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  1. CLoN

    2009 OCC Christmas Contest

    Congrats to the winners! :thumbs-up:
  2. That would kind of suck My current x58 motherboard is DFI <_<
  3. Last year a neighbor started calling me always because of viruses, he always was downloading a lot of **** from p2p software and spam emails Dont know what happened but luckily he stop calling me :thumbs-up:
  4. CLoN

    trying to save a html book

    You have tried DownTheamAll!? The last time I used it to download 2700 pages (just .html files) in 2 hours; I spend that time preparing the download links It support various file types so maybe it can help you :thumbs-up:
  5. CLoN

    [DEAL] Counter-Strike: Source

    Thanks, I bought CSS for my new Steam account :thumbs-up:
  6. CLoN

    2009 OCC Christmas Contest

    I sent the email and subscribed to the newsletter (no problems here) Facebook Fan too! :thumbs-up: Thanks for the contest OCC!
  7. Using Samsung 26" Widescreen
  8. Your system need like 520W, so this 620W is nice
  9. CLoN

    Fallout 3...worst rpg of all time?

    Talking to me? In that case the answer is: No, he didn't Computation (Kanye?) just created the thread to know the opinion of others about this game ^_^
  10. CLoN

    Sure it works, but why?

    Yeah, it is really incredible how we can use this kind of technology The ones that created it were such smart :thumbs-up: I saw a video about the 2012 where someone says that aliens introduced the technology to our world Anyways I do not believe that Anyways it still amazing how technology have been growing
  11. CLoN

    My first rig

    A message I replied a little ago to another user:
  12. CLoN

    Active OCC folders dropping!

    I am not folding for OCC but I'm still folding for other team ^_^ My dad is always yelling for the high electricity bills Just wonder when we are going to find the cure for the reason we are folding for
  13. CLoN

    Fallout 3...worst rpg of all time?

    Well, it didn't call my full attention... so I didn't try it
  14. CLoN

    Quietest and fastest continued!!

    I would use install them outake Maybe intake more dust enter to just case? You can try both ways to see which is better Yeah, I have used my computer caseless and it was not a big difference with the temperatures Buy the best CPU Cooler you can afford :thumbs-up: