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    480watt PSU
  1. I have a 4200rpm 30GB ATA/IDE laptop hard drive. Came from a Gateway notebook. just basically want to get rid of it. Worked perfectly when taken out of the laptop. Will need to be formatted and have a new OS installed. Looking for ~$25 shipped Pics:
  2. Hey guys, long time no post, but I have come to a problem at work. Alright, so here at work we are transferring from a Windows NT 4.0 server to a new windows 2003 server for the main reason of active directory, domain controlling, and more disk space on the new server. Alright, so none of the current setting on the NT 4.0 server are being copied over to the 2003 server, we are starting from scratch. We have the server all setup, DNS, Active Directory, got the Domain all configured, And users populated in active directory. However, here is the issue. We are currently testing the domain with one or two workstations before we go and attach every computer to it. We had some minor issues with DNS, and the client setup when we first started. We finally got it working, out group policies were being applied to the user we signed in with and they could access the network resources we allowed. Now, the next day(yesterday) we come in and it doesnt work. Now i'll explain what i mean does work; You can login into the domain just fine, with any user in active directory. However, none of the group policies are being applied. I went to the Event viewer and an error on login is causing the group policy processing to be halted. This error is from eventid: 1054 source: userenv. Client is setup so that it's primary DNS is pointing to the server. WINS is pointing to the server ip as well. The only change that was made between when it worked and when it didn't. Was, the ISP switch our firewall to send out the 2003 server IP as the primary DNS then our other DNS from the ISP to go out to the internet. We were told by doing this we would not have to go in and statically set the primary DNS on the clients to the 2003 server. When we noticed it no longer worked we assumed it was the change the ISP made. So we had them change it back. Also, the firewall we have is currently acting as our DHCP server(we are hoping to have the 2003 server do this work in the future, but thats another time). So, basically I want to know what could be causing our issue. No hardware, network, or other changes were made overnight, until we had the ISP make that one change. However, now it's back to how it was before, and it is still not working.
  3. lowered the price to $50shipped, come on someone wants a 1 gig stick
  4. wow, lol i do know where that is, i went to NHTI in Concord for the past year, so in my drives i would go through boscawen some times
  5. Hinsdale, I dont expect you to know where that is lol. Also, Thanks everyone for the welcoming. I have noticed already tons of changes since i left. Everything looks good.
  6. it is going. Really busy schedule but life is well I love having money and doing stuff with money, so many plans for the summer though! how about you?
  7. heh thanks, yeah i stuck to only a few actual sections on here, but i was around a lot.
  8. Hey guys and i assume girls, I dont know how many of the older members will remember me but heres some info about me in case u forgot. My name is Justin I joined back in i think 2003 when i first got my own computer. I am now 18 and have gained so much experience i dont even know what to do some times haha. Well I just finished my first year for my Associates Degree in Information Technology with a focus on Computer Programming. I became A+ certified and use that to brag to friends who are into computers, but aren't as serious as I am. I live in a small town in New Hampshire which is pretty nice. Work take sup most of my time, that or working on my car, going to car shows, or hanging out with the car club people. If you couldnt tell I like cars also. That is the reason why I left the forums. I pursued other interests other than overclocking and modding my computer. Also, I am a member of four other forums and those take up alot of time which I had to cut this one out of my schedule. I am a decent Web Designer I think. my webpage is http://www.webxdesigns.net/ I love photography and use my car now as a main prop in my photographs or if I am testing out a new lense or setting. Well, I hope I am welcomed back. Also, Hope i can do a lot to help around here when something comes up. All this new Hardware though I'm pretty much out of the loop. Im still back on the P4 Northwood core lol ... Thank you, Justin
  9. yeah, i got myself into cars hehe, havent even seen OCC forums in a while looks nice. Had this sitting here doing nothing but taking up space, so if i sell this i should be able to get my new tires for my car
  10. Samsung Ram PC5300 DDR2 1 GB $60 shipped $50 shipped Came out of a brand new dell couple weeks ago, was working fine, sold the other three sticks locally, was removed to fit in four sticks of dual channel ram! Picture:
  11. your sellign it for $25? if so how much memory does it have and how much you goign to charge for shipping? and do you accept paypal?
  12. Joost27

    Nfs:mw Crashing

    well ive been playing for like an hour or more...beat lizzy, and starting on Lou, no problems yet...so it must of been having it on a different hard drive was causing it....well thanks everyone for your time
  13. Joost27

    Nfs:mw Crashing

    well my brother is playing it on his dell with 512 ram and celeron 2.7 and a 9200se PCI so i think hardware isnt an issue for anyone...I re-installed it and has been workign fine for a nice long pursuit which it was crashign on before too
  14. Joost27

    Nfs:mw Crashing

    you think that has a chance of working? I probably will try ti seeing how ive tried everythign imaginable already..also yesterday i installed the Dec revision or somethign of DirectX 9.0c that microsoft has out...and that still didnt help Edit: Oh I never mentioned i had it on my Fat32 Formatted drive(its my drive i use for storage and also transfer things easier between Fedora and windows without worrying about NTFS support on the linux kernel)...would having it on another hard drive affect it liek that maybe? I am re-installign now anyways...but this time on my main Hard drive..I finally made room...So we shall see how it turns out..
  15. Joost27

    Nfs:mw Crashing

    yeah as i said in my first post i updated to 1.3 which is the patch for NFS:MW
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