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  1. I don't know about the dual GF104, but I agree you should wait, hang on to the 4870x2 and give the 460 to your cousin. There are rumors that nVidia will release a GTX 475 based on the GF104, which has me interested. Besides, prices will drop.
  2. Also says it may be OEM only. Maybe we've found the 960T? The chips they do this to (disable cores and cache) normally are unstable, so maybe the best settings the failed 6-cores offer are that low, compared to what the 960T was suppose to be. Hopefully more info will becoming. Still find it odd that if the AOD update was from the beginning of the month(7/2) why have the rumor mills not been going on about this?
  3. Apparently the recording was not made (for many anyway), but let it be known that Deathmineral is better at this game than both Andrewr05 and me. We died and he carried on for the win, completing the majority of the mission (landing bay, hard). He then did almost the same thing on the next mission, but those vile aliens snuck up from behind!
  4. I just started up AMD Overdrive and it said there was a new version, would I like to update? I told it yes, and then searched to find the installer online. I couldn't find it, but fortunately AOD downloaded the installer for the update. When the installer got to the point of putting up the release notes, I noticed something that I had not heard of; an AMD 840T processor. Here is the release notes for version 3.2.3 and 3.2.2 (the latest version at AMD's site is 3.2.1) 840T Since it mentions having Turbo Core and has the T in the name, I'm thinking this is the 6 minus 2 core processor based on Thuban. I recall there being rumors or speculation of a 960T, that most were sure would be an OEM part (but still the six core with two disabled) but never an 840T. Also, as it mentions "core multiplier overclocking" could that mean it is unlocked and BE? Any ideas or information? I haven't heard of this before now and am quite curious.
  5. I haven't laughed that hard for a long time. If you're on the mic, I'll be interested, and recording it all.
  6. I'm in for another run too. Can be online around 4:30pm EST.
  7. I've noticed that too, that while the GPU says its running at 99-100% the temperatures are not what benchmarks get to. I've got one idea for while, but am not sure because I don't know very much about the layout of a graphics card. Folding uses the shading cores, so if you want to over clock for folding, those are what you want to mess with, not the GPU core itself. Is it possible that the shaders are at 99-100% and generating heat, while the GPU core is not being used, so it doesn't generate heat, like a benchmark would cause. I can see the memory controller is not being used much (16% right now while folding) so that may not put out as much heat as a benchmark would. That's all I can think of.
  8. I've just been experimenting with this and have found one interesting thing. If you try to save the image it comes up as a .php file, while really being a .png file. Is it possible that's what the invalid extension is, "php?"
  9. Don't worry about it. Nope, no deep understanding of the code, I was just lucky before when I figured out how to add it. I am investigating it now, so maybe I'll be lucky again. My sig is going to be changing quite a bit as I experiment. Did you read the article I posted about above?
  10. Did you know that by my editing my signature it would break the banner? If I get it working again I'll tell you how, in the other thread.
  11. I found this article interesting, and felt like sharing it. Not as Web savvy as you think: Young people give Google, other top brand search results too much credibility Essentially, Northwestern University studied how students go about collecting information online to answer certain questions, and found that they are often very trusting of sites that may or may not deserve it. The primary focus of the article is how the students felt that if the site was listed at the top of Google, or other name brand search engines or websites, then it must be credible. Sorry everyone, but just because it's on the internet, doesn't mean it's always true. Of course the article does not specify if the questions given to the students could be properly answered by the top sites that Google gives, but still something to think about.
  12. Guest_Jim_*

    Starcraft II

    There are reasons I don't play it and never want to.
  13. Guest_Jim_*

    Starcraft II

    Seriously, Starcraft saved you from getting a ticket? What would WOW do, I wonder.
  14. I truly do not know, but maybe someone else that reads this will. Would that CPU possibly bottleneck two 5870's. I honestly don't know, but that could make one possibility less appealing. In any case, my vote would be a new CPU, because the one 5870 should probably be enough for most games, on a single monitor.
  15. Guest_Jim_*


    My high school had a women's rugby team, no men's, and it won a few state championships I believe. Our football team... we had a really good women's rugby team! Welcome to OCC!
  16. An LCD might also be able to become brighter, depending the back light (my MP3 player has a much brighter screen than my Incredible)? I don't know, but at least they are trying with "super" LCD's instead of "normal" LCD's to replace the OLED screens without much loss of quality. I don't really have much of an opinion on this, other than it is nice (and economical) for HTC to provided some alternative to the OLED screens, which are holding back supply. I do find it odd that, according to Engadget, they are also putting an LCD into the Nexus One. I thought that was being phased out? Google isn't selling it anymore. Also according to Engadget, the new screens are supposedly able to give a longer battery life than the OLED screens. I don't know what's going, but we'll find out soon enough.
  17. Look through the Folding forums for information on SLI. I think I remember seeing something that folding is not easy to get going on two cards when they are in SLI (or Crossfire). Good luck with your build, just suggesting you check on that, though I'm thinking, at the worst, you'd have to have to SLI disabled whenever you try to fold with both cards.
  18. Oh yeah, we need to do it again. I gained a few levels (now have the chainsaw!) and have an idea or two for that speed run. So when will people be able to do it, Andrewr05, SenitaL, and our CowKing of comedy?
  19. Depends on what you do with the old 22in. There is a different between VGA and DVI. My monitor can take both, so I compared the two back when I first got it, and the DVI was sharper, but only noticeable if you want to see it, and I really only noticed it on text.
  20. That's my current level. It puts in all of the current information, because it is essentially running that game again. You can even call up the map whenever you want. In another game I recorded it recorded the lag as well. (It was so bad I managed to get the 90%+ accuracy achievement.) Also found an interesting glitch where you get thrown above the map. Not sure if it was the game or the lag. I'll try to post a screen shot of it in a bit.
  21. I remember there being a topic about that somewhere, and we did find a way to get it to work again. I don't remember the problem of the fix, but I didn't add the image to my sig until after the change. Here's the code in my sig, hopefully that will help. <a href="http://www.overclockersclub.com/pages/folding/" target="_blank" title="Overclockers Club [email protected] Team"><img src="http://www.overclockersclub.com/foldingimage.php?image=8&name=Guest_Jim_*" border="0" alt=""></a>
  22. I just double click the file, which opens Alien Swarm, then use Shift F2 to load the Demo viewer. Is this what you do? Also, make sure there are in the same partition as Steam. I moved them to an external HDD and it wouldn't touch them, for whatever reason.
  23. ...and guts. If you can watch speed_9.dem, that is the funniest of them. That's when CowKing declared the achievement to be impossible. By the way, are we going to try again later today?
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