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  1. I'm not US based but when watching Linus Techtips on YouTube they use Craigslist to hunt down used parts they seem to get some great deals. Sent from my VIE-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. @perscitus. Are you US based? Craig's list might be the place to try. Sent from my VIE-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. Upgrade the GPU, maybe look for a second hand 980, 980TI, r9-390, furyx etc. Sent from my VIE-L09 using Tapatalk
  4. You mean the 1700x and 1800x are really running 20 degrees cooler... Sent from my VIE-L09 using Tapatalk
  5. Good review. Minor error in overclocking section. Mentions achieving 5.6ghz. Typo I'm assuming. I'm considering lga2011 v3 when I finally get round to replace my aging AM3+. This board looks very decent.
  6. Only when updates oer software install/uninstalls require it, which is around monthly these days.
  7. Two machines, one gaming and one HTPC. Both run Windows 8 without a single issue. Sorry to hear others are having problems but IMO Windows 8 is just as stable as 7. +1. I installed Start8 and modern mix ($8USD) from stardock to make the user interface more win 7 like and make it have a less of a split personality. I like the speed and stability and disk management but could not stand the touch based inteface when I didnt have touch and all my software was designed for the desktop. Plan to get a logitech T650 touchpad to give me the touch based gestures and then will see how I like Modern UI after that.
  8. Ive always wondered how many people have to be shot before the US embraces gun control? Im only looking from the outside in and from a country that has very strict gun control but seems to be too easy for unfit people to get as many guns as they like. In nz we have strict gun control. Holders are licensed and you cant get hand guns or automatics or any military style gun and gun owners are licensed and vetted by police and have to sit an exam. Gun stores have strict reporting regimes. Ducks and deer are what guns are mostly used for here in NZ but very little gun vs people. Still have a few incidents of illegal guns but not many. Our Police are not overtly armed with guns although some patrol cars have them in their car in a lock box and we have AOS (like Swat) for serious gun related incidents. For what its worth in NZ having that handgun is illegal so having it while on neighborhood patrol would likely have amounted to premeditation and likely found guilty of murder or at the very least manslaughter as an alternative charge.
  9. +1. A 7950 will give you a very good performance boost over your current 6870. Alternatively you could look at a gtx760 or gtx770 and HD7970.
  10. Personally I don't think there is enough in it either which is why I'm hanging on to my 1100T. I suspect your mobo will struggle a bit with getting an FX8350 to 5GHz. My old M4A89TD Pro/USB3 struggled with big overclocks because the VRMs were just getting too hot and throttling my 1100T. Your mobo is almost identical except for the onboard graphics.
  11. In your case going AMD and an 8350 or Intel and a 3570K would be a decent upgrade from a X3-720. If you were only gaming I would go the cheapest of the two. If you were thinking about Graphics rendering or something highly multithreaded like that I would look at the AMD. It all depends on what you want to do and how much you can afford.
  12. Not worth it this generation. I'm still using my 1100t because I dont think there is enough benefit in it. For myself I Will either wait for next gen AMD or switch back to Intel. If you were going to upgrade to Piledriver then I would look at the 8350.
  13. Lunch with Dell Hartnell and Mackie on sunny Wellington day

  14. Not really a review is it and not up to Ccokemans or OCCs usual standards. More a preview. Since it is a limited production run (10K) its not really a game changer or even that relevant. Can get a 7990 cheaper in NZ and faster.
  15. M + M store at changi airport terminal 3

  16. New funniest moment. Father in law dancing gangnam style...stone cold sober....

  17. neighbours chicken laid 7 eggs in our shed....5 made breakfast...

  18. 28 degrees at 5,30am.....gonna be a hot one today!!

  19. dihartnell


    HI Chris, welcome to OCC
  20. In my case I was drunk and picked that moment to get into overclocking. I wasnt quite so young but defnitely stupid. Poor thing lasted all of 5 seconds before it went Pop and a bad smell came from the case.
  21. its 9.30. and im hammered.

  22. I fried a 9800gt once overclocking it through my own stupidity. i feel for you. do the parts you are selling still have that southern fried charcoal flavour. ;-)
  23. My computer is a bit like an axe, changed the handle and the head several times but still the same axe. I upgrade something every year. This last time I upgraded CPU, Memory and Mobo. Thanks for the advice on Microsoft. I had the same problem a couple of years ago with my Vista system and did ring Microsoft. They didn't want to know about it. Its the problem with OEM versions. Cheaper but less flexible. I will use win8 for a while and see how we go. Maybe it will grow on me.
  24. Im using Win 8 however I wouldn't be but I upgraded some parts in my computer and my OEM win7 bleated about not being legit so I upgraded as a way of delaying having to buy another copy. If it wasnt for that I would not have. Its hard to say what he final version will be like but the consumer preview still has bugs. IE crashes playing flash video when I stream too many at a time (doesnt happen with firefox or chrome) Cant see too much advantage over win7. Certainly nothing to compel a change.
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