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  1. I am looking for some good opinions on what I should do for my next upgrade. Im thinking of a few different things: A. Get either X800 Pro or 6800 GT for around 400 bucks B. Get an AMD Athlon 64 3400 with 1 MB L2 cache 270 bucks C. Dont upgrade at all and just wait to see what new stuff comes out or price drops etc. D. Is it really worth it to upgrade my comp right now? Check my sig. Thanks
  2. You should be good for Doom 3 and Half Life 2 with the 9800 Pro IMO. Need to know your specs to be sure though. but to give you an idea doom 3 and counter strike source run very well with almost all settings maxed (it looks good trust me) with my rig. AMD 64 2800 o/ced, 9800 pro o/ced, 1 gig of ram
  3. Its funny how everybody is so into mainstream music wheres all the death metal?? You guys think slipknot is wierd they dont compare worth a poo to some of the bands im into. Check out The Black Dahlia Murder or Cepahlic Carnage or Skinless thats some good ol grindcore and melodic death metal. Although i must give slipknot much props for their live show at ozzfest 04. Pretty much the most insane moshpits ive seen besides sepultura or pantera.
  4. Haha That memory speed he is talking about is actually double the actual speed. So take the number he said and divide it by 2 and that is his actual speed. Just remember that when you see people with 600-700mhz memory speeds.
  5. 6,480 The setup in my sig is the one used and my everyday gaming computer (so these are my stable settings ) Is this about the score i should be getting?
  6. Yeah you really should wait for the 9800. You would get about the same graphical quality with both but with much better speed, and reliablity with the 9800 Pro. You want to play Far Cry and Doom 3 (August 5th!!) right?
  7. Yeah I think the 9800 will run both doom3 and hl2 fine. The thing i am worried about is the physics and such in hl2. You will need a good processor for all that stuff.
  8. What is it with everyone and flashing? Just overclock it its still the same core anyways. Plus the XT has 256mb of ram so youre not gonna get identical performance. Although a 128 mb 9800 pro at xt speeds is very nice and im sure anyone would enjoy owning one. I do!
  9. I have the His 9800 that has the VGA silencer that comes with it. I got 432/742 out of the box. It really is one of the best cooling solutions and helps keep your case temps down also.
  10. dang that sux. Why did i buy the motherboard that i have!!! I hate when that happens. I dont think im going to get a new mobo just to overclock 200 more mhz. My rig is pretty dang fast as it is. Thanks for the help anyway. Peace
  11. What is the highest overclock anyone has got from the Athlon 64 2800? I want to get a general idea of how fast i should go. Im at 2 ghz right now (2007 mhz). Also if you wanna let me know oc speeds on the HiS Excaliber 9800 pro (the badass one with the really big hsf) that would help too.
  12. How oxymoron-ish lol. A bunch of computer nerds talking about girls!! No im jk. BUt seriously if i ever need help with girls ill post it here lol. My advice would be.... dont think about it too much. Just hang out with her or just talk on the phone or im or whatever. Then slowly ease in (not like that you pervert!!) and make your move and see what happens from there. Overclockers Club: for all your questions about overclocking and girls!! Peace
  13. The Black Dahlia Murder - Elder Misanthropy Meshuggah - Future Breed Machine Tool - Pushit (Live) Black Sabbath - Fairies Wear Boots (ya gotta believe me!!) Pantera - I'm Broken Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe The Beatles - I Am the Walrus (kinda obvious look at my sig)
  14. Hehe dont worry dude im 16 and I went through the same thing. When i first got my computer I got the 2600 and 512 of ram with no graphics card lol. Now i saved up and i have a 64-bit 2800 and a gig of ram and a 9800. Also remember to overclock to get the most out of your money. Have fun.
  15. Well my cpu temp is about 38 degrees idle and well i couldnt get a load test because my computer keeps restarting lol i also dont get the blue screen of death i know what that looks like. it just restarts and boots up like it normally would. hmmm i dont know thats why i posted this. thanks also what motherboard would you recommend as a replacement
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