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  1. My apologies about necroing this thread, but it seems the best place to put this. I've finished article documenting these scripts, and while writing it I also overhauled the scripts and collected new data. Specifically I collected data with the Prime95 Torture Test, something I added support for, and Cinebench R20 but with new code for pulsing the load that is better than what I originally created. As the main focus of the article was documenting the code, I am not publishing it on OCC (I don't like trying to represent code in HTML documents and I doubt there will be much interest in it anyway) but you can find the article, scripts, data, stats, and graphs in my OCC-CPU_Thermals_Article GitHub repository. The latest version of the scripts are available in the OCC-CPU_Thermals repository.
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  3. Ancestors Legacy at 75% off: $8.74 to $11.48 (81% off) depending on edition. DLC on sale at 75% off. Foxhole at 30% off: $13.99.
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  6. Minion Masters - Mordar’s Malediction at 100% off. Sea of Thieves at 40% off: $23.99. Midweek Madness: Neon Abyss at 40% off: $11.99 or $17.24 (44% off) for the Deluxe Edition. DLC on sale at 30% or 40% off. Kasedo Games Publisher Sale
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  9. The video is uploading now, showing me to continue to clean out the world of Mad Max, and is scheduled to go live tomorrow at the usual time. Probably boring to watch, but it is my preferred way to play.
  10. Fall VR Emporium Bundle: Wands BTA: Zero Caliber VR A Fisherman's Tale Paper Beast $15.00+: Arizona Sunshine House Flipper VR Until You Fall
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  12. That's great to hear another outlet recognizes your talent, Isaiah! Have some good news for those that enjoyed my science-y news items as I will include one at the end of the video game item tomorrow. (I don't think I'll be able to stretch the science news to be long enough for its own item.) Turns out white graphene can be made ferroelectric, which has potential then for data storage in something literally just atoms thick.
  13. Voices of Warhammer 2021 by Black Library Audiobook Bundle: Audio Sampler Beastgrave The Imprecations of Daemons Realmslayer Ghoulslayer $10.00+: Augur of Despair Blackstone Fortress The Beast Inside Bloodlines Dredge Runners Flesh and Steel $18.00+: Cadian Honour Roboute Guilliman: Lord of Ultramar Magnus the Red: Master of Prospero I Am Slaughter Nightbringer The Devastation of Baal Dark Imperium Soul Hunter
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  18. I miss writing those more science-y posts too, but between having various projects to take my attention and the service I used to get them "updating" to no longer offer topic-sorted feeds, I don't see so many any more. As far as the "death of overclocking" as I'm sure someone on the Internet has put it, the game has changed. Now instead of directly trying to get the highest clocks, the goal has shifted for some to best supporting the boost algorithms. I actually have what should work as a fair example from one of the projects I've been working on for months. (This, another article, and a book have all been my focus for quite a while and is why there haven't been many game reviews of late.) I've made some improvements to my GPU Thermal Testing Scripts and so collected data across my GPU collection. Anyway, this is the RX Vega 64 running stock and the graph shows the distribution of the GPU frequency. For this graph I have it using the Auto-Undervolt feature in the drivers, a literal toggle that significantly improved the frequency distribution. The dashed lines are the stated base and boost clocks for the GPU, 1276 MHz and 1560 MHz. CPUs can also benefit from undervolting or tuning other values all so the algorithms do a better job of getting the most out of it, I don't have graphs to really back that up though. It is going to be a while before I finish editing that article but I also have data (though not with an undervolt) for my GTX 770, GTX 980, GTX 1070, GTX 1080, RTX 2060, and RTX 2080. Because of all of the new data, I intend to publish that portion of it here as I do think it is interesting to see the boost behaviors, especially across so many NVIDIA generations. (I doubt the sections that document the scripts will be as interesting, so I'll keep those separate.) Anyway, since we're talking a little about future builds, though what I have is going strong, I would like my next desktop to feature a Threadripper with DDR5, maybe also PCIe 5, and at least 24 cores, so it's an upgrade there; two or three NVMe drives with one for the OS, the others for everything else, and then some large HDDs for media storage like the review playthroughs I capture; 64 GB of RAM, so it's an upgrade; and whatever the newest generation of Radeon GPUs are available. (Hey, I really like Chill, the driver interface, and the tuning capabilities like the Auto-UV I mentioned earlier.) Probably before that though I will upgrade/replace my aging laptop. It still works well, but is showing its age/4 GB of RAM and 4 threads. Initially I was thinking something built around one of the higher core count Ryzen Mobile processors, but depending I'd give an Alder Lake CPU a try.
  19. Might be a combination of things. People moving on with other aspects of their lives; fewer needing advice; maybe also some moved to other platforms for more social communications. Don't know, but it certainly has been a long time since I've seen a flood a reply notification hit my inbox.
  20. The Reluctant Hero Bundle at 44% off: $19.31. Individual titles on sale at 20% or 50% off. AER at 90% off: $1.49. Soundtrack on sale at 83% off. Midweek Madness: Stardock Publisher Sale Good Shepherd Entertainment Publisher Sale Relevant OCC Reviews: Ashes of the Singularity Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation Galactic Civilizations III Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue Offworld Trading Company Siege of Centauri Sorcerer King Star Control: Origins Star Control: Origins - Earth Rising The Political Machine 2020
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  24. The video for tomorrow is uploading now and will go live at the usual time. Still in Mad Max and still clearing the map before progressing... sometimes even I don't care for how I play, but it is the way I play games.
  25. TV & Movies Titan Comics Bundle: Star Trek: 50 Years of Star Trek Robotech Volume 1 The Blacklist Volume 1 The Prisoner $10.00+: Babylon Berlin Blade Runner 2029 #1 Captain Kronos Penny Dreadful Volume 1 Robotech Volume 2 Robotech Volume 3 Sherlock: A Study in Pink Star Trek: Epic Episodes Star Trek: Movies The Blacklist Volume 2 The Mummy $18.00+: Blade Runner 2019 Volume 1 Robotech Volume 4 Penny Dreadful mini-series Sherlock: The Great Game Star Trek: Picard: The Classic Chronicles Sherlock: The Blind Banker Blade Runner Origins #1 Penny Dreadful Volume 2 Penny Dreadful Volume 3 Robotech Archives: Macross Saga Volume 1 Robotech Archives: Macross Saga Volume 2 Robotech Archives: Macross Saga Volume 3 Robotech Volume 5 Robotech Volume 6 Star Trek Discovery: Collectors Edition Star Trek: All Good Things: A Next Generation Companion The Raid
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