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    ASUS M4A89GTD Pro/USB3
    AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE
    4 GB Mushkin Blackline DDR31600
    Sapphire Vapor-X 5850
    1 TB Western Digital Black
    320 GB Western Digital Blue
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    19" ViewSonic Widescreen
    Logitech G500 Mouse
    Logitech Z-2300 2.1
    Microsoft Keyboard
    Cooler Master GX650W
    Lian-Li Dragonlord PC-K62
  1. Maybe the surprise is that EP3 or HL3 is canceled. Better yet, EA took over Valve As a side note, respect for Andrewr05. One of the coolest and kindest things I've seen lately.
  2. @l33t p1mp & airman: I'll be reusing my case, HDD, and optical drive. I'll probably buy a 1TB in the near future, so I need recommendations on motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, and a PSU. @El_Captain: I live in India so MicroCenter's out of the question.
  3. As the title says, I need a cheap build which will last me a couple years. The build will be used mainly for gaming. I'll be reusing my case, monitor, mouse, keyboard, HDD, and speakers. I haven't decided on a budget but try to keep it as low as possible. Also, I won't be overclocking anything. Here's what I've come up with so far. Thanks.
  4. That's one of the most kicka$$ cases I've ever seen. Great job!
  5. Here's a few good ones: Cooler Master 750W Silverstone 750W Modular Silverstone 800W
  6. Perhaps this motherboard, if you want USB 3.0 & SATA 6Gb/s. A better PSU. Also, care to elaborate?
  7. Drop the Corsair RAM. You'll surely get something cheaper which performs just as well.
  8. Save some cash by going with these. Corsairs are way overpriced. There's no need to go for DDR3-2000. You probably won't see that much of a difference above DDR3-1600 anyway.
  9. Hot damn! That Nokia N900 is positively orgasmic. And at the ASUS setup. Keep up the great work, guys.
  10. Hey, I'm having a very strange problem with my monitor. Yesterday, while watching a fullscreen youtube video, my monitor went blank. I tried to escape fullscreen but couldn't so I opeend up task manager and shut firefox down. I reloaded the youtube video and the same thing happened, except this time I couldn't even get task manager to open up, so I rebooted my computer. Since then, everytime the monitor is turned on I hear a somewhat high pitched sound from it before it blanks out again. I tried turning it off and on again but the same thing happens. Any idea what's wrong with it? Also, I'm probably gonna buy a 1980x1080 monitor. Any recommendations for those would be great. Thanks.
  11. My new year's resolutions are to try and get the girl I like to go out with me and to practice guitar regularly. I've been slacking off for too long now.
  12. I'm currently using what looks like A-Data.
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