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  1. Intel 2500K @ 4.3 w/ Corsair A70 cooling Asrock Z68 EXT3 PRO3 8GB DDR3-1600mhz G.Skill Sniper ATI MSI 6970 Lightning 2gb 500gb Seagate 7200.12 3rSystem R120-v2 Antec EA750 21.5" LCD Samsung Philips SHP2500 Headphone Country Brazil
  2. CPU: i5-2500k Motherboard: AsRock Z68 Ext3 Gen3 RAM: G.Skill Sniper 2x4gb 1600mhz GPU: Loading @ currently I'm using the onboard gpu Storage: Seagate 500gb 7200rpm + Samsung 1.5tb 5400rpm for backup Chassis: 3RSystem R120-v2 Cooling: Corsair A70 PSU: Antec EA-750 Display: Samsung 22" SA300 Audio: Headphone Phillips SHP2500 Keyboard: Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 1000 Mouse: SunSonny 5D Country: Brazil
  3. What a monster!! Nice review... If I had one I would lay down the case, it's kinda heavy.
  4. I own one Corsair 550VX and another 450VX, they are great psu's. But in fact, my favourite Corsair equippment it's the white version of 600T case. IT'S JUST MARVELOUS!
  5. Specs: - [email protected] + 3rSystem Ice Age PrimaBoss - Maximus III Formula - 2x2GB G.Skill Eco 7-8-7-24-1N 1640mhz - 2x 500GB Seagate 7200.12 Raid-0 - ATI 4890 1GB - Corsair VX550 The above items it's my current system, but winning the powersupply I would replace the Corsair and buy a GTX580 .
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