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  1. Thanks for entering guys! Hope you join us again for another competition!
  2. No worries, Red! It was fun having you, hoping you join us again next time! Now the pressure's on you, Nyt Ryda! :tongue:
  3. Any tower-type cooler that has a few copper heatpipes and a 120mm fan will run circles around the stock OEM cooler in both thermal performance and noise. You can get one starting around 25$ and when the fan gets noisy you can just swap it. Just my two cents.
  4. Yeah... where's he at? RedFury77, you're on the clock!
  5. I think you're gonna be good for at least another round RedFury77!
  6. Nice score Nyt Ryda! I guess your 690 is gonna do better in Heaven and 3DM11 though!
  7. It is the HWBot version. It seems many like to submit there and we're just accommodating folks, you know!
  8. We're starting this tomorrow Monday night. We hope some of you guys will be able to join us! This is gonna be fun!
  9. Just so you guys know, players can submit a link to a valid HWBot submission (as long as it has been done within the competition dates), meaning you can play in Last Man Standing while contributing to personal and/or team HWBot stats.
  10. Hey guys! There was no Forum Wars at TRP this year, sadly, but we're running a smaller competition starting April 2nd. I thought some of you might be interested... It's called Last Man Standing and there will be 4 benchmarks over a 2 week period. Join us if you have time, we'd be glad to have you! More info here Cheers!
  11. None this year; it's gonna be just for fun and bragging rights!
  12. The Raptor Pit presents: The Raptor Pit is proud to present you with the 3rd annual edition of The Raptor Bowl. As with previous editions, the Bowl is an overclocking competition that focuses on CPU, memory and HDD performance. There is no graphics tests, so you don't need a fancy graphics card to compete, just overclocking skills! It is totally free to enter; all you need is to be a member at The Raptor Pit forums (that is free also). Competition thread: http://www.theraptorpit.com/forum/index.php?/forum/241-the-raptor-bowl-iii/ Rules: http://www.theraptorpit.com/forum/index.php?/topic/6997-the-raptor-bowl-2011-official-rules/ Join us for some overclocking madness January 1st to 16th!
  13. People that entered the Bowl.... Don't forget to submit your scores. Deadline has been extended to Sunday January 17th 11:59PM CST to compensate for the technical problems we had last weekend. I hope everybody can get a score in! Especially you, The Smith... AMD Dual-Core class should pretty much be yours if you can make that 550BE sub-zero. It would guarantee you a prize!
  14. The Smith signed-up with a 550BE only. I got no request for a TWKR, so I guess he'll be benching it either for another event, or just for fun!
  15. You are activated. You can now log in and sign-up for the bowl! Cheers!
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