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  1. So on metro last light im getting 55-60 frames pretty constant with maxed 2x aa. How does that sound? Seldom i will drop below 50 but it happens a little. Because ive been hearing about problems with mantle and BF4.
  2. Put two of the 1 gig sticks back in and it wouldn't boot. Got it to boot with the 8 gig and the 4 gig and i switched back my card's bios. I unlocked it (switched that tiny little switch by the CF bridge) back when i was trying to OC a single card.
  3. So i tested battlefield and now i get drops down to 6 fps and it will stall out for a few seconds at a time.
  4. So I took out the other stick of ram and now the second GPU works in heaven. I am testing BF4 now to see if the activity stays at 100%. Are my timings off? Thank you all for the help so far by the way.
  5. I have a bunch of balistix sticks of ram, 2 1 gigs, an 8 gig and a 4 gig. all 1333. the 4 gig may be a different brand but still 1333.
  6. Heaven 4.0 and single monitor and multi-monitor is disabled. What's the reason my cards are not running 100% in BF if I'm not getting constant 60 frames? I'll be getting crazy frame rates but it's literally like the card just starts to fuck around and get lazy and just doesn't do 100% usage.
  7. Indeed I have found the problem, do you know what I could do to fix this problem?
  8. For heaven it shows no activity from my second GPU..... I will get like 125-150 fps on BF4 Operation locker for about 10 minutes and then I will start getting about 70 fps and drops to 40.
  9. I've also noticed my GPUs have been running a lot cooler lately. Don't know if that is a symptom of something...
  10. So I have an i7 2600k, 7970 cf w/ 280x, 14gig ddr3, ssd, 750w psu and all that and I am getting about 35-36 fps average on Heaven with dx11, ultra quality, extreme tessellation, AA x8, 1920x1080. People are saying they're getting 70+ fps from cf 280x's. The 7970 is the same as the 280x so why am I under performing this badly?
  11. No I turned down all of my clocks because I thought I may go over. I was overclocked with automatic settings to 4.6Ghz and I had one or two times where it wouldn't start with the keyboard powered and I was thinking that was it so I turned down the clocks.
  12. So I have a 7970 and I just CF'd it with a 280x and I feel like I'm getting close to my 750w threshold. The computer starts up, runs games, everything, works fine. The only things I notice is I get artifacting (only in fifa 13) and a tiny tiny bit i noticed today in BF4. Other than that though I have had no problems with artifacting. I get over 100 frames on BF4 maxed so it's working fine, however, if I crank up resolution scaling it drops to basically no frames. I just want to know if I should buy a new power supply, like if I could be doing damage by having an insufficient power supply. I've heard if it starts up it's working fine but I just want to make sure.
  13. So I have right now 2 stick of ballistix ddr3 1333 (im pretty sure) 1g and a 4g stick that I'm not sure of the brand, I could check, it would just be a pain in the ass because it's between the two. I want to buy another 4g stick of ballistix ddr3 1333, will that work with what I have in there right now? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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