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  1. Hey I was thinking since the hard drives already slide in so easily in the HAF 922, I was thinking it could be even simpler if there were hard mounted SATA connectors in the back of the hard drive cage, so the drives slide right in and no messing with cables. How difficult would this be to achieve in your opinion? I've never done any real modding myself. Any suggestion on how to make this work? Here's a quick concept drawing I made in Paint to elaborate This would be the plate that goes on the back of the HDD bays. I was thinking using 5 seperate ones instead of just a single plate with 5 plugs, incase I ever want to install an IDE drive. Any thoughts?
  2. How hot can it get before I should start to worry? It's stepping D0 It's currently maxing at just over 60
  3. I need wireless, though I don't have any N devices. Couldn't hurt to have the option though to future proof. Sorry if I'm not specific enough, I've never bought a router before. I've always just used the standard junkbox I get from the ISP. But now I'm really starting to want a home network that works flawlessly. I don't need gigabit in the router, I already have a couple of gigabit switches for that, so that would probably save a few bucks. The main thing I need is QoS, both on wireless and wired. My current one has it only for wireless devices. Linksys is owned by Cisco if my memory serves me right. So I guess it's good quality. Oh and I forgot to mention, it has to be an ADSL 2/2+ router. Could any of you more network savy people point me to 1 or 2 good models that fit these requirements please? That would be very much appreciated.
  4. Salut I currently have a piece of crap Zyxel router that I got from my ISP. It disconnects under heavy traffic, allows only 8 port forward rules and overall it just sucks. Now I don't know jack . about routers and I have no idea where to look or what to look for, but I do know I want QoS (quality of service) so I can put P2P and such traffic hogs at the bottom of the pile and still keep fast browsing and low pings. So are there any network specialists here at the OCC that can help find a decent, sensibly priced router with QoS (do they even exist?) I'm talking under $200. Hopefully less.
  5. Hi Since I know some of you have Auzentech cards I wanted to check if anyone has made the X-Fi speaker calibration utility (not sure if that's what it's called) with the X-Fi Forte. Would like to try it cause the Audigy 2 calibration thingy made a lot of difference for me back in the day. Is there a standalone version available for download somewhere?
  6. Is the interference linked with the mouse or something, like when you're scrolling or is it just constant background noise. Try going in the console>mixer and unmute then mute 'line in' see if it goes away. SWM is some feature that makes less volume differences. Kinda makes the explosions in movies not much louder then the dialouge. I get loud static when it's enabled, most noticable when wearing headphones. You might wanna try the Daniel_k driver. It doesn't include all the settings and extras so you'll have to install them seperately from the Auzen driver pack after installing the driver.
  7. Sure if you like muffled/distorted sound. I'm hearing good things about Asus Xonar D1 it's around $90 give or take. But if you're a hardcore gamer, you might want to go for an X-fi for the EAX effects.
  8. can you still use the apps you have purchased through itunes store?
  9. Are you using the front panel? Cause I get static through the front panel, but not the back panel. Could possibly be a driver issue, what OS are you using? Also try disabling SWM (smart volume management), I get static when it's on.
  10. Daniel_k drivers work much better then creative's drivers in my experience.
  11. There is this wire frame net in the front, doesn't look like it filters much though. You could probably get that fabric they use for dust filters at a hardware store, something I need to get around to. There's no filter for the psu at the bottom so there's just dust stacking up inside it.
  12. Strange they don't seem to work for me without setpoint :S Using win7 64bit I'll try uninstalling tomorrow, can't reboot right now. I have the foobar hotkeys set up correctly, they work fine when setpoint is off. Actually it's just the play/pause button that doesn't work globally. I would also like to remap the mouse buttons so that the window flip button becomes the dpi decrease button, and the dpi decrease becomes dpi increase. Easier to reach that way. Is that even possible?
  13. The case is very wide. I have the Prolimatech Megahalem, it's about the same as the Noctua http://www.prolimatech.com/products/cpu_co...megahalems.html and there is a about 2cm space, give or take, between it and the side fans. It has good airflow, had a Gladiator 600 before and everything got 4-5
  14. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Pterodactyshark
  15. Hi guys I'm looking for some way to use the DPI switching buttons on my MX518 without installing setpoint. It's such lousy software I can't use it. Messes up my keyboard media buttons so they don't work globally in foobar. I thought OCC might have a solution for this
  16. I had this with the Forte. What I did was, I removed the back bracket and wrapped it entirely in electrical tape so there is no metal to metal contact between the card and the case. Just cut holes for the connectors, and don't fasten it with a metal screw. First you may want to try moving it to a different PCIe slot, if you haven't already, further away from the graphics card if possible.
  17. Try removing the metal bracket from the sound card (the one that attaches to the case) and wrap it entirely in electrical tape, so there is no metal to metal contact with the case. Just punch holes for the connectors. And don't attach it to the case with a metal screw, use a plastic screw or duct tape to keep it in place. If it's and EMI thing then this should fix it right up.
  18. Oops... I meant to say CFM I was very tired when I made this thread. I don't know the specs of the fans that came with the case, but they feel very weak. It seems like with fans that size they could easily blow 200+ CFM at high enough speeds That would be awesome, I just suck at building stuff. Probably would be easy though to make a duct from the rear case fan, to the cpu cooler, and then from the cpu cooler to a 120mm fan on the top top. I have a Megahalems cooler Where did you get the 200mm? I can only find 140mm and smaller. Do you think I could get more airflow with 2x 120mm fans, 110CFM each, instead of one 200mm?
  19. I wanna replace the fans in my HAF 922 with ones that can push more air. Noise is not an issue, I just want the best airflow possible. Where can I get some beefy 200mm fans?
  20. These Daniel K drivers are sounding a lot better http://forums.creative.com/t5/Sound-Blaste...32C3AD75DF72E8B A lot crisper sound and louder, non intusive bass. Although there is a bit of static noise in the background when something is playing that disappears when I set the treble to zero, it's weird. The constant static and skipping seems to have gone away though.
  21. well it won't install "no supported devices found"
  22. man this card is messed up Now I'm getting a robot effect when the computers been idle for a while, all sound gets distorted until I switch from game- to entertainment mode or vice versa. Also sound skipping and crackling in videos and games and static coming from my speakers at random times. This is getting extremely frustrating. Could be that there 64 bit windows 7 drivers need some work. Are there any alternative drivers, like Daniel_Ks or would Creative drivers work?
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