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  1. Depends on what you do with the old 22in. There is a different between VGA and DVI. My monitor can take both, so I compared the two back when I first got it, and the DVI was sharper, but only noticeable if you want to see it, and I really only noticed it on text.
  2. That's my current level. It puts in all of the current information, because it is essentially running that game again. You can even call up the map whenever you want. In another game I recorded it recorded the lag as well. (It was so bad I managed to get the 90%+ accuracy achievement.) Also found an interesting glitch where you get thrown above the map. Not sure if it was the game or the lag. I'll try to post a screen shot of it in a bit.
  3. I remember there being a topic about that somewhere, and we did find a way to get it to work again. I don't remember the problem of the fix, but I didn't add the image to my sig until after the change. Here's the code in my sig, hopefully that will help. <a href="http://www.overclockersclub.com/pages/folding/" target="_blank" title="Overclockers Club [email protected] Team"><img src="http://www.overclockersclub.com/foldingimage.php?image=8&name=Guest_Jim_*" border="0" alt=""></a>
  4. I just double click the file, which opens Alien Swarm, then use Shift F2 to load the Demo viewer. Is this what you do? Also, make sure there are in the same partition as Steam. I moved them to an external HDD and it wouldn't touch them, for whatever reason.
  5. ...and guts. If you can watch speed_9.dem, that is the funniest of them. That's when CowKing declared the achievement to be impossible. By the way, are we going to try again later today?
  6. Since you're the one that had the mic (and funniest to listen to) here are all the dem files that I got of our attempts. I had to upload them to my Google Docs account, as it's the only place I could think of with the room that wouldn't complain too much, but there is still some complaining. When logged in I can download them without a problem, but if I'm not logged in, an error is throw about "unable to scan for viruses." So here's a link to a zip with all the dem files. Be warned, there is the use of strong language, the risk of hurting yourself laughing, both at our performance and comments, you may need to log into a gmail account to access the file, you need Alien Swarm to view them, and when Adrenaline is used in the game, the video gets choppy. Don't know why, but it does. (Really funny if Adrenaline was in use when someone dies, because not even 600% speed gets you to normal. Funny until you want to beat your head from waiting and watching a little mesh get mashed, in slow motion.) speed.zip (they were some of our attempts at a speed run, hence the name)
  7. I don't like the CPU getting to too high a temperature, the fact that a single work unit takes an entire day, or the resources being taken up, plus I'm not sure I've ever set the SMP client up right, so I don't use the SMP client, or any CPU client. But I know what you mean about "if I play a game it just reduces its cycles." I will normally play Torchlight without stopping the GPU client on my 5770 at 60FPS (what drives the monitor) and by accident have played Supreme Commander 2 (stayed at 60FPS, with a some dropping here and there), Star Wars: Empire at War (goes to 40FPS from I think 60), Alien Swarm (very little impact, but don't know numbers) and I think possibly Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2, can't remember exactly though.
  8. That link doesn't work for me. I think this is what you wanted though: Possible Episode 3 references in Alien Swarm
  9. Would you like the videos I got of us trying?
  10. There's a reason I don't bother with the SMP client, but 1 hour for a 700 point project is quite good. Right now my 250 is working on a 783 point project and has ~57 minutes left for the 28% remaining. Just a few hours a day, if that, can definitely help.
  11. Fire hazard What are your temps? Or do you just not like it running hot for so long? Can't blame you for the latter though. Folding pushes my HD 5770 to 67C on average and my GTS 250 to 60C on average. That 67C is higher than I've seen any game push it; only benchmarks break that temp. Regardless, even an hour or two each day will be good, especially with a 470. That 5770 can take 3+ hours for a single WU while my 250 will come in around 1 hour. Your 470 should easily beat that.
  12. Can I play the winner! I haven't played the classic Battleship for so long....
  13. I just added a few of you to my friends list, so I should be able find the server more easily tomorrow. Assuming it all works.
  14. I had been, but then had to go to dinner, so hopefully their fixed now. Nope, just says no connection. Well I got a few games in, then died and got kicked out by Steam.
  15. I keep it off on my administrative account. I don't necessarily mess with a lot of settings, but some programs I use do. You mentioned steam and I can CCleaner, which has a registry scan. I agree with the reason the UAC is there; to keep computer illiterate out of sensitive areas, but a simple annoying pop-up won't do that (suddenly memories of Clippy are flooding back to me). Requiring a password, like in Linux, that could do the trick. Basically it boils down to I'm either good enough or arrogant enough to not need the UAC's protection (or believe I need it). Which I am, you can decide (though I'd prefer not with a poll).
  16. I run both AVG and MSE on both of my computers, since they are both powerful enough to do so without a major drop in performance. I can't remember ever getting a major virus, but I have gotten things before that I suspected was a virus, scanned it with one thing that reported clean, and while the other caught it. I am inclined to believe that AVG is the overall better antivirus because that's its purpose, while MSE seems to be more of a simple, though still effective, antivirus to use when first using a computer. This is my opinion though, not a scientific reference for which is better. Before someone says, "you're not suppose to run multiple antiviruses" I ask that you stop and consider if you mean antivirus or firewall. Never run multiple independent firewalls, but I have never experienced any issue with multiple antiviruses. There is the possibility of a slow down, if they both are actively scanning accessed files (including while the other scans them, I've seen occasionally), but at least I've been lucky enough to own computers that are up to the task. (My eight year old desktop was less up to running AVG + McAffee, but it was able to do it). Once I even tried three, but that was overkill and did noticeably affect performance. If you're careful though, as you said you are, then either MSE or AVG, or any other free antivirus should do the job, and obviously so should a pair. My experience is with MSE, AVG, McAffee, and Comodo. McAffee was through my school and I haven't tried to get the Windows 7 version, so I can't get too into that (though version 8.0 on XP was a resource hog) and Comodo at one point gave me a lot of issues, so I stopped using it. Those issues may have been resolved, because I did figure out they were with the definitions at the time, but I moved on and haven't bothered moving back. It did work quite well, except for that one issue that, as I said, may be fixed now.
  17. Good luck with your computer. I'm not sure, primarily because of the 8800, but I'm thinking you'd need the to flag them as different clients (-gpu0 and -gpu1, for example) and have one with the additional flag of -forcegpu nvidia_g80. The forcegpu flag I think will help distinguish between the two cards. When trying to get the GPU client to work, definitely use something to distinguish which card is working.
  18. You had to point that out, didn't you! Well, what's the point of a leaderboard, if you can't lead on it Doesn't really matter, if I get passed, I get passed. (Though, I'm pulling ~8000PPD now, and got a plan to increase that at ) (eventually )
  19. Still at home and my parents don't have me chip into the electric bill, so either there hasn't been enough of an increase for us to warrant my chipping in, or, they haven't figured it out. Don't know for sure, but I'll keep folding as long as I can.
  20. I guess I'm lucky then, because my room normally stays around 80, and I let my computer fold 24/7. If it gets too hot in my room, I turn it off at night and start it up the next morning. Apparently one night is enough for the heat to dissipate. Unfortunately I can't say I look forward to you all folding again. I like being in the top 100 for the team.
  21. HEY! Save it for the game! Oh wait, no versus, just co-op (for now). Carry on gentlemen persons.
  22. Lucky you, I'm at 44.4 KB/s. No, 20.7KB/s. Whatever it is, the prediction is 3.5 hours from now.
  23. Probably did it just to mess with you.
  24. Yes, I did misunderstand your first post and thank you for clarifying. In fact, it appears we think in similar ways on this issue. I'm sorry I didn't look it up before I wrote that. I really did think NASA had a hand in developing that. Like Wikipedia says, there is a common myth about it, and I fell prey to it. Thank you for correcting me.
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