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  1. DONT buy the nexus one at all costs. Its full of glitches like the touch screen not working occasionally and all Google tells you is to reboot it. Sometimes impatience is a virtue lol.
  2. Its a brand new 5 day old powercolor
  3. its x58 there unfortunently is no onboard. I guess now I have an excuse to get that cheap nvidia card for PhysX I've been wanting.
  4. Holy crap an rma will take 3-4weeks not including shipping time...I need a computer during that time.
  5. Just ran 3dmark vantage..... For some reason I think my graphics card is defective. How could the score be that low on a 5850. It was getting only like 3fps in the first benchmark and 5 in the other. Any suggestions? EDIT: added screenshot
  6. I already did try it at a higher resolution you obviously didn't read everything...I'm downloading 3dmark and trackmania as I'm posting this but I have 1.5 mb internet so its going slowly.
  7. no hotfix Could my card be defective?
  8. 1920x1080 still 11 fps and temps do go up by about 10-20c when I try to play. Both power chords are plugged in and I'm on the 10.2 drivers. I can't try it on another game because I don't own one, but 3ds max renders stuff extremely quickly so I'm guessing that the card is working.... any more suggestions? I really want to play this game.
  9. no the monitor is 1920x1080 just running it at 640x480 core i7 920 evga sli le powercolor 5850 corsair 850tx 1tb WD black 6GB OCZ gold 1600mhz everything is stock currently.
  10. Hey I got my computer built yesterday and installed dirt 2 to see how my graphics card performs. It runs at 11fps and yes i have reinstalled the game and graphics drivers... This framerate is with everything set to low or off and 640x480. Anyone have this problem or have any suggestions?
  11. just trying to save money with the mATX board any negatives associated with mATX?
  12. Hi I completely retooled this build and will be ordering it either today or tomorrow. Any gaping holes?
  13. the only way to completely eliminate the traces of what you have done on the computer is to zero the hard drive and reinstall your OS.
  14. I also do a lot of 3d modeling and video rendering so I went x58 for the triple channel RAM, and my uncle works for intel so I get a substantial discount on the processor which is why I went for the 920. The motherboard I have chosen is also one of the cheapest available x58's with 6 RAM sockets; I didn't choose it for the crossfire capabilities. If there is a cheaper motherboard with 6 RAM sockets I'd get that one instead.
  15. Okay I was just thinking that as more savings accrue I would work up to 4 way crossfire after about two years or so. I'll definately go with that PSU as it looks waaay better. I really had no idea what to choose for a PSU. Any other improvements I could make?
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