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  1. That was only his second post. Never mind, he got it.
  2. 53 (the opus I'm currently listening to)
  3. Win or not, I'm happy! Beat Bosco to posting the link in this thread, just like last time
  4. Yes. The reticule will follow the target walking around without player input. (If we're going to have a discussion on the game, perhaps we should start another thread for it.)
  5. I get the first line, though it's out of context (we've gone full nerd, not retard). The second line... no clue.
  6. Jetpack + Rocket Launcher/Fuel Rod Launcher = Throw in a Gravity Hammer and
  7. If we artificially send those same signals through your brain - are they still non-physical? One quick thing. The electrical signals only exist within the individual neurons, so unless thoughts are at such a discrete level, there is no relationship. The communication between neurons is carried out by neurotransmitters which are probably not so easily monitored at specific points. Also, I am unaware of anyone having given a theory of how to explain a thought with the transmitters. After all, the neurotransmitters are more semantic and hardly specialized enough to be able to distinguish 'there' from 'their.' Further, there is no regulation in the amount of a transmitter that is released from a single neuron. It either fires or it doesn't. Perhaps the number of neurons that fire is the regulation, but then how is one neuron selected to fire over another? The brain is a very mysterious organ. Also, there are reasons to believe it utilizes quantum mechanical effects such as information being projected backwards in time. True it is quantum physics but do we still want to consider it completely physical when it is effected by something that hasn't happened?
  8. Perhaps I misunderstood your original statement then. What do you think the mind is? Do you believe that it is simply a product of the connections between neurons, making it something physical, or that it is something not so easily explained?
  9. Yes especially when I need to write something done where I work as a tutor and have my right hand full. In fact I used to hold a pair of markers in each hand and write things out colorcoded that way. By that logic then the mind is physical as we can touch the neurons and map their connections. So either way, we've defeated Waco's logic. My work here is done Ever heard of Bundle Theory, by the way? (I believe that's the name of it. I could be wrong, it's been about 4 years since I took that philosophy class.) In any case, why don't I throw out another thing I believe to be non-physical. Information. Can you touch information? Can you plot it on a map? Can you store it as a series of 1's and 0's and bring it to you via electrical impulses? No, you cannot. What is stored is not the true information, it's a specific observed form of it, but it is a lossy conversion. In the case of what you're reading the form of my learned version of English. There is no wise man on the mountain you can use your GPS to find and suddenly understand the world. You cannot grasp and feel the information of your keyboard beneath your finger tips, just the texture and pressure of the keys, not what it is to be a key on a keyboard.
  10. That reminds me of something we need a few weeks ago in my psychology class. It was to show that one side of your brain controls one side of your body, while the other side controls the other half, by having us spin the arm and leg on one side in opposite directions. I'm right handed but I had an easier time doing so on my left side, but still was able to spin my appendages in opposite directions with ease, compared to my classmates. But then I'm also spontaneously becoming ambidextrous with my writing skills, so maybe it's not fair to compare me to them. The internet is non-physical, so you don't believe in it?
  11. So did mine, kind of. Campus was closed on Friday, so wo ho! early start to break... yeah, no. I actually had a few things to do that day, including an appointment with the department chair. Then, to top it off, Spring break didn't officially start until this past Monday, so there were Saturday classes. I'm not enrolled in any, but on days there are classes where I work is open. I was the only employee to show up, and one student did come, so it wasn't a waste, my being there. Still, it could have been a better beginning to the break for me. Worst part is I've got work I should probably do and haven't started on yet. Eh, that's what tomorrow's for.
  12. It is still a means to increase the ability of the brain past what it was originally, just lie overclocking. At least we don't need to worry about voiding the warranty. The point I was trying to make is that there are ways by which to make the brain operate faster than it had been, just like with oberclocking a computer. I thought it was "you know you only use 10% of your brain!" at any given moment. There isn't any part of the brain that isn't utilized, it's jut that they aren't all fully activated at the same time. Besides, wouldn't the subconscious system functions be dealt with in the hind and midbrain while the higher order processes human's are capable of are executed in the forebrain? So it's the forebrain we want more activated... I think.
  13. But you can train yourself to have pattern recognition to greatly increase your speed. If that weren't the case then it would take you the same amount of time to complete a task as when you first learned how to do it.
  14. Your board doesn't support SLI, just Crossfire, so dual 460's wouldn't get you anything better than a single one would.
  15. A computer that would be able to augment and create code a routine for solving a problem it faces WITHOUT human intervention. It would be my good friend, or try to kill me. I think I'd try for the friend plan first, but I've got a few ideas on how to deal with a computer trying to kill me. By the way, what Asimov have you read? I've got: End of Eternity (personal favorite) The Stars, Like Dust (second favorite) i, Robot Pebble in the Sky The Currents of space don't really have favorites beyond those two. I enjoy them all, but those I could probably sit down and read anytime.
  16. The human brain is still easily the most powerful calculating machine we know of, by current estimates. Unlike a CPU, we are still learning what the limits of the brain's ability are. We don't exactly have ThoughtMark11 or Prefrontal Coretx-z do we? Though we could play around with upping the voltage... Now I have the urge to try to photoshop a heatsink onto someone's head. Oh wait! That's been done: Human Brain Liquid Cooling System.
  17. Don't know. Everything on my computer than can be folding is folding and I only experience lag in one place, other than games. The sliding box from Firefox when it's finished downloading something That comes up and everything slows down, even my cursor. Haven't tested yet to see if it's CPU or GPU related though. There is a setting for priority in the folding config file, but I'm not sure how it works with the GPU client. Wish I could be more help.
  18. Well, since we're getting technical: Surround sound system: Source: Oppo BDP-83 connected via the discrete multi-channel outputs, capable of playing CD, SACD, DVD, DVD-A, Blu-Ray discs Amplifier: Yamaha RX-V563, 90 watts to each channel, currently in a 5.1 setup Can't tell you much about the front speakers though, as we found and repaired them, me and my dad, so I can't be too specific. They're three way and it was their 10in woofers we replaced. Computer sound system: Source: integrated audio and high quality mp3 files Amplifier (because I didn't do the whole "Computer Speaker System" thing that meant I couldn't switch out and upgrade components): Pyle Pro PTA Stereo Power Amplifier Speakers: Polkaudio Monitor30 Series II two way speakers Portable sound system: Source: Creative Zen or iPod Touch (4th gen) Headphones: Variable, packaged Apple ear-phones, Koss KSC75 clip-on ear-phones, or Koss Pro 4AAAT fullsize headphones I also have a simple micro stereo system, but I only use that for going to sleep, not to actually listen to the music.
  19. When at home I listen to my CD/SACD's through my sound system, without extra processing (if it didn't have a center channel I don't want a center channel). Sometimes I'll pull out my studio quality headphones, but normally I keep to my 3-way speakers with their 10in woofers. When I'm not at home I'll use an mp3 player. Either my Creative Zen or my iPod Touch. I do rip my audio at the best quality I can and use a variable bit rate to keep the size down, so it doesn't take up too much room for me. Also, I've got just under 8GB of music right now anyway, so I have plenty of room for the higher bit rates.
  20. Guest_Jim_*

    Metro 2033

    It took me awhile to realize I was still in control; I thought it was a video and not a puzzle, so I watched it. I felt really stupid once I figured it out, thank you for reminding me.
  21. There should be an option of "Daily." I have a script that backs up all the files I'd need to rebuild the computer (personal files, the application data folder, and install files) everyday and a Windows backup once a week. Also, some either files I do have continuously updated to some webspace and my laptop, if that machine is online.
  22. If they're soo good, then post some links so people here can get their hands on copies?
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