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  1. Reach has assisted aim too? Just wondering, cause I don't play console FPS.
  2. Things are expected to improve with the opencl client currently in beta. http://folding.typepad.com/news/2011/03/fah-support-for-ati-gpus.html
  3. Not necessarily, they get the OEM versions that don't include coolers, and such.
  4. It should be safe to assume the higher end socket hardware to be considerably more expensive.
  5. Looks like a reference, so about 30cm and 6+8 pin PCI-E connectors.
  6. Sure hope they give the next gen consoles a whole lot more memory for developers to work with. No more low res/quality textures, and small levels, please. Unfortunately, the same low quality assets end up being also used also in the PC version.
  7. Try to figure out what is causing those spikes as well.
  8. So, did Claymeow's message effectively indicate the start of a new round, or not?
  9. Most of the people with access to them would be under NDA. Dig around, and you might find something tho.
  10. 137. Just edited my number(same one) back in, since I haven't posted one before. I removed it cause I got confused, with the other posts saying the round didn't start. Hope I'm doing this right...
  11. If you mean the 7 series, it's expected to come out Q1-2 2012.
  12. Is this possible? Time will tell. http://www.rumorpedia.net/amd-bulldozer-benchmarks-leaked/
  13. Should be 3-4 days preferred deadline, and 6 days for the final deadline. http://fah-web.stanford.edu/psummary.html
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