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  1. I need a UPS at home, Surge Protection is not enough. The Power fluctuations at home can last about 2 seconds sometimes so a UPS is definitely needed, but quite expensive. (How come UPS prices haven't become cheap yet hahaha)
  2. any winners residing outside the US/Canada that have received their packages already? just curious how the "worldwide" shipping is doing ^_^
  3. I use Team Xtreem DDR3 LV mems for i5/i7. Didn't know they weren't as popular, not in the main list.
  4. yup, you've pretty much said what its about. There really are no other benefits that I know of yet, except that you're helping humanity find a cure, ultimately saving lives in the future. Its free but since you will be using more of your computer, your electricity bill might increase a bit. I hope that doesn't stop you though.
  5. btw, do you do folding as well? if so, you might want to consider the 1156 core i7 860, since it has hyperthreading, it can do the bigadv work units that need 8 cores. if you plan to do this however, you should use linux. or if using a virtual machine on windows, youd probably want to upgrade to 8GB RAM. all in all that would be plus ~$200, $100 for upgrade from 750 to 860, another $100 for the additional 4GB RAM. If you will use it mainly as a gaming rig though, then your current setup seems to be great already.
  6. Most Reviews are able to reach 4Ghz on i5, and thats just on Air cooling. you may be able to tweak it a bit more using LC. (Note: Corsair H50, although is water cooling, has only roughly the same performance as the top Air coolers.)
  7. Cool! ...I believe its use of the new USB3 and SATA 6 gbs doesnt interfere with the bandwidth of the PCI-e lanes when using multiGPU as well. (This is a downside in the GA-P55A series of motherboards)
  8. The Prolimatech cooler is quite big, not as big as the Noctua D14 but big enough that OCers need to be mindful of the size of RAM it may occupy. the tridents are quite tall because of their heat spreaders. you may want to make a few measurements just to make sure that nothing hits anything when installed. The Megashadow orientation may need to be changed, fan may need to be pointing upward the case rather than the rear of the case. Hope this helps a little. Corsair is more or less a safe bet, but always at the pricey side and has tall Heat spreaders too. Kingston Hyper X RAM also performs well. crucial may be the ideal since i think it has average prices and a low profile for clearance among the 3.
  9. Your build looks good. Im thinking of building something similar. I would use different RAM though as Corsair is quite more expensive than similar performing brands. Id probably use Lancool pc-k62 casing or nzxt tempest evo instead.
  10. With regard to future proofing though, most people would only upgrade after about 3-4 years. by that time AMD AM3 and Intel LGA 1336 would be probably nearing its end, if not at its mature phase. its likely that youd be hearing of chipsets for 22nm or what have you. IMO, id say go for the 1156 if it'll end up cheaper. if not than go for the 1136. The dilemma usually is between the 1156 i7 860 vs the 1336 i7 920. their performance is nearly the same with pros and cons for both sides. the 860 build being cheaper of course due to memory and chipset costs. btw, im currently having the same dilemma as well.
  11. whoa! the rig im saving up for wont even cost $800 for the entire CPU set. they have this where Im residing currently though (pre-order i think) and it costs about $575. But I must say, it sure looks beautiful.
  12. you can use this online PSU calculator as a guide: http://extreme.outervision.com/PSUEngine based on your specs, you would only need probably about 400W. but of course PSU efficiency comes into play, headroom for upgrades, overclocking, etc. all in all though. I'm certain its enough.
  13. here's the lancool dragonlord PC-K62 site: http://www.lancoolpc.com/DM/ and here are some glowing reviews. http://www.i4u.com/full-review-624.html (Editor's choice) http://www.driverheaven.net/reviews.php?re...70&pageid=7 (silver award) its about US$100. Good features, value for money.
  14. How about the modular OCZ modxstream pro 600w. http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/oc..._pro_600w/7.htm Reviewed by OCCs own. it also comes recommended by several other sites. http://www.ocia.net/reviews/oczmodxstream600/page4.shtml http://www.virtual-hideout.net/reviews/OCZ...0w/index3.shtml http://www.guru3d.com/article/ocz-modxtrea...supply-review/7 while its not mind blowing impressive, It seems the consensus is that it can deliver and its good value too.
  15. Have you seen the lancool PC-k62? There are a lot of high praises for that case. it has a tool-less design and quite good air flow with 4 fans already included from lian-li. It's interior is also already painted black if your into aesthetics.
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