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  1. CPU: i7 860 Motherboard Asus p7p55D evo RAM 4x4gb Gskill GPU SLI Nvidia GTX 470 Storage 1Tb + 64gb SSD Chassis Coolermaster 690 II basic Cooling Zalman CNPS10X Optima PSU Corsair HX650W Display 1x Asus 22" Audio Creative XB Xfi Keyboard Razer Black widow Mouse Zalman ZM-M200 Country: Canada
  2. http://www.hardwareheaven.com/site-news-co...inner-poll.html Trying to win a power color 5770! please vote for me! i'm entry #11 eden999 Thank you very much~! will return the favor should you ever need it
  3. Agreed, more than enought power to run those components.
  4. Yea that monitor is pretty sweet, but damn expensive lol. It would enhance a lot of things though =). I could see it being used for gaming, but i think it'd have a much more practical use in simulation systems, where it becomes more realistic, since it's panoramic with no bezel blocking the image, like in real life.
  5. HEhe, in a couple of years intel will have new sockets =D. As usual =(, and require you to replace multiple parts if you wish to upgrade xD
  6. I think these cards are meant to be bundled with OEM computers such as HP, dell etc, My guess is that they're more of a means to trick, most general population into thinking that they are getting the latest and greatest in graphics card. Good for pulling in sales, until people start complaining and giving your company bad PR, not a smart move imo.
  7. wow, that's pretty cool. I hope it works for ya
  8. i would still get an aftermarket cooler, not necessarily an expensive one, there are some cheap ones that are still much much much better than the stock hsf.
  9. I use a 23" 1080p monitor, i think it's the best balance between price and size.
  10. NZXT M59, nice list of features, great low price.
  11. i spend about 200-400$ haven't tallied it all up, all for pc.
  12. http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/07/int...-chrome-os.html I was wondering what your takes on this operating system are. Do you think it will be sucessful or not, if so why? I think this web operating system is a great idea, but honestly i don't want google to be the one who implements it. Google seems to be moving into every niche possible related to computers and i'm paranoid lol. They're starting to monopolize.
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