the monitor that supports it.


    I played Bioshock 2 the other day and in the menu, it has an option to turn 3D on. I cannot imagine 3D affecting that game positively.

  12. nobody?


    Well, ok. So... let me explain something that a lot of us gamers share an opinion on.


    3D is a gimmick. I, for one, think that 3D would ruin most games entirely. So while we can respect your interest about the matter... please keep in mind that because it's a gimmick(a very expensive one) very few, if any of us have been willing to waste our money on a 3D monitor and a pair of glasses. It's a stupid idea when you look at it.


    And because of this common opinion, companies have not seen much reason to make a whole lot of products that support 3D. No one buys them.


    So two things are wrong with the question. Actually, 3.


    1. No one cares, unfortunately.


    2. Not a whole lot of answers, because there's not a whole lot of monitors.


    3. You waited just 5 hours to bump the thread.


    :) Hope this helps.


    I do know Acer has a very expensive, bright orange one. If that helps at all :rolleyes:

  13. Need to replace a Dell XPS's board. Will be using a Pentium 4 3 GHz with HT and four 512 MB DDR 400 sticks. If anyone has a board that'll take my parts and they know runs, I'd be interested. Any board that will take the parts will work, full size ATX and OC options are a plus, but not required.



    You didn't go far enough back in time with your time machine.


    Like... 9 more years and you got it ;)

  14. ive got my phenom ii overclocked as high as i think it currently can go, its at 3.7 ghz 1.45 voltage, is it just me or does that voltage seem excessive for a phenom ii 955 3.7 ghz, ive tinkered with everything i think i just have a bad overclocker (its a "c2" i think)


    Mine hits 3.6 at a +.25v overvolt. I think you're right. That's a bit high for 3.7. I think I could go 3.8 if I wanted to on that voltage.

  15. Practice Mode isn't very much of a practice mode. I'm trying to learn the units, but I can't do that if people are rushing me :lol:.



    Wow, that is completely different :blink:


    Hey, Clay.(Rhymes...)


    I just tried to add ya but the patch is in the middle of being loaded to the servers so I can't log on, but when it's back I'll be sure to add you so we can experiment and skirmish or something.

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