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    Intel Core i5-4570
    MSI H87-G43
    Kingston HyperX 8GB DDR3
    Kingston HyperX 120GB SSD
    Samsung 1TB HD
    EVGA GTX660
    Asus Xonar DG sound card
    In Win Glacier 900W PSU
    Corsair Carbide 200R case
    Acer 23" monitor
  1. What's Christmas without OCC Xmas contest! Thanks!
  2. Yay! there is a Santa Clause after all ????
  3. Thanks OCC for huge mat! Never thought I would need to "upgrade" to a bigger computer desk until now...LOL
  4. Hey thanks OCC for the carbonic XL gaming mat!
  5. Email sent! Thx for the better-late-than-never Xmas giveaway!
  6. Late giveaway is better than no giveaway. Thank you!
  7. My prize be quiet CPU cooler came in the other day! Will use it on my next build. Thanks again OCC!
  8. sweet, i won a be quiet Pure Rock cpu cooler. thx OCC and Happy New Year!
  9. Entered. Now just need to send Santa my Xmas wish list in this order... 1. Grand prize 2. Sapphire R9 270 GPU 3. heck... any prizes will do! Good luck all and happy holidays!
  10. wow that's a sweet grand prize! 2 Titans? i'll be happy with 1 Titan! Thx OCC and sponsors!
  11. My In Win 900W PSU just showed up Will use it to build my next gaming rig. Thanks Bosco and OCC!
  12. nice PSU! If you got yours then that's a good sign that my In Win 900W PSU (I am the other winner) is on its way to my front door too!
  13. You an' me both buddy. I think they stuck that case on the slow boat from taiwan. (or where ever they are based) A boat pulled by turtles on sedatives lol You know what good thing about winning a PSU? It doesnt get obsolete with time \o/ yes very true. I am set for life as far as power supply goes...
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