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    Intel E2180 | ECS G31T-M | HyperX 4GB DDR2 | Hitachi 320GB | EVGA GTX260 SP216 | ACER E211H 22" LCD | DVDRW+ | Logitech Illuminated Keyboard + Logitech Wireless Mouse | Altec Lansing 2.1
  1. bought last black friday deal online for 99 dollars then i returned and refunded the item yesterday, defective drive and some compatibility issues with my motherboard.
  2. i only reboot when the windows updates prompted me to and during installation of new programs/drivers and when i do get errors.
  3. Canon 60D for great all-around shots and faster shutter speeds Nikon D5100 for least expensive yet great picture quality and one of the lightest entry-level camera
  4. geek33

    Mass Effect 3

    can't wait. mass effect franchise were one of my fave games of all time
  5. digital : nowadays, i wouldn't want some stuff that taking up space so retail boxes were no use for me.
  6. geek33

    Batman: Arkham City

    yeah i stopped playing at the moment and wait till dx11 is fixed.
  7. Cases---NZXT Vulcan Case because of portability for LAN games and with cable management PSU---Corsair Reliability, Stability CPU---Intel Pure Performance, Highly Overclockable, Industry Leader GPU---EVGA Excellent Tech Support, Good Community HDD---Western Digital for Mechanical Hard Drives / Intel for SSD Reliability, Performance, Stability Motherboard---ASUS Easy Overclocking options, best price/performance motherboards, looks good, reliability and stability CPU Cooler--Corsair and Coolit Performance, Quiet Operation, Easy Installations in a Liquid Cooling Kit RAM---G-Skill Price, Performance and reliability. Looks good too.
  8. just bought viewsonic viewpad 7e for my dad in-law
  9. Crucial M4's, Kingston HyperX and Intel 510 SSDs have good performance with minimal errors compared to other products
  10. well-budgeted rig! everything's nice. wish i had a money lolz
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