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  1. At the Sony Keynote Gabe Newell of Valve and an old friend made the announcement that Portal 2 will also be coming to the PS3 along with aspects of Steam Works, such as the Steam Cloud and auto-updating. There was also a new teaser trailer for Portal 2. Videos: Gabe Newell Announcement PS3 Debut Trailer Still says it launches next year. I hope there is cake.
  2. Guest_Jim_*

    Redesigned 360?

    Good point, Fogel, my thoughts make sense from the gamer's perspectives/hopes. Hopefully, Nintendo will return to us at some point. I would like to point out one thing, the PS3 has been out selling the Wii in Japan since around the start of this year. I don't know or think it has been every month since then, but Nintendo is losing its place as top dog. How you put it though, that Sony has the most to prove, is what I wanted to say, but couldn't think of how to put it. That's why I'm thinking they would release before Microsoft.
  3. So long as we won't need the new series for DirectX 11.1 or something, I'm not worrying.
  4. Guest_Jim_*

    Redesigned 360?

    I'm thinking 2014 or 2015 is when all three have new consoles. And since this is a guess that won't matter (and I doubt it will haunt me) I'll speculate even more. Nintendo displays new hardware within about a year from now, meaning not much later than next years E3. Microsoft and Sony will both say they aren't worried about, but by the next E3 (2012) there have at least been rumor's with pictures. Even further guess, Sony will have something out before Microsoft. Why do I think Nintendo will be the first? They need it the most, and may already have had the project going for years. If the Wii really is just an improved GameCube, then the team working on new hardware could have been working prior to the Wii launch. Something new was needed, so they went with the Wii. To sum up: Nintendo 2012-2013, Sony 2013-2014, Microsoft late 2013-2014. In two years, I'll bet I will have forgotten about this thread and will never know whose guess was closest.
  5. Guest_Jim_*

    Redesigned 360?

    Yeah, maybe they'll put the time into the next one to keep out RROD's! Honestly though, I doubt that either Sony or Microsoft will release something new for some time, even two years. I just say that because their hardware is still good and I'm betting they can still milk more from it. Especially the PS3. They can support 1080p, and 3D systems (just read a few minutes ago that Crysis 2 at least demoed a 3D mode that ran very well on the 360). The Wii could use a replacement in that time, because while Nintendo fans, including myself, can speak about game quality over visual quality, an HD Link or Mario would still be welcome. I cannot see how an improvement could be made to either the 360 or PS3 that would warrant a new system release. Incorporation of the motion tracking does not need an Xbox 720 or PS4, and improved stability also should not need a brand new device. That's my opinion anyway. More may be known though as this week continues.
  6. Guest_Jim_*

    Redesigned 360?

    That "1 USB or Firewire" could be the dedicated Kinect port. Apparently this model has a single specific port for the Kinect, so that a single cable can be used, as opposed to the two needed for the older models (one's power, the other data). Seeing more pictures of it now, it does look nice, but I would need more than looks to justify getting one. One thing I am curious about is what this means for the 360's replacement. We are coming up on six years old, and isn't six years the normal lifespan of a console? If they are still releasing versions, beyond just new paint jobs, does that mean they intend on keeping it around for longer. Edit: This might help make me get a 360 though: Kinect Star Wars. We shall see.
  7. At the OP, just to make sure, as you did not specify, your motherboard can support Crossfire right? I know there are many Intel based boards that do, but I just want to check. Also, as RogerDeath brings up the concern of bottle necking, what is your CPU and its clock speed?
  8. Guest_Jim_*

    Redesigned 360?

    Just saw this at Engadget too: Xbox 360 Slim outed by Italian ad? I'm trying to figure out how it is "slim," as Engadget reports it. True, it is not next to a current model, but it does not look all that slim to me. They also have another post stating that Kinect is the name for Natal: Microsoft Kinect revealed: Project Natal finally gets a name. They site USA Today as their source for that, so I'm thinking at least that much is true. Must say that Kinect is a decent name for it. Emphasizes both the added connection to the game, and the kinetics involved through personal movement. Not bad Microsoft, not bad. Not enough to make me get a 360 though. Will probably wait until the next generation before I get another console. Now, let me try to remember. They have been videos speculating on a PS4 ( , ) Nintendo's 3DS along with the next Zelda game, Metroid: Other M, more information on Halo: Reach and now this stuff, plus what ever has not been leaked yet. This could be an interesting E3.
  9. Some want the winnings so much they forget that the winnings are truly gifts, as is the opportunity to receive the gift.
  10. Found it! TomsHardwarereported on May 6 that the Aegia PPU's no longer have driver support from nVidia. nVidia themselves recommend using 8.09.14 for the older Aegia cards, so getting an Aegia PPU would not be a great idea. The 9600 though should still be supported for awhile though (the 8-series is still supported after all). The disabling if the an ATi card is the main display is something different, but as the OP has a 9800 GTX+, that is not the issue.
  11. I thought I saw somewhere that nVidia is no longer supporting the Aegia cards in their drivers anymore?
  12. From Fudzilla: Asus ARES HD 5970 coming to Europe
  13. The law has been challenged before though. The ruling references six times before this has been brought to court, if an officer's testimony of their opinion is enough to uphold a conviction. Provided the officer is properly trained, they say yes. The law will only change if this one case is made more exceptional than the others, and if no one reviews those cases or this case.
  14. That first part you wrote, do you mean the gun is not aimed at the car yet? Obviously though, if there is something else for the waves to bounce off of, the result will be affected though. Sorry about bringing up movement, the officer was stationary at the time, so that is not an issue (first paragraph of the ruling, and I forgot it by the end). The officer testified he was certified to use the RADAR gun and has experience with it, so we should be able to assume he would have operated it correctly. Calibration I cannot speak to, as I have not calibrated a RADAR gun before. An interferometer, yes, but not a RADAR gun. If we were to consider the possibility that the reading was double what the driver was doing, that would put the driver at 41 mph, which then contradicts the officer's visual estimation, which is used to determine who to aim the RADAR gun at. Yes, he did confirm the speed with the RADAR gun, paragraph six of the ruling. After he visually estimated the speed, he then "observed that the radar unit indicated [the driver's] vehicle was traveling at 82 miles per hour." It seems to me that the procedure was completely correct and the standard procedure for all RADAR units. The throwing out of the RADAR testimony was because the defense threw doubt on the officer's ability to use the RADAR gun, which is something that only the officer's testimony states he was qualified for. Do not read that as though he may have been lying, simply that it does not say anything to the contrary in the ruling or article. Perhaps not so surprisingly, the article is written with the slant of the the driver is a victim here. The ruling is more unbias and reasoned (for example, the article states "[the officer] said he decided to write Jenney a ticket for 79 mph -- closer to what the radar calculated instead of his own estimate" while the ruling has the officer's testimony I mentioned earlier, that it was to give the driver a break). I really cannot find anything wrong with what has happened here, aside from an apparent lack of interest by the article's author, to not investigate something as simple as if the officer was RADAR gun certified, which would immediately remove this debate if he is.
  15. RADAR guns are not affected by their own movement though, that's what makes them so nice, and why physics is a good class to take. Misaiming it though is a possibility, but it would require that object to be exceeding the speed limit (in this case going 82-83 mph) for the ticket to still be written. Also, nothing has said the officer was not qualified to use the RADAR gun correctly, simply that he did not have the certificate at the trial. This is why I think the point that defense made at the end of the first trial, not the one in the article, about being in a lane different from what the officer said is important. As they did not bring it up at this trial, that leads me to assume the defense felt that was too weak a position to take, as though the driver was unsure of his memory. For those of you out there thinking the officer may be a bad cop, read the ruling. The officer testified that he put 79 on the speeding ticket, instead of the 82 or 83 of the RADAR gun specifically to give the guy a break. Apparently the punishment is more severe if you go 20mph or more above the speed limit. So, yes that does mean the officer "made up what he wanted" (referring to bilcliff's post) but for whose advantage?
  16. Not hard. There is a thread here titled "ATi+ nVidia" that explains how to do it. Just takes a few minutes. nVidia did make it "harder" by having a driver side block of it, but the way around that, some people found, was to trick the nVidia card into thinking it was running a display. In fact that is all nVidia says you need to enable PhysX, is have the card run a display. The solution that thread gives has the nVidia card run a fake display. Find the thread, follow the instructions (though use updated files, if available) and you'll be good to go.
  17. I would think so, and hope so. Found the article though. Originally saw it through Engadget:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 4-way SLI exemplifies law of diminishing returns. They link to Hardware.info which shows only an average of 3% increase that the fourth 480 brings. Of course the question worth asking is what uses PhysX so much that a 480 can't handle it and the graphics? I thought Fermi was meant for calculations like PhysX and not so much graphics?
  18. Just finished reading through the ruling. The RADAR testimony was thrown out because on the day of the trial, the officer could not produce proof he was certified to use it. It does not say if he really is certified or not. There have been numerous case before this one that affirm a conviction can be made based on the officer's visual testimony alone. Only one case, that the defense brought up, was this not the case, but it appears the weight of other cases was considered, or the fact that the officer was trained and certified for such visual estimations, and is experienced. This ruling does not allow an officer to write a ticket whenever they eyeball you. Their ability to estimate accurately and precisely must also be determined. Really, since this is not the first ruling of its kind, it is a non-issue.
  19. But how is that done? If that is by letting the computer see 8 GPU's there could be an issue with deciding what does what. The cards them selves, with both GPU should always work fine, my question is more will the really work better. As stated earlier, only a few benchmarks can use 4-way SLI, so if the program does not support it, the scaling may not be very good. Let me put it like this, does the decision to send PhysX to the 240 occur on the card, so only the 480 is seen, then the instructions are parsed between the two GPU's, or does the computer have to say, 480 gets this, 240 gets that? I will try to find where I read that 4 GPU's at least scale worse than 3, though I think I saw that the performance itself was worse than 3 GPU's. Will find that out as soon as I can.
  20. Could a computer even do that? I thought I read somewhere that computers can't really even use 4-way SLI or Crossfire, or at least that the performance is worse than 3-way, because of figuring out what card does what. If the computer saw that setup as 8 GPU's, I don't think it would work well. Now, if they integrated something like Optimus into that, where the 480 is switched off when not gaming, for example, and the 240 used for lesser graphics, then I think they may really have something going for them (assuming, of course, the 240 would be using less power than the 480 in those situations).
  21. According to the article that is how it should work and normally does. I'm trying to figure out how you can be incompetent with a RADAR gun. Anyone used one of those here at the forums? I thought it was just point and push button, then read display. The physics removes a discrepancy from the officers movement, so how can you supposedly mess it up? Also, if the officer was originally trained to be able to eyeball a car's speed to within a few miles per hour, then you cannot throw out their testimony. I do not like it, and want to know about the RADAR testimony. Personally though, I would have thought the discrepancy as to which lane the driver was in is a better one to go after. Some people surely can eyeball speed, and no doubt many can be trained to do so, but if the wrong driver was ticketed, then the method by which the speed is recorded does not matter. I feel it is worth pointing out though that speed limits predate RADAR, let alone RADAR guns. How do you think officers figured out how fast you were going then? If we say this ruling is incorrect, then what about those earlier ones? How do you think drivers knew how fast tey were going before speedometers?
  22. This is weird, because with a 4850 you should be doing about as well as my 5770. I'm getting just above 20 FPS with everything maxed but anti-aliasing; that's at 2x. Though my processor is more powerful than yours, but I'm not sure if that should make such an impact. Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea for you to post something at the SH forums. Yes, the weapons could stand some tweaking. I think the assault rifle is fine where it is, but definitely believe the machine gun needs to be more powerful. For a gun that big it should be more powerful than the assault rifle, in my opinion of course. Perhaps make the shotgun slower and something to deal with cross map head shots.. Railgun is fine. SMG is better now that they're no longer giving you max movement speed.
  23. That's weird, because I've been in matches where people were talking about how their 5870's were giving them 40-50+ frames at max settings. The lag/choppy spikes, are you sure those are graphics related and not connection related spikes? What is the frame rate you get?
  24. They have released a few more updates since Firepower to improve performance, so at least check and see how it is now, before writing it off. When was the last time you played? It also seems to me now that the assault rifle is the pretty good. Not the original, but good compared to the other weapons. Of the fully automatic weapons we have now, it is the most powerful. In any case, we are now on version, so you may want to check where you're at.
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