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  1. Email it to Bosco or PM it to him. Links in the news sticky at the OCC homepage.
  2. ME is where it's at! Reminds me of an old joke. Microsoft plans on a new OS based on a combination of CE, ME, and NT. Do I really need to give the punchline, because I think it's spelled out well enough.
  3. Just remembered, I need to make some changes to the ATi and nVidia PhysX guide I wrote. There's been an update to mod needed to get it work. Will email that to you as soon as I make the changes.
  4. Happened to me once, and was actually useful. The DVD drive failed, and this is how I caught it. I had noticed distortion on some CD's, but it turned out the CD was bad, in one case, and in the others I've known DVD drives to have issue playing them before. I was wondering when someone was going to point that out. It is also worth noting though, that games will still be playable in Offline Mode, so while the client must be open, an internet connection is not needed. Of course online multiplayer will be disabled then. We shouldn't have to worry about Steam going down though, because either they would do something to keep the games working for its users, or the necessary components, such as the servers, would be bought by someone and maintained by them.
  5. Just back them up after the update. I recently backed up Portal a second time, and the new backup is larger. Shattered Horizon, after with Firepower is smaller than my backup before Firepower. The updates are included in the backups. I don't know about DLC's though.
  6. Reminds me I need to send Valve an email. Lost the internet last week and couldn't open Steam. It constantly wanted to connect and just couldn't figure out that there was no internet and must default to Offline Mode. Had to tether to my phone, start up Steam in considerably less time than it had been taking to do nothing, then reboot in Offline Mode. Any way, this is very interesting so far. While 20 votes is not enough to say much, the current results are different from the article and the comments here are the opposite of (some) of the comments at IGN (380 comments so far and I haven't read them all). They, of the IGN comments, cite the reasons for physical media as slow internet connection, lack of HDD space, computer/HDD failure (forcing the game to be redownloaded). One other thing that has been pointed out is that you can trade and sell discs, which you cannot do with downloads. A valid point, but that then should have been something considered in the survey (or any future survey on this question) as some people buy games with the intention of beating then selling, and not keeping. If that is how you purchase games then obviously you prefer discs.
  7. The scientist in me though would say to discount discounts like that, as the question is about the preferred means of ownership, not the circumstances that cause the game to be bought. But then of course, that would include throwing out CE's and DD's... Now that I think about it in that light, the scientist is saying that it must be considered. This is why I started the topic, to learn more and think more. To clarify (since that last paragraph was kind of stream of consciousness) I change my original thought and indeed Steam Sales are a good reason to vote download. I just thought of another difference (can't say advantage or disadvantage) to downloads; impulse buys, thanks to the immediate availability. Also, I'm deleting my own vote from the poll, so I can think about it some more (currently swaying to Either Media).
  8. Started the last post before you put this up. I will add a "Either Media" option. I admit I had not thought of it before your post. Thank you. Edit: Answer added. Wasn't sure if I could I have put it between "Disc" and "Download" without disturbing the votes already placed, so it's the last option.
  9. I'm sorry. I didn't realize all of the answer didn't post in their. It was just a joke answer though, so nothing major. "If it doesn't have a board or dice, I'm not interested." Let's not consider Steam Sales, as sales in general are not limited to downloads. At least, if this were for science, we shouldn't consider them, or biases from console systems, which will rely more on physical media than PC's. As this is for my curiosity, answer as you wish. Size of the boxes is one of things I thought of for going with downloads. Also finding the boxes, because while a disc can get lost in a pile, or accidentally thrown out, downloads (at least from Steam, no experience with any other system) are harder to misplace, and can always be downloaded again when wanted. Collector's Editions do make an difference though. In fact, the last PC game I got on disc was Supreme Commander 2, which I pre-ordered from Gamestop. Got me two additional maps and $10 off. That aside though, I just too much like having that physical backup, which will install faster than it would download. So currently downloads win, except for when CE's are involved. But then there are Digital Deluxe versions, that are download exclusive.
  10. Just saw this article at IGN: Gamers Still Prefer Physical Discs. Now I'm curious about what people here think. I personally prefer physical media, though I will admit I have been primarily getting games on Steam for some time now. (Of course, I'm not considering console games, just PC.) That said though, one of the first things I do after downloading a game on Steam, is back it up to my external HDD, so while I purchase a download, I do back it up so I have a copy, like having a disc. What do the rest of you think? Please post if you prefer downloading games, because while I can think of advantages to physical media, I cannot think of many for downloads and I want to be enlightened. Seriously, I do.
  11. I feel ashamed for not thinking of that one. Certainly beats Temple of Doom, for me at least, though I'm not sure about Raiders. I enjoy Crusade more, but Raiders quality wise, I'm not sure. Good thing I don't work Fridays, I can watch them tomorrow to make up my mind. Thanks for getting me to render three more hours of my life useless.
  12. Scratch that about no problems. Not all flash items are loading now, such as Amazon's lightning deals, or Newegg's cycling promotions on its homepage. I do recommend, as others do, to install this separately from your current Firefox (assuming you're running Firefox), just in case.
  13. I hope someone else didn't already post this, but I didn't see it in a quick search. Anyway, the beta's of Firefox 4 are starting to come out, and I am in fact using it to post this right now! (I know that is such a cliche, but at least my honesty defends me.) There are several changes, including a new UI, which can be likened to Chrome (FF is more translucent than chrome, so in some ways, easier on the eyes), tabs are now in the Jumplist for 7, like IE, and more. Here is a table of the changes: Feature Spotlight. Not sure if I like the new UI, but it does feel smoother and faster to me. I haven't had any problems with it, aside from the number of add-ons not supported yet (including Grease Monkey). Can download it here, or go with the nightly build here. I'm using the 64-bit nightly build.
  14. Star Trek II, anyone? Many consider it the best of all the Star Trek movies. Personally I prefer Star Trek VI, but Khan is right behind it for me. I also think Iron Man 2 wasn't a better movie than Iron Man 1. It was definitely a good sequel, but not better (will give equal though). Too many gimmicks for me, and some not well done, in my opinion. But that's a topic for a different thread. Let me know if someone starts a thread of sequels WORSE than the original. I can name a few.
  15. Ubuntu does not have native support for DirectX, as that is purely a Microsoft technology. However, I've heard there are ways of using something like WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator) to get some games running well on it. Never really tried getting it to work when I played around with Ubuntu, so I can't be much help with that. Check out the Ubuntu forums though, it's probably already explained there, and you can always ask. Also, I recommend Ubuntu as well. Good for a first Linux experience OS.
  16. Got the Oppo BDP-83. A year old at this point, but I'm not seeing much out there that surpasses it, especially when you consider the price. Of course, I'm not interested in internet services, which it has gotten some of from a firmware update, so that helps. I will look into Botti in Boston. Thanks for the tip.
  17. Your welcome! Out of curiosity, what did you do that restored the drive?
  18. If we were to celebrate additional dates of the founding of this nation, then I would recommend the beginning of the war, the first meeting of the Continental Congress, the beginning of the Constitutional Convention, the signing of the Constitution, and the adoption of the Constitution. Let's get the dates, celebrate them ourselves, and share the festivities and history with all. I got it on SACD (I do have an SACD capable player), stereo from a 50KHz master. Not sure what it is on the disc though, since it had to go through a DAC. My Copland disc though offers, I think, a better example of the improvements SACD have over CD. I can here a slight warble off the bell of a trumpet during a solo. Can't notice it on the regular CD though. I love music.
  19. It does appear that something ("disk gnomes?") has messed with the record of drive sizes for your machine, but I may have an idea of how to fix this, possibly, without having to reformat. Get yourself to disk management and perhaps post a screenshot of what it shows for drive F (don't have to though, just look for what I describe later). Microsoft added to Vista and 7 the ability to create partitions, though not nearly as good as some software you can find out there. To make a partition you right click on a drive (partition or not) and select shrink volume. After that, there is unallocated space which can used to make a new partition. This process must be able to edit the record of partition sizes, that may be corrupt, If there is some gray unallocated space shown for the physical drive, then you can choose to expand the 158GB volume to fill the rest of it. If not, then also try Actions - Rescan Disks (just to make certain). If there is no gray area and it sees the size of the drive as only 158GB, then look into a partition creating program. Though it may be more involved and take longer, you can use a live CD of Ubuntu, as it comes with a partitioner. I don't recall the options it has, but by being a live CD, and more capable than what is in Windows, that may lend an opportunity to fix this. Other than that, I've got no idea. I must admit though, I find the 158GB size interesting, because isn't that what a formatted 160GB report useable? Probably pure coincidence. Also, I have no idea how a defragmenter would screw this up. What I'm thinking would have to be corrupted to get a 500GB looking like a 160GB I wouldn't think a defragmenter could access, or should. Good luck.
  20. I had not noticed that. OwinC, is this a partition of the 500GB drive, or the whole drive? If it's the entire drive, then we are talking about something very different than what I posted about earlier. All I can think of right now is to run a disk check.
  21. I haven't seen this problem for about two years, because that's when I decided to stop using certain defragmenters. Okay, so here is what's happening. Danrik is correct, though he may have simplified what's happening. Vista, and possibly 7 (haven't tested it) create system restores and shadow copies differently than XP (which I never experienced this problem with). I don't recall if cleaning out the restore points and shadow copies actually returned all the space, but I do remember there is a way to get the space back WITHOUT having to wipe all the backups. This is, if I remember this correctly after two years, where Danrik may have it over simplified. The issue is with some kind of trick in the backup making program, but it is not causing additional backups to be made. At least, if it was, it shouldn't have been, as I had disabled shadow copies on my Vista machine and no new restore points were ever listed. Vista was simply taking the space on the drive for something, even found what the file was, that was taking up all the room, but it was protected, so I couldn't touch it. This is the key to getting the space back without wiping restore points as something simply has to trigger the OS to recalculate the free space on the drive. The way I did that, which I'm pretty sure worked, was with CCleaner and having it "Wipe Free Space." I don't think you have to actually let it wipe all the free space, just starting and canceling should do it. Also, sorry Danrik, but I can't recall if deleting all but the most recent restore point is enough, it might be, but two years is enough time to forget some of this. It may be necessary to actually turn off restore points, which will wipe them all. That is under System Properties - System Protection - Configure. The program I found that caused this to happen was Defraggler, from the same people as CCleaner. However, Auslogic's Disk Defragmenter does not cause this problem. I've used it on Vista and 7 machines without issue. I will try to find the thread at the Defraggler forums about this issue and fixes, and will edit this post with it.
  22. That's interesting. I can't download any GPU3 WU for my GTS250. I thought they disabled it for all but the Fermi cards. Apparently not. I do remember that when I was getting them, they were maybe a little faster, but really no noticeable change.
  23. The HD 5770 is a far superior core to the GTS250, but my GTS250 is more than double the PPD of my 5770. My understanding is that nVidia puts out and pushes the CUDA stuff more than ATi puts out Stream (I think that's the name of their GPGPU library). Right now, GTS250 - 6099.84 PPD, 5770 - 2552.05. Of course, comparison can't be made when dealing with different WU, but this is the norm. Occasionally the 5770 hits about 3000, but that depends on the WU. Intel has an advantage over AMD at least for Hyperthreading, as that offers up more cores to the SMP client. In fact, the advanced cores and WU for the SMP client will only be downloaded if you have 8 cores, which means an Intel 4-core with HT. At least GPU3 should help ATi cards, once they get that out (they're still working on the ATi support, just Fermi, for now).
  24. I don't even bother with the CPU clients on my computer. Never quite got the SMP to work right anyway. My experience was few points, but a lot of work on the CPU. I just leave it at the GPU clients. It's odd, because I've heard of some people getting in the tens of thousands for PPD on their machines. But then, they were running Intel, I'm AMD, so maybe that makes a difference. Of course, those numbers could have been for the entire machine, not just the CPU.
  25. You do not need a completely constant internet connection. The client goes online once either at the end of a work unit or beginning, depend on how you want to look at it. The client has to report back the results and a little bit after that it downloads the next work unit. As a work unit can take hours, you do not need to be always connected. You 480 should fold quite well, and be useful not just for what it folds. They are beta testing the GPU3 client, which is only giving Fermi cards work units. By folding with yours, there will be that much more information on how the client is working. If you want both your GPU and CPU to fold you will want two clients, the GPU client and CPU client, specifically one of the SMP CPU clients. The SMP client is threaded, and will be able to use your 6 cores. For the CPU clients and GPU2 client, if you do not want to beta test GPU3 you can get them here. For the GPU3 client, check this forum post, and download whichever client you want. The Vista client will be supported by 7 (at least I haven't had a problem). Welcome to folding!
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