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    Thermaltake Xaser VI Case
    MSI 790FX-GD70
    AMD Phenom II 955 @ 3.8GHz
    Zalman CNPS9900NT All copper to keep her cool
    Sapphire Radeon HD 4770 GPU
    Crucial Ballistix DDR3 1333MHz mem (2 X 1GB)
    Antec Earthwatts 750 Watt PSU
  1. Get a hard line connection, then get a t1 line ran to your house.... thats about it.. You can setup alot of port and this and that settings to make it a little faster but, basically your maxed out by your internet company (most broadbands run around 10Mbits/s some more, some less) so just get a hardline run to your computer and your as fast as it'll get... If a line is impossible, you can try and find a wireless card with a better connection and maybe you'll get full speed out of it... wireless still sucks though...
  2. I have a 955... using a zalman CNPS9900 NT cooler... never been happier. The thing is completely silent running at full speed (all the time.. around 1800-1900 RPM) but of course I have 8 other fans in the case plus a VGA fan so... my . is loud as it is... but i've never actually heard the CPU fan itself.... As for 4.0... you wont get to it... well i can't say that.. But you will have a really hard time getting stability past 3.8 just on air... i've had my temps as low as I can get them (loaded was around 36-38C cuz of ambient temps... COLD in the room that night) and could never get stability past 3.8GHz.... But you may get a real good chip and be able to hit 4.0 easy... It'll hit 3.8 easy for sure tho.. so you got that.
  3. And another quick thing... You dont need to worry about putting a static charge into your heatsink when it's off for cleaning.... it's not an electrical component. But holding it, ground yourself out before reinstalling.. it could build up a charge for when you put it back on. If you make sure your constantly grounded you dont have to worry about static to much. I just hold onto the case the whole time basically.
  4. Messing with my ambient temps was just to test and see if thats what WAS holding me back from getting more out of my CPU... and i'm either not getting cold enough or it just isn't that
  5. K, heres the stable setup I got right now... CPU- 205 @ 18.5X making 3792MHz but I can push it to 19X and everything but prime95 will run stable for a little while. 1.464V HT Link - 2460MHZ (12X multiplier) ... Same for CPU-NB NB 1.2500V Memory 546MHz 8-8-8-20 idles (depending on ambient temp) between 30C and 35C Load temps (again depending on ambient.. I can get my room around 10C it's cold but it helps my CPU temps) max at about 55C with prime95 And insan3... i'm working on a water cooling setup too so you'll probably have yours first.. let me know how it goes. I got X-Mas stuff to buy so it'll be a few weeks before I get all the parts.
  6. Ok, well I came here completely new to overclocking and now i'm a pro! HAHAHA Joking... I know alot more though now. All of that due to you guys's help. So my sys is in the sig and right now i'm COMPLETELY stuck at 3.9 and can't get ANY higher.. even 3.9 is pretty dang unstable. I'm wondering if it's my temperatures that are keeping it from being stable at any higher clocks... I know my settings probably aren't perfected and could probably be alot better but... I've read that phenoms don't like higher than 4GHz without extreme cooling.. be it water, DICE, or LN2.... So do you guys think that it might be partially my temperatures? Like I said, I need more knowledge in OCing but I have it very stable at 3.8GHz so i know my settings are... pretty good... I need to learn more about voltages, the NB/HT settings and whatnot and I need to learn ALOT more about memory settings and set all that a little better... my timings are high and it's only running at 800MHz.. its 1600MHz RAM.... If anyone wants it i'll post all my settings and whatnot and maybe someone can help me to make this little lady hit 4.0! that's all I want... not a 24/7 stable but I want to hit 4.0 and be able to run something.. even if it's super-PI!
  7. Hey I got a question... maybe i'm stupid but um, what AMD CPUs qualify for this club??? I mean I got my phenom that runs stock at 3.2GHz which obviously doesn't count.. so what processors are allowed? I have a Athlon 64 X2 5400+ that i'm thinking about using for this.. Does that qualify??
  8. Here she is.. had a 32 Bit OS installed and it was HORRIBLE!!! 15 second runs no matter WHAT I did... Now I got Windows 7 64 Bit... PII X4 955 at 3.933GHz for this run...
  9. Yup, my MB has 4 x16 slots, 2 run at 8X and two at 16X the first and third run at 16X... I put it on the lower so it would have more space between it and the CPU cooler
  10. OK GUYS! I finally decided to switch over to 64 bit instead... So I got myself a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit... Went to install, first making sure I had all my program installs backed up on another hard drive..... Installed, first wanted to see what windows thought of my system now... (everything used to be at 5.9... everything, not just the overall.) and I got a 7.4! On my CPU... 5.5 on memory and 6.0 on everything else.... So it thinks my system is kinda good... (I have my stable overclock set in BIOS still so it woulda been alot lower without that...) And then I go to install all my security programs, my media stuff, all the little things I use... WELL I overlooked one small little part. All of the programs I have are meant for 32 BIT OS!!!!! So I now get to re-download ALL of my programs. WHICH SUCKS But i'm going to run Y-Cruncher since I think that will quickly show me of any performance increase on a 64 vs 32 bit OS EDIT: Just ran Y-cruncher... Well thanks for telling me that a 64 bit is EXTREMELY FAST! I was getting times of about 16.4 seconds which didn't seem right when I was running a CPU at 3.8GHZ...... since everyone else got like 10 seconds... Now I ran at 11.5...... We'll see what the other benchmarks think about the new OS
  11. Well DARNIT!!!! I still dont know for sure...... First off, no, 64 Bit OS takes up more space... my 32 bit installs at like under 10 and i've seen people install 64 bit and take up over ten... if i'm wrong then there was some other factor in there.... Second, I only have 2 gigs of memory right now so I wont switch just yet... but when I get more memory maybe i'll do it. So the main advantage is memory performance?????
  12. Hmm... um my MB manual said to install it in DIMM-0 and 1... is there some way to check it??? CPU-Z says it's in dual channel... I always thought you needed to install in the same colored slots...
  13. Here she is... Specs are in my sig. Outside overview - The top of the case slides back to reveal a storage tray, the sliding piece can be screwed shut with two thumb screws - Yup, the bottom has double stacked fans. I have 2 120MM fans stacked ontop of eachother with thin rubber washers in-between them to make sure they dont hit each other while spinning. It moves ALOT more air than one. Probably not double due to turbulance but it still moves ALOT more than one. My cable mess thats behind the MB - Inside (The case originally came unpainted on the inside but I hate that look so I bought some nice paint and put took the ENTIRE case apart and painted every piece) - Anyone got any tips about how I could improve this monster?? I dont know what else to do to it... I'm getting a new keyboard and mouse for gaming, getting a new fan controller/temp monitor cuz the one I got sucks, and will eventually replace a couple of the smaller IDE drives with large SATA drives. My step now is to water cool the CPU/MB first. What else do you think I should do to make it better?
  14. Thanks, i'll start after xmas cuz i got presents to buy now ontop of the water cooling equiptment... what manufacturer would you say is the best for water cooling equiptment??? I've always like the design of Koolance products. They any good?? If not, who is?
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