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  1. Someone with experience tell me how well SLI works. I might very well get a 660Ti, keep that for a year or 2, then buy another for SLI. However I know crossfire has been very sketchy when it comes to reliability in a lot of games. Heard stories multiple times about just having to flat out disable crossfire to be able to play some games, and beyond that, games just not running very well with crossfire. Almost every Catalyst patch includes multiple "this game will perform better with crossfire" patch notes, which leads me to believe when new games are released they almost never work that great with crossfire until the cards drivers are updated. I have heard some complaints about SLI scattered throughout the interwebs, but not as much as crossfire. Tell me, how well does SLI work, is it pretty much in the same boat as crossfire considering they use the same techniques? Is it worth it to eventually SLI, rather than buy a beefy card from the get go like the 670?
  2. Make em' faster and to make things easier. Would rather just have one drive to put all my folders in than 2 drives splitting folders up. More of a convenience thing than anything, but the extra transfer speed is nice if I want to move something from my SSD to the HDD.
  3. To everybody who helped me: Thanks a lot guys! I got everything working clean and shiny like! 1 pro SSD and 2 500 gig HDD's in Raid 0. Lovin' it.
  4. Yea I had it plugged into the wrong port. Thanks. My new problem is how to configure my UEFI to allow an SSD in AHCI, and 2 HDD's in Raid 0. This is because if I set the Sata mode to AHCI on my mobo, I can't set it to Raid at the same time. Anybody have a similar MOBO to mine that could enlighten me on this matter. Asrock P67 Extreme4
  5. Hello, I recently asked a few questions about SSD's a couple days ago here, but now I actually have my SSD. I think I've done everything I should have, plugged the SSD in to the PSU and the sata port, but for some reason my UEFI/bios isn't recognizing the SSD. However, when I get into windows using my old boot drive, it's in the Disc Management program as unallocated space. What do I do here? I've had some experience with this before with HDD's but I think I'm a bit rusty. Do I do the right click> new simple volume thing that I did with my HDD? or is that a no no for some reason? Would that magically make the SSD appear in the Bios or what? Please Help.
  6. Videocard: ATI 5850 1 GB Processor: Core i5 2500k @ 4.6Ghz Mainboard: Asrock P67 Extreme4 Memory: 8Gb(2Gbx4) 1600Mhz @ 1866 PSU: Corsair 650 PSU 2 500 gig HDD's
  7. Okay, so I want to by an SSD very soon, but there are a few things that I feel I need clarification on. I'll start right away and ask, if I get an SSD and install Win 7 on it, will the information on my older HDD's (2 500Gb) have all there data erased? This is partly stopping me from buying an SSD at the moment because I have a lot of movies on my second drive (not the boot drive) and I'd prefer not to lose them. I have heard however that it is a good idea to disconnect any other drives while installing Windows on a new SSD because what it does is install a recovery file on the HDD which it searches for every time the PC is booted up. Making it a slower start up. Is this a recommended action? What happens if Win 7 is installed on both my SSD and HDD? Also I plan to RAID 0 those 2 HDD's eventually, which raises more questions. I have 4 SATA ports for hard drives on my MOBO. 2 6GB/s ports and 2 3Gb/s ports. If I put the SSD in the 6GB/s port then I'd have to put one HDD in a 6 port, and the other in a 3 port. Is this allowed, will they still work for raid? or do I have to put them both in a 3 GB/s port? Which leads me to another question. Do current HDD's even saturate the full capacity of 3Gb/s ports, and if so how much of a performance loss is there in using 3Gb/s compared to 6Gb/s? Well I think that's all I've got for now. If anybody could enlighten me I would be very thankful. I'll update this if I have anymore questions.
  8. Yea of course, it's Oced all the way up and always has been.
  9. Lol yea, tru dat, I guess I've just been spoiled by being able to do that with my much lower res screen. 1080p is hardcore, and I should get used to not being able able to max out most games.
  10. A lot of things O.o Well I guess that's a relevant term though. I think of "smoothly" as running games on mostly ultra settings at ~45-60 FPS. The 5850 was fine for me until I upgraded my monitor from 1440x900 to a full 1920x1080. I had to turn down almost all my settings on BF3 to high and even some things just turned off to run it at the newer resolution the same way I ran it on the older res. Same with Crysis 2 though not to such an extent. Multiplayer in BF3 is a lot tougher to run for me than single player in Cry 2. I don't even want to try to run Arkham City at 1080p considering my card struggled with that even at the lower res. I knew with the higher res I'd probably have to shell out more cash for beefier cards, but $400 still seems a bit high to me. To explain further I'll list my core parts. RAM: G.skill 1600 Mhz @ 1866 CPU: i5 2500k @ 4.6 So yea, I don't think any of those would be bottlenecking the card. At least that's highly, highly doubtful. Do you have any expereince with the 5850? Or were you just assuming it's a stronger card than it is?
  11. Hello, I want to upgrade my GPU sometime this year most likely. I've never really followed Nvidia pricing trends so I don't know what to expect out of these new cards. I've been using a 5850 for the past couple of years and really want to move on to Nvidia seeing as I've been hearing drivers for these cards are much more reliable. The fact that just more games seem to be optimized for Nvidia (BF3, Arkham City, any Crysis) has made this decision a lot more clear cut then it was a few years ago. What's always turned me off from Nvidia products however, is the price. I payed $300 for my 5850, and that's always where I've drawn the line for GPU upgrades. With the release of the GTX 670 though, I might be willing to give a little bit more, seeing as how I really want one. I had been reading reviews on the 570 before hand until I discovered the 670 was just released. One review said the 570 released at $350. Now they are at $300. The 670 released at ~$400 and of course, hasn't moved yet. Can we expect it to? If so, by how much? I would think it would be at least $50, if not more. Only basing that on it's predecessors price range though, and that might be irrelevant since I've heard fewer cutbacks were taken to the 670 from it's big brother the 680 than the 570 to the 580. If, or rather when(?) the card takes a price dive, how long can we expect that to be? A few months? A year? It seems to me that $350 is the sweet spot for this card, but that might be reaching to some people. Can some of you Nvidia vets tell me your predictions on this topic, so that I might pinpoint a smart time to by one? $400 just itches me the wrong way to be honest. It's at that price point that I get that little voice in my head. His name is doubt. He tells me I should just wait for DX 11.1 cards. Or that it's not enough bang for buck. Maybe even tells me that there are better things to buy. I don't like him, but he shows up whenever I see a high dollar amount. So help me out guys. I sure need it.
  12. If my MOBO says it can go up to 1066 RAM does that mean I can buy 1066 speed RAM or does it mean I have to buy 800 speed RAM and OC that? This is the MOBO I have. Read under the specifications tab where it says the RAM support for clarification I guess. My mobo
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