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    NZXT Tempest EVO case w/ Seasonic X750 PSU
    ASUS P5ND nForce 750i SLI chipset, Asus Xonar X1 7.1
    Palit GTS 250 1Gb w/ Thermalright T-Rad2 (2X92mm fans)
    Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 4.0GHz w/ Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E
    2 * 2Gb GSkill DDR2 RAM, 3 x 1Tb @ 7200 RPM HDD
    Windows 7 Home Premium x64

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    Gravity, Theoretical Particle Physics, Computers and Technology in general, Teleportation, Guitar.
  1. Just got my headset as well! Thanks OCC and Azio for making my day!
  2. Sweet! Scored myself a sweet headset. Thanks OCC/Azio, you've just made Christmas that much sweeter. Congrats go out to WardozerX and all the other winners.
  3. Portal 2 without a doubt, and for the same reason as FUZi0N. I couldn't stop playing it, stayed up all night and finished it, all the while yawning and telling myself "ok just one more test". I then did it again the next night. And again a few days later. The wit, the story, the freaking awesome physics everywhere, made the game an amazing experience for me. I must admit that Skyrim looks very much addictive too, but so far I've managed to not get it. It or MW3 will probably win any GOTY competition with large numbers of voters.
  4. has set his status

  5. Quake. Despite Duke Nukem 3d being the first FPS I ever played, Quake sealed the deal for me. I've been FPSing like a mad man ever since.
  6. Definitely my TX750! This baby's been powering my rig for 2 years now, without a hitch. Plus it became a whole new (sexier) animal once I (painstakingly) sleeved it. Good luck to all.
  7. I've recently started exploring DnB after watching a TF2 rocket jumping video that featured B-Complex as the sountrack. Here are a few of his songs that I enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MIwTGzabwE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EhOcM_6Dt8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxkZjs8aVuo
  8. I clean all of the processors with q-tips and rubbing alcohol before applying any new TIM. I have been using a tiny bit of Arctic Cooling MX2 for every chip that needed cooling, and it has been great so far. Any other thermal paste would work as long as you remember that the idea is to fill tiny microscopic cracks in the surface of the chip and not to slather the stuff on, so use a little tiny bit. Here's a fairly detailed article on TIMs that you may find relevant.
  9. My school email has received similar emails, but from a hijacked school email account, so it at least had the .edu in there to make it look extra legit. Here's the last email I received at that email address that made me stranger How are you? Perhaps you have a question who I am and why I decided to write to you? This is Galina. I live in Kazakhstan, I'm 26 years old. girl who wants to meet the love of his life. Here where I live, I could not find a decent man. So . In the dating agency I was asked to consider a few profiles of men. my eyes it on you. Maybe learning more about each other we can have real relations. I will be glad if you answer to my proposal of friendship. for your answer. And I hope to learn more about you. Bye, bye, bye, Galina. she had me at "girl who wants to meet the love of his life" ... I responded almost at once attaching copies of my social security card, driver's license and passports as well as photos of me in compromising, yet tasteful poses with my banking information.
  10. gtx 250 1gb on my desktop gt 325M on my lappy and mom has a gt 430 in her rig
  11. I went from the mx518 to the g500 not that long ago, and I must say that now that the transition period is over I truly enjoy my g500. Having used the 518 for so many years it took quite a bit to get used to the feel of the g500 (not to mention all the customization available), but I now prefer it. I don't know how big the change will be from a g5 to a g500, but the g500 is def a sweet mouse.
  12. Back in 5th grade when I first started programming I was convinced I'd be a programmer for life. It wasn't until 3 years into my CS degree that I got bored with programming. Getting a program to work just didn't bring the same joy to me anymore. I needed something more challenging, and after a failed start in Mathematics I opted for Physics. I'm now en route to my 3rd year in graduate school, studying theoretical particle physics. Astronaut is bit too dangerous still, give it a century or two, then we may have figured out better ways to do space (and maybe even interstellar!).
  13. Cool, I'll give it a try. I currently use deezer as it also has search, playlists, and no ads. I particularly enjoy their classical music selection, but this also seems to have quite a bit of classical. Thanks!
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