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  1. hey guys,


    as you see, im rather new here,

    right now im running a :


    amd 5000+ dual core proccesser 2.6GHz OC'd to 3.2GHZ

    MSI K9N Neo V3 Motherboard

    4GB of Ram 2 x 1GB Patriot 1066MHz, 2 x 1GB 800MHz

    Zotec 9600 GT slightly oc'd

    AzzA full tower Case

    1 36" TV as monitor #3 for movies

    1 19"Wide Acer monitor as #1 for all

    1 19" CRT for the rest as #2

    2 x 500GB Deskstar HDD Raid 0

    1 x 1TB Seagate HDD JBOD

    1 x Bluray Drive.

    2 x Set NICs






    i need a upgrade.... im looking for Speed.

    but i need it cheap to somewhat fix my budget.

    i was looking at

    MSI 790FX-GD70 motherboard $250

    MSI R5970-P2D2G graphics card(eventualy)

    new DDR 3 Ram (eventually)

    i plan on OC'ing the CPU.

    what would be best, i have adiquite cooling for it.

  2. anyways I've NEVER oc'd before. and I have a stock cooler.

    Right now Im using AUS PC Probe II to measure my temps.

    Right now it's showing this:

    Vcore=1.01 v




    CPU=30 c

    MB= 25c


    the CPU is a little warm for idleing

    but it should work, you may need a better case or CPU cooler.


    your looking a little low on power your PSU doesnt seem to have enough power for your system

    so i wouold look at a better power supply.

    other than that you may need to be good at math lol

  3. ok. Check in CPU-ID and make sure that the HT isn't running above 1200 and change it too 800 if its above that. (that helps to have it close to 1000). and put the juice to it.


    BTW what options can you change?



    is what my bios voltages section looks like, (this is not mine) im @ work, so i dont have a pic of it

    i have also tried my HT on auto wich set it to 900MHz

  4. My AMD X2 5000+ BE has a faulty sensor which gives some weird thermal readings as well.


    CoreTemp actually added a 21C offset to some AMD processors to compensate for the weird readings. I suggest you use HWMonitor or CoreTemp for temperature monitoring instead.



    i also have the same issue, but i find speedfan works best with it.

    is it a brisbane? because they have lower temp thresholds than others


    you can find out by running CPUZ

  5. i have a AMD 5000+ brisbane in a MSI K9N NEO V3

    and since this is a stock 2.6GHz proccessor, i have decided to get adiquite cooling and push it.

    im running windows 7 ultimate

    with 2GB of DDR2 ram, stock 1066MHz. but when OC'd its only running at 965 because the motherboard does 800MHz stock (kinda old, and will upgrade when money comes my way)


    im currently running 3.1GHz stable, @ 13x multiplier, 1.325 V @ 10○C

    with spread spectrum disabled.


    when i go to 3.1GHz it will run OK, but 2 min after running CPU burn in for 1 min, it will lockup.


    but as soon as i move the FSB up one more MHz the bios handover will be OK, and will try and boot into my user account, then bluescreen

    i have done a memtest and everything is normal.


    im lost on what to do.

  6. the worst integrated raid controller can do better than 10-15mb, and the op said it had changed, so there's clearly something wrong.


    whats your processor % during the benchmark


    the CPU %age is usually around 30-50% when trying to transfer media, this also effet my sever that i am running with the same comp

  7. I have 2 500Gb Hatachi Deskstars

    and i have it in Raid 0 with a MSI K9N NEO V3

    and it was running OK (normal Speed as a Single HDD :(


    but when i switched cases, it is running at about 10 - 15MB/S :(


    this is really bad for perfomance

    it takes forever to load a level in FEAR 2...

    this is really annoying. please Help

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