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  1. What you said makes total sense to me. So sites are so convoluted with detailed statistics, it's hard to understand what the hell they are talking about. Your explanation was easy to understand and thank you. Thanks for the advice, will do.
  2. So would sticking to a single drive to utilize the TRIM support help with the wearing out? Or since I do install/uninstalls so much that it will not matter, I will just be wearing it regardless of TRIM? I am not well versed yet on these SSD's, but I am looking at this from one side performance and I needed to have my feet planted and you guys have helped out. I need to look at this from also from a reliability side. I wait for your responses, but I agree what you say, don't get a small drive. I think a 120GB would do good.
  3. You guys are right, I found a small obscure site and it was stating what you guys are saying. They said 67% is the mark, but each manufacturer is different, but pretty close to that. But also that guy is running them in RAID, but staying clear of the 50-67% and it appears that he leaves his system on all the time so the ITGC runs at idle (probably at the night time). Well, I'll be looking for one, BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!
  4. Single SSD with TRIM support Two SSD's in RAID0 with no TRIM support Does anyone have any data on how much degradation in performance with no TRIM as oppose to having TRIM on in the set ups above? Seems like everyone talks about performance hits with no TRIM, but how much?
  5. So I have been using HD and I am ready to get some SSD's. Problem is that I am seeing a lot of reviews from sites and people with data and there is a lot. So I wanted to know what you all think I should fall under. I play games, use Microsoft Office for work (running a business) and I install and uninstall a lot of programs. What I do is test out programs like antivirus programs and utility programs to see whether or not they are as good as they say. I probably do 2-5 a week. I also "sandbox", not sure if SSD's will improve anything there. Currently, I have Windows 7 64-bit, mobo has ICH10R and is triple channel and currently I have two Seagate HD in RAID0, but as mentioned I want to dive into the SSD world. Everyone seems to say that the higher the read the better for games and OS for loading. But since I do the install/uninstall stuff, I wonder should I push the write speed as well? I am looking at the following; Crucial C300's 64GB (high reads, low writes) G Skill FM-25S2S-60GBP2 60GB (high reads and writes) Corsair Force CSSD-F60GB2-BRKT 60GB (high reads and writes) My plan is to move the two Seagate's as just for storage (music, videos, My documents, My Pictures) and then get SSD's for the OS and programs. I back up daily as well. So just needing some good input on what to do. Question is what am I looking for, low writes or high writes or does it even matter in my line of work and the stuff I do? Two SSD's in RAID0 or just one? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the information. I am a noob so please bear with me. Is Newegg a good place to buy from? Should I always stick with the same manufacturer of my router? I do thank you for your advice, I'll check out Newegg.
  7. Hello all. I am looking for a good wireless card to use in a Asus P6V Deluxe V2 mobo. I want to use the pci express slot. Not familiar with these very small (short) slots on the mobo, always used the PCI slots. Not familiar with the products that use this small slot. A wish; is to have a card that can get 108Mbps wireless G card that will work with a D-Link DI-624, WPA. If there are no cards that do 108Mbps, then the next best would be great to know. What say all of you?
  8. Thanks damian and nns!! I had the I5's in mind, but I thought well the Core 2's are coming down in price. My teeter-totter world of decision making. That's why I am here. I just read an article about the Asus P7P55D, there are mixed results. But more tend toward the "great" side. I have used Asus before on 7 other systems which are still running; believe it or not. But Gigabyte I have never played with and I thought this might be the time to "expand my horizons". But your inputs are worth its weight. Anyone else want to also weigh in? I will also be looking in the overclocking forum and I may post my I7 system to see what it can do. Semi to OC'ing and not familiar with the new I7 and no FSB stuff. I'll read first before posting. Thanks again for the info!!!!! Anyone else on a simple system, but with headroom for the future?
  9. Having seen the great sales on computer parts, I got an itch to build a new system. I currently have an Antec 900 case and love the airflow within it. So I want to stick to that case, but the rest I am looking for suggestions. This is what I think, but I would like for everyone to weigh in if there is too much. MoBo - GA-P45 UD3R (there is the GA-EP45-UD3R), but want to stick with the non E. CPU - Intel Q9500, stepping(GO) PSU - Corsair TX 650W Video Card - Cheapie $32.00 one Memory - Corsair (looking for opinions on brands and overclock-ability if needed) Hard Drive - SATA (looking for opinions on brands and size) CPU Fan - (looking for opinions, may overclock in future) What I tend towards is a system that is great for the now and ready for the next 5 years of new software. Last system lasted me 10 years, still running strong and not overclocked. But did it to see results and were pretty good. Can still play games like BF2142 without "studders", BF2, WoW, very smooth. System was a Intel P4 3.0GHz on an Asus P4C800-E Deluxe with 2GB ram This system is only going to do Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Internet and listening to music and adding to that library. Again i want the system to be ready for the new multi-core usage that is coming. And then with room to overclock it like .75GHz -1GHz more if need to. Looking forward for all your opnions and advice, thanks everyone!!!!!
  10. So I have just joined because I was tired of just reading the articles and drooling over the mods on this site. I had to join, everyone here seems great. So my dilemma, I just built two system (identical). P6V Deluxe V2, I7-920 (DO) in a Antec 900 case. My current network is both wireless and wired (4 wired and 3 wireless). The network is Comcast cable modem going into a D-Link DI-624 Rev C. Two computers had the DWL-G520 wireless cards and the one computer has a DWL-G510 wireless card. All three can go up to 108Mbps download and it comes in handy. But this is what happens, the third computer (the DWL-G510) is only 21 feet away from the router with no obstructions. My home has a split level to my family room which makes the computer about 30-36 degrees below the sight of the router. It will not get the signal at all. If I raise the computer to just about 3-5 degrees from the router plane of sight, it picks it up. So I am just baffled why this does this. I have moved the antenna on both router and card to many positions and nothing works. Then to test it, I go to my basement and set it up the DWL-G510 installed computer and it picks up the signal with no problems and signal strength is excellent. There is a floor, ducting, a wall and kitchen cabinets yet the family room has no obstructions. So I am wondering if anyone knows what gives, but to my next issue and maybe this will answer this third computer issue. I built two new systems and the old DWL-G520's do not work on the Asus board. It always gets hung up during the installation of the drivers. So I was wondering if I should just get some better wireless cards for these three computers, but I would like to keep the 100+Mbps transfer rate. We have 35 and 25GB of music which I back up and using 108Mbps takes about 15-20 minutes to complete a transfer. I just do a complete back up because of the music exchange, it's never possible to remember which ones got added and which ones were deleted so I just always back up everything. Or should I toss the DI-624 for something better and get new cards for the three. Since the Asus P6V has PCI Express, should I use those slots with a wireless cards? Sorry for the amount of details, but I wanted to provide as much details so to hear options. A) how to fix the DWL-G510 issue and not do anything else B) or get new cards for the two new systems and get a new card for the DWL-G510 computer C) or ditch those three cards and router all together and get a new router, two PCI Express cards and a standard PCI wireless card Please help me out and give your suggestions, I have seen Linksys thrown around on this site, but again I am looking for a big download pipeline which currently is 108Mbps. But if there are better ones, then I am in. Thanks again everyone for helping and I look forward in your responses. Egghead
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