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  1. I was just reading the OCC reviews on the Cooler Master GeminII S. That one, the Cooler Master V8, and the Thermalright Ultra120 Extreme. In it the GeminII S was right there with the others for temperature being only a couple of degrees behind. The only con the OCC review has was (as I know from another system I have worked on with it) that you have to remove the whole motherboard to take it off. But normally I don't fuss with the CPU once I have it in. By the time the CPU I'm looking at would need to be replaced it would be out of warranty and that is when I start to overclock my stuff. But how would the H50 stack up against those?
  2. Too tall. Would not fit in my case. The Cooler Master GeminII S is a lot more flat plus the Cooler Master case I already have and am going to reuse has a duct that would funnel outside air right to it. Did you mean the Ultra120 by Thermalright? I have a AM2+ motherboard and that is for Intel sockets only it looks like. Plus also too tall. But, if it came down to the GeminII S vs. the H50 which would be better?
  3. Anyone know if the Corsair H50 has any problems? I've been reading online reviews and it seams like it is a good buy but I'm a little concerned that it does not have any reservoir or a way to refill it.
  4. Well, I don't really overclock my stuff until after it's warranty expires. But I do know that overclockers know a lot about cooling so here I am asking about cooling. I'm looking at a couple of options right now but the main one I'm leaning too is to use a Phenom x4: 9750+ as my CPU. My main concern about the H50 is how it does not have a resistor on it like I've seen on other water coolers but I do like how clutter free it is and it's small footprint compared to say a Cooler Master GeminII S. From the reviews of the H50 on Newegg it looks like the only con is that I'll have to get a bracket to mount it on an AMD system from Corsair.
  5. Is the Corsair H50 any good? Would be nice to not have a huge heat sink over my CPU for a change.
  6. I would prefer not going higher then 50-60 area. One that I have seen is the Cooler Master GeminII S but I think it is for a socket AM2+ and not a AM3 that I need. But I do like the design of it as many that I have seen are just too tall to fit in most cases.
  7. I'm going to be buying a new motherboard and CPU but I wanted to know what is a good heat sink for a AM3 socket motherboard? I may be only getting a higher end duel core CPU for now but I do plan on getting a much better quad core CPU later.
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