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  1. Factory Town at 50% off: $9.99. Soundtrack on sale at 75% off. Production Line at 75% off: $6.24 or $14.60 (58% off) for the Mass Production Bundle. Midweek Madness (cont.): Insurgency: Sandstorm at 50% of: $14.99 to $46.89 (33% off) depending on Edition.
  2. Space Haven at 33% off: $15.40 or $17.90 (38% off) for the Soundtrack Bundle. Soundtrack on sale at 25% off. Hoa at 50% off: $7.49 or $10.53 for the Soundtrack Edition. Soundtrack on sale at 30% off. Midweek Madness: Space Engineers at 30% off: $13.99 to $35.60 (41% off) for the Ultimate Edition. DLC on sale at 30% off. Czech & Slovak Games Week
  3. Python Programming by O'Reilly Book Bundle: Machine Learning Pocket Reference Hitchiker's Guide to Python Elegant SciPy NLP with Python $10.00+: Think Python 2E (2nd Edition) Hands-On Unsupervised Learning Using Python Python Data Science Handbook Thoughtful Machine Learning with Python Flask Web Development(2nd Edition) $18.00+: Web Scraping with Python(2nd Edition) Test-Driven Development with Python, 2nd Edition (2nd Edition) Using Asyncio in Python High Performance Python, 2E (2nd Edition) Introducing Python, 2E (2nd Edition)
  4. Cyber Security Software Bundle: Cyber Security Essentials: Your Role in Protecting the Company Security Management: A Case Study Security Awareness: Phishing - How Hackers Get Your Secrets Cyber Security Careers for IT Professionals BTA: Cloud Security: Introduction to Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP(r)) Linux Host Security Operationalizing Cyber Threat Intel: Pivoting & Hunting Security Awareness: Basic Concepts and Terminology Splunk Enterprise Security: Big Picture Threat Intelligence: Cyber Threats and Kill Chain Methodology $25.00+: Microsoft Azure Security and Privacy Concepts Hack Yourself First: How to go on the Cyber-Offense Security in the Cloud Security Compliance: The Big Picture Security for Hackers and Developers: Overview Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities for CompTIA Security+ Incident Detection and Investigation with QRadar AWS Cloud Security Best Practices Microsoft 365 Security: Threat Protection Implementation and Management Cisco CyberOps: Security Monitoring
  5. Knowledge 101 by adamsmedia Book Bundle: American Lit 101 Genetics 101 English Lit 101 Poetry 101 Weather 101 $10.00+: Grammar 101 Accounting 101 Music Theory 101 Sales 101 Art 101 Socialism 101 Debt 101 Retirement 101 World History 101 Ethics 101 Statistics 101 Buddhism 101 $18.00+: Psych 101 Investing 101 Philosophy 101 Astronomy 101 Economics 101 Stock Market 101 Mythology 101 Astrology 101 Anatomy 101 Architecture 101 Personal Finance 101 Day Trading 101 Management 101 Real Estate Investing 101 Negotiating 101 US History 101 Religion 101 American Government 101 Social Security 101 Budgeting 101
  6. Neighbours Back From Hell at 50% off: $7.49. Train Valley 2 at 55% off: $6.74. DLC on sale at 30% or 35% off. Midweek Madness: OUTRIDERS at 67% off: $19.79.
  7. CryoFall at 65% off: $6.99 or $8.08 for the Supporter Bundle. Supporter Pack also on sale at 60% off. Banners of Ruin at 35% off: $12.99 or $17.08 for the Support Bundle. Supporter Pack at 25% off.
  8. Football, Tactics & Glory at 75% off: $6.24 to $23.14 (58% off) depending on Edition. DLC on sale at 10% or 50% off. Free weekend. Marmalade Game Studio Sale
  9. Just finished recording and it is uploading now, showing I am actually progressing through the missions in Mad Max. A rare thing, but it does happen. Video will go live at the usual time tomorrow.
  10. Also, GOG has Outcast free on its homepage for a limited time, so pick it up if you want a copy.
  11. Little Big Workshop at 60% off: $7.99 or $16.18 (46% off) for the Good vs Evil Bundle. Might & Magic Franchise Bundle at 66% off: $61.33. Most individual titles on sale at 75% off. Weekend Deals (cont.): Barotrauma at 75% off: $7.49 or $8.51 for the Supporter Bundle. Support Pack DLC on sale at 67% off.
  12. Unfortunately today's market has GPU prices highly inflated, so a "great GPU" could take up most of that budget of yours. Personally, I would be inclined to keep using one or both GTX 980 TI's until that market calms down, even though that might be months yet. Unless you are running at a higher resolution, I would think even one of those would be enough for the games you mentioned at high or their highest configurations. My RX 580 has been holding up well enough with newer titles than those you mentioned, but I am using a 1080p class monitor. I know the GTX 980 (non-Ti) and RX 580 trade blows, so the GTX 980 Ti likely beats it more often than not. I have never worked with SLI so I cannot comment on that. I would also hold out for a few weeks on the other parts, just to see how AMD CPU prices react to Intel's Alder Lake release. I'm not sure how much they may have already shifted, or if you're interested in an AMD CPU, but those may be settling still from the new competition. One thing to note with an AMD CPU currently though is that the AM4 platform is near end of life, likely only getting one more CPU release, and that will be the Zen3 dies with V-Cache. Maybe that is a reason to go Intel, or a reason to maybe not go with Ryzen 5000 but find a less expensive Ryzen 3000 that will suit your needs. Remember to aim for something that more than satisfies your needs and not necessarily the absolute best; the performance difference is not always that much, while the price difference is.
  13. Build Roblox Games Software Bundle: Intro to Roblox Game Making $20.00+: Explore Roblox Scripting with Lua Create an Arena Combat Roblox Game Make a First-Person Shooter with Roblox Intro to Roblox Game Making
  14. Lone Wolf and Cub Comic Bundle: Lone Wolf and Cub Volume 1: The Assassin's Road Path of the Assassin Volume 1: Serving in the Dark Samurai Executioner Volume 1: When the Demon Knife Weeps Crying Freeman Volume 1 Lady Snowblood Volume 1 $10.00+: Lone Wolf and Cub Volumes 2-9 Path of the Assassin Volumes 2-5 Samurai Executioner Volumes 2-4 Crying Freeman Volumes 2-3 Lady Snowblood Volume 2 $18.00+: Lone Wolf and Cub Volumes 10-16 Path of the Assassin Volumes 6-8 Samurai Executioner Volumes 5-7 Crying Freeman Volumes 4-5 Lady Snowblood Volume 3 $25.00+: Lone Wolf and Cub Volumes 17-28 Path of the Assassin Volumes 9-15 Samurai Executioner Volumes 8-10 Color of Rage Lady Snowblood Volume 4
  15. Crazy Machines 3 at 90% off: $0.99. Roguebook at 35% off: $16.24 or $22.52 (53% off) for the Deluxe Edition. DLC on sale at 10% off. Weekend Deals: One Piece Franchise Sale Orcs Must Die! Franchise Bundle at 55% off: $37.51. Most individual titles on sale at 25% or 75% off. The Ascent at 25% off: $22.49. Soundtrack on sale at 50% off.
  16. The Leisure Suit Larry Collection: Leisure Suit Larry 1 - In the Land of the Lounge Lizards Leisure Suit Larry 2 - Looking For Love (In Several Wrong Places Leisure Suit Larry 3 - Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals BTA: Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude Uncut and Uncensored Leisure Suit Larry 5 - Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work Leisure Suit Larry 6 - Shape Up Or Slip Out $10.00+: Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love for Sail Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice
  17. The Surge 1 & 2 - Dual Pack at 73% off: $12.31. Individual titles on sale at 67% off. Beholder 2 at 80% off: $2.99 or $11.33 (61% off) for the Beh-ALL-der bundle.
  18. Very literally, there are months of work into this article, between the scripts that manage it all, data collection and processing, writing, and editing. Probably the most involved single project I've ever done (and I'm not eager to set a new record).
  19. The Ultimate Writing Book Bundle: Envy Pride Where a Dobdob Meets a Dikdik $10.00+: Bibliophile's Devotional Big Book Of Words You Should Know To Sound Smart Everything Guide to Writing a Romance Novel Gluttony Gobbledygook Greed $18.00+: Everything Guide to Writing Graphic Novels Everything Writing Poetry Book Write Like Hemingway Roget's Thesaurus of Words for Writers Style & Circumstance Words You Should Know How to Spell Lust Sloth Wrath $30.00+: Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction Plot Whisperer 1-Minute Writer Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts Hire Me, Hollywood! 101 Habits of Highly Successful Novelists 101 Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters, 10th Anniversary Edition 1001 Letters for All Occasions Everything Guide to Comedy Writing Everything Guide to Writing Your First Novel Call of the Writer's Craft Everything Creative Writing Book Everything Guide to Writing Children's Books Write That Book Already! Everything Improve Your Writing Book Screenwriting in the Land of Oz Script Tease Tao of Writing Write. Grammar Sucks Only Writing Series You'll Ever Need Screenwriting Cup of Comfort for Writers Everything Guide to Writing a Book Proposal Everything Guide to Writing Nonfiction A Writer's Space
  20. History Buff by Chronicle Books Bundle: Veterans: Faces of World War II Lincoln Memorial Bosom Buddies $10.00+: She Can Really Lay It Down Cold War Hothouses Monarchs of England Terminal Bar Artists, Writers, Thinkers $19.00+: Ghost Army of WW2 No Compromise Madman's Library Phantom Atlas Bad Girls Throughout History WEB Du Bois's Data Portraits Legendary Ladies Which Side of History? Art of Instruction Super Graphic Cartographies of Time Minard System The Art of the Political Putdown Incredible Women of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Psychobook This is What Democracy Looked Like This Land is My Land All Hail the Queen The Lovings War Plan Red
  21. Kingdom Two Crowns at 60% off: $7.99 to $20.61 (51% off) depending on edition. Soundtrack on sale at 60% off. Citystate II at 25% off: $18.74. Midweek Madness: Edge of Eternity at 40% off: $17.99 or $29.70 for the Digital Deluxe Edition. (OCC Review) Chucklefish Strategy Bundle at 62% off: $18.51. Individual titles on sale at 50% or $80% off. Thunderfull World Sale Red Solstice 2: Survivors at 40% off: $17.99 to $27.85 (35% off) depending on bundle. Two DLC on sale at 20% off. Solasta: Crown of the Magister at 50% off: $19.99 to $35.97 (40% off) depending on edition.
  22. Fan Faves and New Hits by Dynamite Comic Bundle: Masks Vol 1 (Writer: Chris Roberson, Art: Dennis Calero, Alex Ross) The Twilight Zone Vol 1 (Writer: J. Michael Straczynski, Art: Guiu Vilanova) Vampirella Master Series Vol 1 (Writer: Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Art: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti) $10.00+: Project Superpowers: Blackcross Nancy Drew #1 - 5 (Writer: Kelly Thompson, Art: Jenn St-Onge) Sheena Vol 1: Queen Of The Jungle (Writer: Marguerite Bennett, Christina Trujillo, Art: Moritat, M.L. Sanapo) Vampirella Master Series Vol 2 - 4 (Writer: Warren Ellis, Art: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti) The Lone Ranger Vol 3 #1 - 3 (Writer: Mark Russell, Art: Bob Quinn) Battlestar Galactica Classic Vol 1 (Writer: Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Art: Cezar Razek) Battlestar Galactica Classic Vol 2: Cyclon Apocalypse (Writer: Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Art: Cezar Razek) Bettie Page Vol 2 #1 (Writer: David Avallone, Art: Julius Ohta) Chaos: Highway to Hell (Writer: Tim Seeley, Art: Mirka Andolfo) Ex-Con Vol. 1: Fading Lights #1-5 Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Welcome To The Jungle (Writer: Jim Butcher, Art: Ardian Syaf) Kevin Smith's Green Hornet Vol 1: Sins Of The Father (Writer: Kevin Smith, Art: Jonathan Lau) Kevin Smith's Green Hornet Vol 2: Wearing O' The Green (Kevin Smith) $18.00+: Tales Of Army of Darkness One-Shot (Writer: Various, Art: Various) Will Eisner's The Spirit: The Spirit Returns (Writer: Matt Wagner, Art: Eric Powell, Dan Schkade, Brennan Wagner) Vampirella Master Series Vol 5 - 8 (Writer: Kurt Busiek, Art: Dave Cockrum, Louis LaChance, Louis Small Jr.) American Flagg Definitive Collection Ash VS. The Army of Darkness (Writer: Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, Art: Mauro Vargas) Battlestar Galactica Vol 1 (Greg Pak) Battlestar Galactica Vol 2 (Greg Pak) Battlestar Galactica Vol 3 (Greg Pak and Nigel Raynor) Game of Thrones #1 - 4 (George R.R. Martin) Galactica 1980 (Writer: Marc Guggenheim, Art: Cezar Razek) Grand Passion #1-5 Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Fool Moon Vol 1 - 2 (Writer: Jim Butcher, Mark Powers, Art: Chase Conley) $25.00+: John Wick #1 - 3 (Writer: Greg Pak, Art: Giovanni Valletta) Skin & Earth (Writer: Lights, Art: Lights) Swords Of The Swashbucklers (Writer: Bill Mantlo, Art: Colleen Doran, Jackson Guice, Geoff Isherwood) Undisputed Street Fighter (Writer: Steve Hendershot, Tim Lapetino, Art: Various) Art of Atari (Writer: Tim Lapetino, Art: Various) Barbarella Vol 1 (Writer: Mike Carey, Art: Jorge Fornes, Kenan Yarar) Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Storm Front Vol 1 - 2 (Writer: Jim Butcher, Mark Powers, Art: Ardian Syaf) The Boys Omnibus Vol. 1 (Writer: Garth Ennis, Artist: Darick Robertson) Dreadstar Omnibus (Writer: Jim Starlin, Art: Jim Starlin) Django/Zorro Collection (Quentin Tarantino, Matt Wagner) Elvira #1 - 3 (Writer: David Avallone, Art: Dave Acosta) Bob's Burgers Vol. 1 (Writer: Various, Art: Various) Bob's Burgers Vol 2: Medium Rare (Writer: Various, Art: Various) John Carter: The End (Writer: Alex Cox, Brian Wood, Art: Hayden Sherman) Mark Waid's The Green Hornet Vol 1 - 2 (Writer: Mark Waid, Art: Ronilson Freire, Daniel Indro) Neil Gaiman's The Last Temptation (Neil Gaiman) Red Sonja (Gail Simone) Vol 1 - 3 (Writer: Gail Simone, Art: Walter Geovani, Jenny Frison) Swords of Sorrow: The Complete Saga (Writer: Gail Simone, Art: Various)
  23. Pistol Whip at 35% off: $19.49 or $30.39 (42% off) with the soundtrack. Sountrack also on sale at 35% off. Urtuk: The Desolation at 33% off: $13.39 or $16.54 with the Soundtrack.
  24. Honey, I Joined a Cult at 25% off: $14.99. War Child UK Gaming Sale
  25. Back in Mad Max for this week as I continue clearing a section, but next time I should be progressing the missions. In any case, the video is uploading now and will go live at the usual time tomorrow.
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