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  1. The asthetics of the UD7 are so pleasing you could hang it on the wall and build a shrine around it.
  2. The last two boards i had were Gigabyte and i had no problems with them. The UD7 has all the slots i need and a backup bios so i can reset the bios if i make a mess of it. It is also really really nice looking. Im not really sure that the XT is worth the extra cash - the system is a little faster for it but im not sure the price is justified. These two items were the first available in stock that i could find with the new interface. There are plenty of outlets for these products but i can imagine that they would be in short supply. I dont think the Asus board was available when i bought mine - i have just been looking at it. It would have been tough to choose between the two.
  3. Thanks for this advice Shallowbay - I ditched the psu and went with a corsair HX850 in the end, i also sold the 4890's on ebay and splashed out on a single 5970 oc instead. The system is now running. When i have built my desk i will be able to set it all up and post some pics. I went with a gigabye ud7 board and a 2tb sg xt 6gbs hdd too - thought i may as well go all the way. The system still needs some tweaking tho as the fans dont plug into the contoller i bought - i will probably sort this out when i get my ssd later in the year.
  4. If i dont like the three monitor set up i can still use just one of the monitors. 23" at 2048 x 1152 is a lot of resolution for the money. A 30" 2560x1600 monitor would have cost 6x what i paid for one of these. If i dont like the set up my two sons will end up with an extra present each. Its a win win situation Thanks for your thoughts
  5. or remortgage my house and get three
  6. Thanks for the advice. Im all sorted now - awaiting 3 x 23" samsung monitors, razer lycosa and deathadder...wud be nice if the stuff arrives by Tuesday.
  7. I went with 3xSAMSUNG 2343BWX in the end - managed to get them for
  8. Many thanks for the advise, mouse pad is now on its way too. No post today tho - hopefully i will have my rig built before xmas. just the monitor(s) left to get before i can power up and get my butt whooped. cheers again
  9. yeah. this is the same monitor recommended earlier. Does it matter that it is 16:9? Also it hasnt got DIsplayport - how easy is it to set these up. This monitor is a bit dearer over here but is still really cheap for such a high resolution. I could buy a couple and add to them later if i wanted more. i am thinking that it is now a choice between this option (if its easy to set up) or one really nice 30" high res one. Thanks all for the suggestions
  10. Im starting to come round to that way of thinking too. Thanks for taking the time to help me out.
  11. I am still reading stuff and learning as im posting, 16:10 would be better right? would Eyefinity still work with this format? 2048 x 1152 resolution and low response time looks very good for the price - no uk sellers on ebay cheapest here is pixmania
  12. I have planned the system entirely for gaming, the card is a 5970 The monitor i am using at the moment is an old analogue screen connected to a really crappy old pc - i will not be using this! I have all the bits i need to build the system barring the blu ray drive and the graphics card which are paid for and should be arriving in the post in the next few days
  13. $1150 - its not much for 3 monitors but its all i want to spend. I wish i had enough money to buy 3 Dell 3008WFP's but they are
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