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    mobo - Asus P5KPL-CM
    cpu - P4 530
    video - TBA (on-board currently :( )
    audio - on-board
    HD - 320g Segate / 160g WD (both SATA)
    other - LG DVD burner (IDE) / no name built in card reader
  1. Thanks for the input! I'll give Acronis a shot!
  2. So I thought to myself "Self - you need to setup six matching laptops you got for free - you've set one up exactly how you need it. Is there a way to simply image the hard drive and put that image on the other five machines? I'm sure there is - ask OCC! Short and skinny. Got 6 older dell laptops for free - current work wants to use them. All have good XP codes on the bottom. Set one up with all the appropriate drivers and software. Any freeware to dupe the drive contents on other machines? I don't have the equipment to remove a drive and run it on another PC. The drive claims 3.93GB of space used so it seems I might be able to use a DVD to image the other 5 drives. Dell D620 laptops if it matters. Thanks guys!
  3. fcguy

    ~$500 FPS Build

    cheaper AND recommended. Of course it's only cheaper after the MIR but I'm doing several anyway so no matter. Going with this one for sure! thanks!
  4. fcguy

    ~$500 FPS Build

    Have a video card/cpu combo recommendation that would retain the same price point (or near it) for the pair? Also, go Tigers!
  5. fcguy

    ~$500 FPS Build

    The links seem to work for other posters. Not sure what is holding you up from seeing the specific items. When I get a bit more time to post I'll get together the BOM using item numbers. I'm thinking I might try the Celeron first despite the comment about going AMD. If the processor is keeping FPS below 20 during maximum demand then I will have tried as best I could and inform him of a need to go i3 or i5. He's only going to be pushing one display at what it probably less than 1920x1080. As for the $50 jump on the video card would it really be worth going pretty far over budget? How much would performance really increase with the CPU bottle neck? Wouldn't $50 extra be better spent on a better cpu? Keep the comments coming!
  6. Gooooood Evening OCCrs. I've come back to the sight to seek wisdom and opinion. My girlfriends Dad asked me to build him a PC that will play FPS's. Now his monitor is unfortuantly in storage in another city but it's a 22 inch-ish widescreen so take your stab at native resolution. That's all I'm starting with. So my main goals were (in approximate order): Stay near $500 budget. Build something that will easily accept upgrades (especially when good deals are found in this forum's classified!). Provide the best FPS gaming experience given the aforementioned budget. Build something STABLE. Intel ... sorry but fanboy. So far this is my bill of materials. Before mail in rebates I'm sitting at $576.91 in the new egg shopping cart (this includes a promo code discount AND shipping). After mail in rebates I'm down to $546.91. Below is a list of parts and some of my logic behind the choices. I got my direction from this article I chose this motherboard because it has many features that are decently new to the market and therefore might last a little longer before becoming obsolete. For example sata 6gb/s, USB 3.0, PCI-e 3.0, A second PCI-e 2.0 (although at a disappointing x4 rate) and 1155 socket that can accept plenty of great CPU offerings. It's price is in line with the budget of course. I was shooting for a board that could take two video cards in SLi should he or I ever run across a deal on two used cards that would, for the price, outperform a new or even used single card. I sorta gave up on this goal but still ended up with the half butt X16 @x4 extra slot. I chose this processor, honestly, because I saw mention of it's line in the article mentioned above. It seems like it's up to the task and is a lot cheaper than moving into i3s, much less i5s. But that's the nice thing about the board. If he wants more processing power later he can go out and grab a new processor and slap it in. I chose this memory for the same reasons as the processor. The reviews seem good enough and this is an area that seems safe enough to keep the budget down. I chose this video card as it emulates the one in the article but is cheaper. The reviews on it seem to suggest I wont be sacrificing anything to going lower on the cost scale here. I chose this power supply as it partially modular, over 500 watts, decent reviews, and good price. The LED in the fan can be turned off ... bigger plus than most people realize I chose this hard drive for the reviews and size. I don't forsee him needing a lot of drive space. It was harder to find the low price, decent stats, good reviews combination in hard drives than any other category in my opinion. I chose this case as it offers good reviews, a clear side for the wow factor on delivery, a bottom mount PSU to resist tip over a bit better, and a painted interior. Price was just a tad higher for what I shot for but I think it's worth the 12-17 bucks I went over for it. I chose this optical drive as it has light scribe. Two bucks more than something that seemed identical but had less warranty. And of course the obligatory OS. I see no need for the higher end windows 7 offerings. Price breakdown MOBO 59.99 CPU 52.99 MEM 21.99 VGA 159.99 PSU 39.99 HD 69.99 CASE 46.99 DVD 24.99 OS 99.99 SHIP 14.22 DISC -10.50 Cash 576.91 Rebates -40.00 Total outlay 536.91 So lets here it! Where do you think I went wrong. Heck, also tell me where I went right!
  7. in my head it was clear non uv and under UV it was red. But I bet clear red non uv/red under uv would look better... less pink. Now to figure out what size barbs i've got... cant find my tape measure.
  8. So I plan on running red UV reactive tubing in my water cooling setup for the "hot" pipes and blue coming out of the rad as "cool" pipes... to give a visual dynamic to the cooling process. First. How much tubing should I get? (Antec 900, cpu block, video card block, small tank, and pump in the bottom of the case. Of course it would be an approximation but I would just be wild guessing as this is my first water cooling setup. Second. Anyone know FIRST HAND of tubing that produces a true UV red... not pinkish, or orangeish, but red. Third. What should I add to my distilled water. I've heard some sort of algeacide (spelling) (recommendations? or just buy some fish tank stuff), and less often anti corrosion additives, and less often than even that non-conductive type additives. Thanks
  9. future... as in room for upgrades if i want to... currently not in the plans
  10. 950 psu for future triple video cards http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231281 ????
  11. I'm trying to decide on what memory to buy. I'm looking for used or new. 2x2gb. ~$100-150. My current setup is below (some parts were aquired for next to nothing... so please save the 'wtf why aren't you building an i5/i7/AMD?!??') Mobo EVGA 790i FTW edition CPU QX9650 (watercooled) Video XFX GTX260 Black Edition (watercooled) PSU Not yet purchased but I'm thinking the corsair 950 So a video review of the board says I need "EPP rated" memory if I want to run DDR3 2000. I can't even find much info on it much less any for sale that tout that spec. I'm looking to overclock to 4ghz (if not more hehe) so I'm looking for memory that will keep up. New or used. Used examples don't need to be something you find currently for sale... suggestions are nice and I can go searching myself... however current for sale examples on used items are certainly nice. Thanks.
  12. fcguy

    LGA775 build

    so the coirsar 850 seems like a winner then... its not modular but oh well. NOW MEMORY! yay... i need something that is going to go well with an ~ 4.0ghz qx9650 per this video review of my motherboard I need ddr 2000 that has an EPP rating... never seen it before on any sales websites. anyways... what do you think (new or used) can keep up? Size? I'm guessing 2x2Gb
  13. fcguy

    LGA775 build

    bought it... already have watercooling setup ready... just will be adding this to the loop... twin rad (120mm fans x2... bought from a member here with case and other supplies). I hope additional ones can be found if i ever want to SLi... and waterblocks too.
  14. fcguy

    LGA775 build

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...e=STRK:MEWAX:IT yea?
  15. fcguy

    LGA775 build

    I literally said out-loud someone will instantly say no to the PSU. It's has good stats... and good reviews... and a 3 year warranty. I see nothing wrong with it.
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