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  1. Be sure to check that PhysX is running though. When I put on those beta drivers I did not get PhysX running. In fact, PhysX is not an option in the control panel for me, like it was with the 197.45 release drivers. If it does work, then great. If not, then reinstall PhysX (the drivers install it, but for some reason that version won't work with this), you can get it here PhysXInfo.com (you want version 9.10.222 not 9.10.223, as that does not work with the needed mod) and run GenL's Hybrid PhysX mod. As I said, I do not know why the beta drivers still needed the mod for this setup to work for me, but this is all it took for me to fix that. You can test if PhysX is running in games that support PhysX, GPU-z, and FluidMark.
  2. To keep with the spirit of things, we could have someone write a guide on video editing, with emphasis on the style used for other guides. I'm going to put together a guide for image editing with GIMP a little later, with a focus on cleaning out backgrounds and highlighting areas of interest. Why? I had an idea (then two) for other guides, and pictures would be useful. I figured why not document the process of cleaning up the images and make a guide off of those. The guides are on how to install a hard drive or optical drive (both serial and parallel) and a power supply. Had to take out my old computer's power supply for pictures of the drives plugged in, so I figured I could put something together on that too.
  3. 15? Why? Anyway, I've never broken 80C before running that benchmark with what is essentially worse than the out of the box cooling (worse because I left my GTS 250 running at 60C directly beneath the 5770, so it had to deal with more than just its own heat). I've also not seen anything on my system, besides that benchmark, that broke 70C either. None of my games give a load even as much as Folding does, it seems. Folding puts it in the upper 60C (67C right now) but if I look at the temps after exiting a game, and I mean immediately after exiting, the temp is already in the 50's. Back to the topic of the thread. It is looking like the OP's 5770 is no longer good. Your sig says it is an XFX, and at least mine has their double lifetime warranty, so maybe yours will too. Of course overclocking voids most warranties, but I don't know what would happen if the issue is after the overclock is removed, as you said yours is. One interesting note is that your idle temp is similar to what I believe mine normally is, or was before the GTS 250 got in there. The issue would then be with dissipating higher temps. That me explain it this way: I'm picturing a curve in my head that describes the heat sink's capability versus the heat. Yours seems to now drop off at higher temps more so than mine, and SpeedwayNative's collection. I cannot think of why, but it is probably not a good thing. True, I cheat a little, as the fan ramps up differently than stock (I like MSI Afterburner even without overclocking either GPU), but 100C is still pretty high, it seems. Perhaps not damaging high, but uncomfortably high.
  4. That's only 80F. My room hasn't been that cool for days (has been at ~85F). What is the 5770's idle temperature? My card is leveling at about 49C right now.
  5. Just ran it low too, and got 4338 and 4372. First with the fan at my setting, the second with the card controlling the fan. I'll run it again, without the side fan, once the card cools down again. That temperature I will put up once I have it. With my settings and the side fan going full power, I only hit 74C. Default cooling, no side fan and card controlled fan, I get a high of 87 on my 5770. I wish I knew what was getting yours to go so high. What is the idle temperature?
  6. I wrote a complete guide for a sample exam on the Simplex Method or Simplex Algorithm (as Wikipedia puts it), if you want that. I'd just need to clean out some things referencing where it's from, as that wouldn't matter. Along with the PhysX and folding guide, I'll write a guide to guide writing I can tell you from years of experience that you never know what you're talking about, until you try to explain it to someone else. Try writing one and see what you come up with. As you go you'll probably notice the little questions you had not thought of before, but must now answer. Also, bouncing what you write off of someone else can help.
  7. Key question right there. Unfortunately all I can think of for what I could do is setting up an nVidia card for PhysX and Folding while an ATi runs the display. We've already got a thread on the PhysX, but it seems not everyone is successful with the folding. Let us know what you'd like, and maybe something we can write up something we're not thinking of.
  8. I've used Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Fedora and prefer Ubuntu of all those. Although, Fedora found the digitizing pen drivers immediately for my HP Tablet, but the installer system is so screwy, especially compared to Ubuntu. Definitely for starting off in Linux, use Ubuntu, then you can explore others once you're comfortable with that.
  9. Go to "My Settings," then "Forums" and there is a "Managed Watched Topics" and "Managed Watched Forums" selection on the left.
  10. The game uses Windows Live and tries to connect when starting up. Perhaps your firewall is blocking it. I remember it staying at a black screen when it could not connect, but once I permanently allowed it, I did not have a problem. Hopefully this is the issue.
  11. After days of folding my 5770 only gets to about 70C, but then I don't have it overclocked and my case's side fan blows directly on it.
  12. I'll going a little later today. Have to get to work soon.
  13. Guest_Jim_*

    Redesigned 360?

    I'm afraid to even think about that one.
  14. Guest_Jim_*

    Redesigned 360?

    According to Engagdet, while now you will get a dot instead of a ring, it is accompanied by an error message on the screen that there is poor ventilation and to turn off the unit for a period of time. So from Red Ring of Death to the Red Dot of Near Death, assuming powering down helps, of course.
  15. My GTS 250 also folds twice as fast as my 5770, having just noticed your strand there, at as high as 6000 PPD, but probably an average of 5700-5800 PPD.
  16. I can setup my Windows 7 computer to output to both the speakers and headphones, so let me describe my setup. I've got my speakers plugged into the stereo out on the motherboard and my headphones plugged into the front port of the case, which I have configured to use the so called HD digital sound, instead of analog. It is not a combo port that also does optical out though. All I had to do to get both ports to out put is go into the VIA HD Audio Deck and set in the options to not "When plug in Headphone, mute Speaker." Hope this helps, but if not, please provide the information zPETEZz asks for.
  17. I assume you mean after the error. Have you tried reinstalling the drivers, in case they were corrupted, or changing the settings of Warhead? You mentioned you think it might have to do with the AA, so what happens when you turn that off? Good luck.
  18. I've got a 5770 and was in the Starcraft II beta and was getting 60 FPS with things maxed, except for AA, I think. Been awhile since I played it, and I already uninstalled it. I personally was not enjoying it. Not saying it wasn't fun, I'm just not that good at RTS multiplayers. I also was running it at 2048x1152. I've only got two games that it cannot run at 60 FPS with maxed settings: Shattered Horizon, which is the most visually intense game I have, and Red Faction: Guerrila, which I don't think is because of the 5770, because even at lower settings it still wouldn't give 60. I definitely recommend the 5770, and probably the 5750. It is a very stable and just an all round great card. I strongly doubt you could regret that choice (I haven't).
  19. Depends on what you're going to do with the computer. The extra two cores of the 1055T versus the 965 will be helpful for multi-threaded applications, but for single threads then it can actually go either way. The AMD 6 cores also have Turbo Core which will under clock three cores to "over clock" the other three (thus keeping within the same heat threshold) and I think that can get as high as a 600MHz boost. When Turbo Core is acting, the clock speed would, if it is 600MHz, I don't remember exactly, then be the same as the 965. As I said, to get a good response to your question, we will need to know what you're going to be using the CPU for. For future responses, the 1055T and 965 are about the same price. As far as overclocking to achieve 3.2GHz, the 1055T has a locked multiplier, so even if it can get that high on air, overclocking will not be as easy as on a Black Edition, like the 965. The 1090T is a BE, but it is also $100 more expensive than the 965 and 1055T. I hope this helps, and that others can be even more helpful.
  20. Photoshop was originally a Mac exclusive. Photoshop 2.5 was the first that was not. Also, the real differences between Mac and Windows truly are beneath the GUI. Of course Adobe and every other software developer will want their programs to look the same on whatever OS's will run it. That way if you can use it on one system you can use it on every system. When working on, for example, 2K or 4K raw video or creating the 3D environments we see on film, you will want the most efficient machine you can get, and as it stands now, that would probably be a Mac, so there are still reasons for it, but they exist for professionals. Besides, a professional wouldn't care if a lot of software can or cannot run on their work center, they just will want the software they are going to use to run on it, and run on it as best as possible, so they can push it until it breaks, then either work around it or move on to something simpler until theirs an update.
  21. d3bruts1d's response I have quoted below is exactly correct, I'm just going to add a little below it. Macs originally were workstation computers and were meant for professionals running professional software. The OS was written to get the most out of the select hardware, so the software then was able to get the most out of the hardware. Of course, this then came with the compromise of only specific hardware being usable, and with each OS upgrade you risk loosing software compatibility, because what it had been using before was not there before. My Dad teaches and uses some of that software, and has some Macs at work because of that, and they cannot be updated because the software they run won't work on newer versions of Mac. I guess an analogy for PC to Mac would be akin to PC to Console, for gaming. A PC is more powerful than a game console and can do a lot more, but while the PC needs, say 2GB of system RAM and 512MB of VRAM a console can play the same game at the same resolution, with possibly better frame rates (at least more constant), with only 256MB of system RAM. The game and OS for the console are incredible efficient for that specific hardware, and for that one reason is comparable to the considerably more powerful PC. Of course, Macs are not as efficient as game consoles, since Mac is a larger OS by necessity, but you get the idea. PS. Almost forgot to mention this. Another reason why Disney and Pixar use Macs, is that Steve Jobs owns a lot of them. I'm not sure how much he owned of Pixar, but when Disney bought Pixar, that made Jobs the single largest stockholder of Disney.
  22. Guest_Jim_*

    Redesigned 360?

    Apparently there has been a little bit of news about what might be coming with Nintendo's next console, though no information on a date. From IGN: Wii Successor May Have 3D Support
  23. Awesome. So is Portal 2 a game for us to buy, or for those at Valve to play with us?
  24. The speculation was that the surprise would come yesterday or today, so chances are this was it. Then, of course, this is Valve we're talking about, so there could very well be more than this one surprise before launch.
  25. Possibly. GLADOS does enter "Emergency Surprise System" for this. Let me check some things quickly though, and I will edit this as soon as I can. Edit: I could have sworn I had seen the Valve comment somewhere, but I cannot find it, so I do not know the source. There is a possibility this is not the surprise they had referred to, though GLADOS's comment would contradict that. On June 7, Tom's Hardware had an article confirming it was not Half Life 2: Episode 3 which ended with this: Valve: Big Surprise Isn't Episode 3 (Booooo!) I have no idea what was "hinted" but if that article is correct, then there is still something coming.
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