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  1. Fatedmeeting

    Gotcha GTX 590 Benchmarks Here

    So, when is NDA being lifted?
  2. Fatedmeeting

    Bosco's in a Giving Mood

    Reach has assisted aim too? Just wondering, cause I don't play console FPS.
  3. Fatedmeeting

    Bosco's in a Giving Mood

    What do you play?
  4. Fatedmeeting

    Bosco's in a Giving Mood

    Things are expected to improve with the opencl client currently in beta. http://folding.typepad.com/news/2011/03/fah-support-for-ati-gpus.html
  5. Fatedmeeting

    Anyone used or know this product ?

    Not necessarily, they get the OEM versions that don't include coolers, and such.
  6. Fatedmeeting

    What are the odds...

    New socket!
  7. Fatedmeeting

    Dan's Computer News Updates and Stuff...

    Spider => Dragon => Scorpius
  8. Fatedmeeting

    Build Help! LGA 1155 vs 2011!

    It should be safe to assume the higher end socket hardware to be considerably more expensive.
  9. Fatedmeeting

    Bosco's in a Giving Mood

    Looks like a reference, so about 30cm and 6+8 pin PCI-E connectors.
  10. Fatedmeeting

    speculation regarding next gen consoles

    Sure hope they give the next gen consoles a whole lot more memory for developers to work with. No more low res/quality textures, and small levels, please. Unfortunately, the same low quality assets end up being also used also in the PC version.
  11. Fatedmeeting

    Dragon Age: Origins 2

    Paid DLC -_-
  12. Fatedmeeting

    Sound Skipping on HP Pavilion

    Try to figure out what is causing those spikes as well.
  13. Fatedmeeting

    2X6870 or 1X6970

    Even with dual bios? :°)
  14. Make it 1-10 already. lol.